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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day from this sweet big sister to be! She is hoping to melt your heart and receive her best valentine’s gift: a little sis or little bro! Read more »

Play area inside home

During the winter, playing outside is not always possible and that is why we structured our house to be as comfortable as possible for our daughter to play. Therefore we put a swing for her in our living room. Sofia loves the swing and uses it several times during the day. Sometimes she starts her afternoon nap like that with Read more »

One of the most enchanting views…

We would like to share the memory of this incredible tour with you! This place is called Vista Chinesa, one of the most enchanting views of the city of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), in the Tijuca Forest. This place gives a panoramic view of much of the city. It was built between 1902 and 1906 in honor of the Chinese who brought Read more »

Feathered friends

In the middle of the Minnesota winter, it’s hard for the birds to find food. We had snow the whole day and some birds needed our help; my husband weathered the storm to feed these little friends. Read more »

Healthy food

We believe that the food we eat affects our health and for us it is important. We like to eat fresh and unprocessed food most of the time and we are lucky Priscilla knows and enjoys cooking for the whole family. Could you guess what Sofia’s favorite food is? This photo will give you a clue! Read more »

Picasso, Monet or Van Gogh?

Picasso, Monet or Van Gogh? We don’t know yet her style but she keeps showing her own greatness! We appreciate and are excited about each phase our Sofia demonstrates and we expect her sister or brother for more creative adventures. Read more »

Conscious Beings - Our Contribution to the World

How much do we parents contribute to forming people the world needs: more loving, more tolerant, interested in general well-being? Educating for life is not a simple task, but we are continually striving to do our best in this goal. Watching how we are doing is a first step, talking when things are not going well and trying Read more »

Waiting & Learning…

As prospective adoptive parents, learning about the adoption process is an important way to be prepared in our journey. We found this wonderful book through positive reviews on the internet and we started reading it together. We are enjoying the author’s sense of humor and practical advice. This is light-hearted but Read more »

Happy New Year!

Every end marks a new beginning. Keep your spirits and determination unshaken. Each year we have another chance for us to set things right and open up a new chapter in our lives. For us, we stay strong in our hope and we are very excited that our new baby will come this year! We wish you a Happy New Year! Read more »

Interactive aquarium

We had an interesting experience at Seaquest. This is an interactive aquarium where you see many species of sea animals. It’s a good indoor place to bring kiddos for sure! More photos of us in this place, check out our Instagram: @fleandpriadopt Read more »

No matter what the situation is… Be grateful…

In the holiday season, we usually evaluate everything that happened in the year, celebrate what we accomplished, leave it behind or rework plans that didn’t work out and certainly make new plans. Not always good feelings come out. But in any case, we always have reason to be grateful for something. Being grateful is Read more »

Memory of a super cool place

This photo is a memory of a super cool place we went to last Spring: Candytopia in Mall of America. We are excited to think about how many things we will do with our little one! Read more »

Favorite toy

When we were in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) we went to some toy stores and we found this dude there! When Priscilla was a child she used to play Playmobil with her brother, this was one of her favorite toys! Read more »

Parenting style

Our parenting style is more child focused and independence driven. We believe that promoting freedom and learning with guided control favors the child to develop skills such as imagination and creativity so they can discover their true passion. Also its important for us to teach them about responsibility and good Read more »

Child’s creativity

The most important way to cultivate a child’s creativity is to let them play, play and play… As parents, we should provide emotionally healthy, loving, stimulating and safe environments that allows for exploratory play… Read more »

Counting down to Christmas!

Today the first December we start our tradition by counting the days to Christmas! Each day we will open one draw to see the surprise inside; it could be candy, a message or also a little toy. It’s a way to tell our daughter about the season of Christmas. Read more »

Happy Thanksgiving!

We are so grateful for our family and hope to include our little one in this celebration next year! And you, what are you grateful for? This picture is from our brunch, later we will have dinner with the whole family. Read more »

Crazy picture with Santa

We like to invest our time in Christmas related activities. Taking pictures is one of them! Our daughter was afraid of Santa Claus and this photo came out weird, but we still had fun and she calmed down with the pacifier. Read more »

Feeding time at the Air Show

Let me share with you this memory! In this picture, Sofia was 5 months old and we were visiting an airplane exposition. Have you ever seen a mommy feeding her baby under a wing of an airplane? Read more »

The library is also a fun place to take kids!

Like a family that loves books, libraries are always in our schedule and now our daughter is more interested in books and pretend play. We want to inspire her curiosity more and more! We are looking forward to our future baby to join us in these activities too. Read more »

Pause to talk about gratitude!

Thanksgiving is coming and we would like to pause and think about the abundance of everyday blessings we have in our lives. Big and small moments, small gestures of love, a word of support, a hug, a smile, etc. And when we see what lies behind these blessings are always people who are in our lives. Our relationships are the Read more »

It’s National Adoption Awereness Month!

And we want to embrace and be sensitive to all kinds of feelings that emerge from this journey. Not only like hopeful adoptive parents but be aware about all sides involved. We send prayers and thoughts to everyone who is dealing with adoption right now! Read more »

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