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Your Adoption Plan: A Patchwork Quilt

Since no two stars, snowflakes, or human stories are the same, the reasons for creating an adoption plan - as well as the plans themselves - are as personal as an patchwork quilt. We imagine the process to be like stitching pieces of your heart and soul together. We can only imagine the mosaic of emotions. If you find yourself in that place, know that we’ve got your back. Yes, we want be considered as adoptive parents for your child, but what we want more is for you to find moments of peace - Peace in having Read more »

What We Enjoy Doing Together

We both like to travel and spend time outdoors. Often Chanté will ride her bike while Abraham chooses to run beside her. It’s our “different methods, same path” approach. Chanté taught Abraham how to enjoy thrift stores and he reintroduced her to the joy of Disneyland. At home, we watch comedies or Read more »

Decorating with Daddy

Last year at Christmas, we had to zip tie the ornaments to the tree so our toddler wouldn’t take them off. This year, he wanted to put them on - all of them! The tree is dripping in ornaments now and is beautiful thanks to the boys! Read more »

Our Veteran: Abraham

If Abraham had a mantra for how he approaches life, it’s illustrated in this flashback photo: “Serve well with a smile on your face, and keep your family close.”  Happy Veterans Day to our military dad! Read more »

Superhero Dads

Here a tender daddy moment I captured if of Abraham getting little guy out of the car after a church Halloween party Saturday. I think all should all dress up as superheroes for Halloween because that’s what they are! The Little Hulk would agree. #fatherhood #dontwakethebaby Read more »

Recommendation from a Friend: Katie Christensen

“I went to school with the mother of this little guy and the beautiful wife to this incredible daddy! She is an AMAZING person. You will never meet a more kind, thoughtful, loving, caring, selfless person than Chante. If you or someone you know is looking for an adoptive family for your little one, I would highly Read more »

8 Uncles, 6 Aunts, 4 Grandparents, 1 Great GP, Dozens of Cousins

We both have four siblings, many of whom are married with children. So that means large extended families on both sides! Our parents are also very supportive and spoil their grand-kids to no end - but not just with things. Experiences too. One Grandpa, for example, holds events he calls ‘Science Saturday” where he Read more »

77 Sunsets

Our goal is to see 77 sunsets over the ocean this year. Why? Because nothing beats a beach with an orange sky. Abraham grew up playing on the beaches of southern California. Now, as a father, he loves sharing the magic of sandcastles, crashing waves, and ocean sunsets with his family. Our only problem is that 77 will not Read more »

Baby, We Love Books!

Abraham’s favorite books to read with Little Guy are Where’s Waldo or I Spy books with a gazillion pictures on each page. The two boys can stare at them for quite a while. Chante prefers picture books with beautiful art, so Little Guy gets a little of everything! She actually has a vast collection of Read more »

Hover Board Strolling

This is the new way to push a stroller - especially up a hill. Ride a hover board! Then you AND baby get to have a fun ride :) It’s one of Chante’s hobbies now. Read more »

Ironic Words of Wisdom From the Ocean: Be Still

Abraham’s brother came to visit with his family. Can you guess where we took them first? The beach! I love this photo of the fathers and sons, sharing a moment of ocean awe. This is a phenomenon I’ve experienced and witnessed by countless others - every time I go to this sandy paradise. People pause. Look. Breathe. Read more »

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