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Your Adoption Plan: A Patchwork Quilt

Since no two stars, snowflakes, or human stories are the same, the reasons for creating an adoption plan - as well as the plans themselves - are as personal as an patchwork quilt.

We imagine the process to be like stitching pieces of your heart and soul together. We can only imagine the mosaic of emotions.

If you find yourself in that place, know that we’ve got your back.

Yes, we want be considered as adoptive parents for your child, but what we want more is for you to find moments of peace - Peace in having the resources and support you deserve. Peace in considering your options. Peace in knowing everything about us you’d like to know. We especially hope you have peace in a post-placement plan that matches your comfort level for contact and leaves breathing room to adapt should you want to change the script.

We want to be here for you and your child - always.

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Chante and Abraham

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Chante and Abraham