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It feels like just yesterday we met, but we have now been together for 6 years, and married for 3. We met in Minneapolis, MN by what we like to think of as a combination of fate and lucky circumstance. Ryan was on a layover and Brent was in town for a short stay with his brother before getting on a plane across the pond for the summer.

We met, as a lot of couples nowadays, on a social media site. We began chatting and quickly learned that we had a lot in common and ended up chatting for hours. A day later Brent got on a plane to France - neither of them expected to speak to each other again. However, drawn to the lively, and impactful discussion and ease of conversation, Ryan and Brent began chatting again, and continued doing so throughout the summer.

When Brent returned back to the United States, it was decided that Ryan would fly out to visit Brent. Neither of them really knew what to expect. Brent picked Ryan up from the airport, and since both of them were hungry, they had their first date in a local pizza joint.

For about a year, Brent and Ryan flew multiple times across the country before they decided as a couple that they should move in with each other. Ryan loaded up his car, and drove 1,000 miles to North Dakota where they lived together for a year, before relocating to Michigan to settle down.

We had a very beautiful wedding at our friends lake cabin with lots of family and friends. We involved both sides of our family in the ceremony itself with our sister-in-law officiating, our brothers preparing speeches, our mothers and sisters ordering and purchasing flowers, and readings of personal poems written by family members. The day was completed with a nice relaxing ride around the lake, with a sign that said "Just Married" and people cheering.

We own a lovely and newly renovated home with a big back yard complete with the perfect tree for a tire swing, tree-lined sidewalks, and plenty of green spaces within walking distance.

We are involved in many things that keep our life active and exciting. Some of those things include traveling and exploring the world, experiencing new foods, going to concerts, riding our bikes around the neighborhood, exercise/fitness, movies, and hanging out with friends and family.

Family is extremely important to the both of us, and we are fortunate to have caring, loving, and supportive families. Together we have 6 nieces and nephews, 4 parents, 5 siblings, aunts and uncles, and lots of cousins. With our family there is no shortage of reasons to spend Sunday afternoons eating pizza and watching football at our in-laws.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We purchased our Dutch Colonial Home in August of 2016. We absolutely fell in love with the charm, and character that the early 20th century architecture brought to it. Recently we just finished renovating our home to bring it up-to-date, while still paying tribute to the past, and keeping the character of the original home in tact.

Our home was built in 1923 and is nestled in a quaint and quiet walkable neighborhood with tree-lined streets. There are lots of families with children. In fact, every summer around Labor Day our street hosts a block party. Everyone brings a dish to pass, kids play, and it is a great opportunity to keep in touch with neighborhood friends you haven't seen in a while, and also a good way to meet the new people on the street. There is also no shortage of green spaces and playgrounds that are within walking distance to and from our house.

We live in a Blue Ribbon School District, and the Elementary and Middle Schools are all within one mile.

Our house itself sits on a corner lot so there is lots of room to move around. Because it does sit on a corner lot there is plenty of sidewalk space for a child to learn how to ride a bike safely. Our backyard is very spacious and has plenty of room for a play set. Our home has 3 bedrooms with two full baths, so there is plenty of room for a child to grow and prosper.

One of our favorite things about our home is that we think it is the absolute best for decorating for all kinds of holidays - our favorites are Halloween and Christmas. We cannot wait to have a stocking on our mantle for our future little one! When it comes to Spring and Summer you'll find us outside tending to our lawns and gardens as it is one of our favorite past-times and we take great pride in it.

We are beyond excited to share all of these things with your child, and cannot wait to hear the halls ring with laughter, joy, and love.

About Brent

I am a very energetic personality, who has a thirst for knoweldege and adventure, and likes to think of myself as a global citizen. I speak French as second language, but I am nowhere near fluent. However, when traveling abroad I can manage to order a "Pain-au-chocolate et un café" (Chocolate Croissant & Coffee) and ask "Qulle heurre est-ce que le metro a Notre-Dame? (What time is the train to Notre Dame)."

I find myself also to be a history nerd, and enjoy learning about world history, as well as American history, and am always looking for the next documentary about how world events unfolded.

I grew up in the performing arts which included singing, acting, and even a little bit of dancing. This I believe has given me great skills in life to include but are not limited to: time management, organization, prioritization, public speaking, and more. All of this has helped me in my personal and professional life.

Currently I am working as an HR Generalist for an Automotive Company. I am fortunate to work for a company that values work-life balance and family, and allows me to work-from-home. Because of this I will be able to be present for all soccer games, dance recitals, band concerts, or anything else related to raising a child - and I cannot wait.

My hobbies are widely varried. They include reading, watching movies, hanging out with friends, exercising, trying new foods, and simply spending time at home - truth be told, I actually like doing laundry!

Family is very important to me as well since I come from a loud norwegian family. My mother raised me along with my 3 sibilings. My mother is beyond excited to become a grandmother again, and my brothers and sisters are excited to have another niece or nephew to spoil. Our neices and nephews are excited to have another cousin to play with!

Because of how close I am with my family, I also find myself to be extremely sentimental. I tend to save important things that have been given to me by family so that I can reminice about those experiences and people in the future. Those objects that I save range from Christmas Cards with handwritten messages, cute notes from my husband, and "arts and crafts" from my grandparents woodworking and statue making.

Raising a child is one of the greatest things I believe that I can do as an individual and that WE can do as a couple. We have an abundance of love and cannot wait to share our hearts and home with a child.


About Ryan

If I were asked to describe three things about me my answer would be caring, compassionate and patient. I grew up in a loving home in a small town in Michigan with my mom, dad and two siblings. Family is very important to me and I'm lucky that we are all in close proximity to each other. That gives us the opportunity to celebrate holidays, birthdays, special events as well as just spending time grabbing dinner or coffee whenever we want.

I knew at a very young age what I wanted to do for a career. After I watched the movie Top Gun I thought to myself "I'm going to be a pilot". When I was just out of high school I drove myself to the local small airport to find out how I could make this dream come true and I met who would become my first flight instructor. After obtaining my Private Pilot License my flight instructor suggest I go to college to obtain a degree in Aviation. I took his advice and enrolled at Western Michigan University. I currently have been working for a major airline for the past 13 years.

In my free time I enjoy staying active, working on home projects, cooking and going to the gym. I also love to figure out how things work. Whenever there is something I don't understand or a project that I can't figure out I will spend hours reading and watching videos to figure out how I can complete the project. Since I have been working at the same company for 13 years I have gained a lot of seniority which allows me to have a very flexible work schedule. I will often have 20 days off in a month which allows me to do all the things I enjoy.

Being a dad is something I have always wanted, Brent and I can't wait to start this part of our life.


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