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Things We Want You To Know: Adoptive Parents Profile

1) Why we think we will make good parents:​ There are a number of reasons as to why we feel we will make good parents. First and foremost, we have an abundance of love for eachother, and believe that we have so much love in our home and hearts, that nothing would make us happier to share and give that love to a child. We believe in a childhood that is filled with activity, creativity, and passion and will make sure that every aspect of our child’s life is fostered so that they may grow into whatever they want to be. We also both come from well adjusted families, that are always involved in our daily lives - this we feel will be another reason as to why we will make good parents. Our child will have lots of grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and family friends to count on, lean on, play with, and grow with.

2) Values we plan to share/teach a child: ​Coming from two very outspoken families we see the value in speaking one’s mind, and letting their opinions be heard, respected, and nurtured. We also believe in acceptance and will teach our child to value and respect all people from all different walks of life. We will also teach/share with our child the value of creativity. Brent comes from a family of musicians and artists so whether our child likes to paint, sing, act, or dance, our home will be a place that not only encourages it, but embraces it. Hard Work will also be a value that we want to teach/instill in our child - Ryan is a very hands-on person and enjoys building and fixing things with his own two hands; because of this we want our child to know the value of pride they will have for doing things themselves.

3) The people/pets/things/ that make up our family: ​We both come from very different, yet very loving families. Brent grew up in single-parent household being raised by his mother. Brent has one older brother (married), and two sisters, one older (married with two little girls) and one younger sister. Brent’s dad lives in California with his step-mother, and has one older step-sister (married with three children - 2 little boys, and one teenage girl), and one step-brother (two little boys). Brent has one set of living grandparents, one aunt, and two uncles. Brent also has three cousins who also have children. Ryan also comes from a very loving family. Ryan grew up being raised by his mother and father, and has two siblings - one younger sister (married with four children, two boys and two girls), and one older brother (married with two step-children). Ryan has five uncles, and six aunts. Ryan has eleven cousins who also have children. Together, we have one dog named Ella who is 5 years old. As it regards to things that make up our family, we are very sentimental people and keep important items that remind us of good times; for example Brent’s grandparents are very interested in arts and crafts and always make it a point to give each member of the family something they’ve created at each family gathering or reunion. Some of these items include birdhouses made with roofs made out of license plates from different states, or statues made out of cacti found in the deserts of Arizona. We also make it a point to keep cards from christmas’, birthdays, etc. that have handwritten notes from our family so that in the future we can go back and reminisce.

4) Things our family celebrates: ​When it comes to things we celebrate, we think we celebrate things that typical families celebrate. We celebrate birthdays (we love cake), anniversaries (we love, love), weddings, major holidays (Thanksgiving Dinner, Halloween, Christmas), achievements (promotions at work), etc. However, one thing that really sticks out to us, and is something we celebrate daily in our lives is Diversity. Being a same-sex couple we are more than aware of the adversities that can come with being different than what is considered the norm. Therefore, we celebrate everyone’s diversity and value what each person’s experience can bring to our community and will work diligently to make sure that our child knows their value and worth.

5) Religion and/or Spiritual Beliefs: ​We were both raised in Christian homes, and will teach and raise our child with the values that we’ve learned.

6) Things we like to do (activities and hobbies):​ There are many things that we like to do, but one of the things we like most is being active. We both go to the gym regularly as we both enjoy living a healthy lifestyle. We have participated in many active things such as crossfit, and Tough Mudder obstacle races. One of our favorite past times is taking our dog Ella for a walk around our neighborhood. We also enjoy music, and like to attend concerts whenever we can, and want to introduce our child to a wide range and variety of music. Movies are also a big part of our lives, especially Marvel movies. We both really enjoy food, (Brent attempts to cook, but Ryan usually has to come save the day!); recently we wanted to expand our culinary taste and skills and obtained a subscription to a Meal Prep Company called Hello Fresh. This allows us to cook more frequently together, and helps us to expand our cooking knowledge. We can’t wait to get our child involved in cooking to make dinner time a truly family oriented event, with lots of healthy and balanced meals. Another thing we both really like to do is decorate our home for all kinds of holidays, but our favorites are Halloween (we give out regular sized candy bars), and Christmas (we turn our house into a winter-wonderland complete with a Christmas Village - we can’t wait to be decorating our tree with our child, and filling their stocking with lots of goodies and treats). We also enjoy spending time with family and friends, and with all of the nieces and nephews we have there is no shortage of excuses to spend a Sunday at Ryan’s parents house eating pizza, and watching football.

7) Our ethinic background: ​Brent comes from a very European background with much of his ancestry coming from Scandinavia, England, and Germany (there is no shortage of Lefse for desert at holiday get-together’s). Ryan comes from a very European background as well with much of his ancestry coming from England, Scotland, Holland, Poland, and Germany.

8) Where we live (Home & Neighborhood): ​We live in a very quiet neighborhood in Metro Detroit. Our home was built in 1923, and we purchased it in 2016. Recently we completed a whole house renovation/restoration to bring it up-to-date, but also pay an ode to the character and craftsmanship the original builders created. We have three bedrooms and two bathrooms so there is lots of room for our child to grow. We live on a tree lined street, that every summer has a block party where the street is closed, everyone brings a dish to pass, and the kids are able to run around, ride bikes, and play games. This is also a good time for many neighborhood kids to sell popcorn for Boy Scouts or Cookies for Girl Scouts - we obviously can’t wait to be that family - who doesn’t like Thin Mints and Samoas? We are fortunate enough to live in a city that has lots of playgrounds and greenspace, and on many spring, summer, and fall nights you’ll find the local youth soccer teams practicing or playing tournaments. We also live in a Blue Ribbon School District so our child will grow up with access to a great public education - there is an Elementary School and Middle School within walking distance of our house.

9) One thing we would like the Birth Family to know about us: ​This one is a tough one to answer for us as there are so many things about us that we think the Birth Family should know. After much thought, we’ve concluded that the best thing for the Birth Family to know about us is the reason we would like to adopt a child into our home and hearts. Both of us, having come from very loving and somewhat large families, have always wanted to have and raise a family of our own. It is something that we believe will truly make our lives complete. We see our family and friends raising their children and we see how happy, and blessed they are, and even though we are happy and blessed currently, we want that for our family as well. We want to experience a child’s first bite of birthday cake, their first step, first word, first day of school, first date, college, weddings, and everything that goes with being a parent. For obvious reasons we cannot have a child of our own, but through adoption we believe we can provide a nurturing, loving, and exciting life for our child.

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