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Emily & Marcus

Compassionate, fun-loving, and open-minded couple hoping to grow our family through open adoption

Dear Expectant Mother,

We cannot begin to imagine the difficult, perhaps confusing or painful, feelings that come with a decision like the one you are facing. We want you to know that we are thankful for you, humbled by your selflessness and strength, and honored that you are taking the time to get to know a little more about us.

Please know that we are dedicated to providing a life of unconditional love, safety and security, and openness for you and your child. We would be beyond grateful to share this experience with you.

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Emily and Marcus

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Who We Are

We met in the fifth grade when Marcus moved to Emily's hometown in Michigan. We shared many of the same friends throughout middle and high school and often spent time hanging out together on evenings and weekends. We began dating the summer before our Junior year and the rest is history!

We attended the same college, were engaged during our final year, and married just after Marcus returned from his deployment to Iraq. We've now been together for over 20 years!

Becoming parents has always been a dream of ours. We knew from early in our relationship that adoption would be part of our story; we always imagined a big family with children both adopted and biological. We have faced some disappointment as we've struggled with infertility, but decided not to wait another day to begin growing our family. We're now home study approved and on the path to open adoption.

We treasure our life together - it's been filled with ups and downs, lots of adventure, and tons of laughter and love. We feel very lucky and cannot wait to share our lives with a very special child!

Adoption Diary

Our Adoption Journey (Part 1)

When we were first dating we talked often about the family we’d like to someday have. Both of us loved the idea of having both biological and adopted children, and we imagined a diverse and colorful family!

We were married just after Marcus began his military service and together decided to wait to start a family after considering the unpredictability of Army life. Once he resigned five years later and we had settled in our first real home the time felt right. We began trying to conceive and got pregnant right away. But unfortunately, Emily miscarried very early in her pregnancy. The doctors predicted that it was just a hiccup in our path to parenthood and that pregnancy was on the horizon, so we continued to try, unsuccessfully for a few more years. Throughout that time, adoption was always in the back of our minds, but we were discouraged by the high cost and felt we weren’t yet financially ready. After being diagnosed with unexplained fertility, and deciding against pursuing any invasive procedures, we excitedly decided to focus on growing our family through adoption!

Once Marcus made a career change last year and we were feeling more financially stable, we signed up for an adoption informational meeting at a local adoption agency.  At that time we were unsure if domestic or international adoption was the right choice for us and hoped that with more information we’d be able to better make a decision. When the agency rep began to talk about the process of domestic infant adoption and shared about the experience of an expectant mother choosing her baby’s adoptive parents, we both got a bit emotional, looked at each other, and knew right away that we were meant to adopt a baby domestically. After months of paperwork, homework, and several visits with our social worker, we were officially home-study approved in April 2019.

We are now excitedly and patiently waiting to find our baby’s first mother and for the adoption relationship that will give our child the openness, honesty, and love he/she so very much deserves.

Special Words from Friends and Loved Ones

Since we first announced our plan to adopt, several friends and family have shared loving and supportive messages for our home study and on social media. We want to share some!

“When I think about the things Emily and Marcus have to offer a child, the list is long. Their child will not only be loved and adored, they’ll be raised in an environment that allows them the space, support, and honesty to explore who they truly are. Emily and Marcus have been role models for my own children and I can’t think of two better parents to be blessed with a precious child of their own. They’re two of the most genuine and inclusive people I know, with so much love to provide a healthy upbringing for a child. We look forward to welcoming their child to our lives and providing a loving and supportive extended family for them.”

“From the moment I met them, and saw their love for children, their calm demeanor, I’ve been waiting for these two incredible people to take on their role as parents. They will be a blessing to any child.”

“It’s simple. They are kind, fun, loving, beautiful inside and out.”

“...They have a love that most people only dream about. They have such a fun and adventurous life together, they love to travel, explore and learn, and most of all, they are always laughing or making those around them laugh…I am thrilled for them and eagerly awaiting to be part of their adoption journey.”

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Emily & Marcus

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Emily & Marcus