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Ironic Words of Wisdom From the Ocean: Be Still

Abraham’s brother came to visit with his family. Can you guess where we took them first? The beach!

I love this photo of the fathers and sons, sharing a moment of ocean awe. This is a phenomenon I’ve experienced and witnessed by countless others - every time I go to this sandy paradise. People pause. Look. Breathe.

There is something about the ocean landscape that speaks to your soul. What does it say? Ironically, for a scene that never stops moving and changing, it says, “Be still…”

It’s ironic because the ocean is anything but still. Yet somehow, that is the gift it gives us: A reminder that regardless of our present circumstance, the worries of tomorrow, or the regrets and lessons of yesterday (which we all have), you can still find peace in this moment.

You can pause. You can look out instead of in for a moment. And you can breathe in the serenity of simply being alive.

Yes, life is lived through constant motion, but it takes a moment of being still to truly reflect upon it and appreciate it.

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