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December - A month of excitement and family traditions

December is our most favorite month.  Besides it being the month of Christmas, we love all of our family traditions we’ve established leading up to the special day. December Birthdays - Over half of my college friends have birthdays in December.  When we first came out of college, we would pick a night to have dinner to celebrate all the December Birthdays then we would head to someone’s apartment for our annual Christmas gift card exchange. To keep the gift card exchange fun and interesting, we Read more »

Daddy’s perfected a new hair style

I realized this morning how much I missed these types of text messages from Jaime. —See the picture.  Being a stay-at home Dad, Jaime had to learn how do a lot of things that would typically have to be done by a mom. —One of the most significant things was fixing Olivia’s hair.  As an infant and Read more »

Yay….It’s Thanksgiving Break

The week of November 18th was the last week of school for Olivia before the Thanksgiving break and we were counting down the days until Friday. Is it bad that we had a count down going?  We don’t think so. What are we most looking forward too?  A break from the school night routine.  We noticed that Read more »

What do you see in us?

Hahaha…hopefully more then Mr. and Mrs. Frosty the Snowman! Using Adoptimist’s website to promote our family is definitely new to us. See, when we adopted Olivia we had an amazing agency that we worked so closely with and they took us by the hand and helped us long the way. They got to know us. We had a question, Read more »

We are most thankful…

This morning, Olivia and her classmates got to enjoy their Thanksgiving Feast together.  (Yes…You read my statement correct “this morning”; 9:30 AM to be exact). What’s funny is the time didn’t bother the kids one bit.  They all were very hungry and continued to scarf down the turkey Read more »

A recap of our week…..

There were a couple of Girl Scout To Do items for this week.  The first item was solely on me; I had to collect all the initial cookie orders for our Troop and submit them.  I had to send several follow-up emails, but I got all the orders from my Troop.  Jaime and I decided to ask for 120 boxes for Olivia to Read more »

Always a reference to Sissy

This week, Sissy must have been on all of our minds. At different points in the week, each one of us was talking about her or doing something in reference to her. As a stay-at-home dad, Jaime has a lot more free since Olivia started Kindergarten. Outside of picking up the house, running errands, etc., I really wanted him to Read more »

Family Movie Night with Disney+

My parents gifted us with an early Christmas gift on Tuesday and it’s one of the best family gifts we’ve ever received. What was it? We received a year subscription to the new Disney+. Why is it a great gift? The most obvious reason is we’re HUGE Disney lovers. However, it goes deeper then that. We see it as an Read more »

Olivia’s Birthday Week has officially come to an end

Wow, what week! It was such an exciting time for Olivia. She’s started her birthday count down since Halloween. —Getting more excited as it got closer! Jaime and I kept very busy. I was making sure I had all the RSVP’s for her birthday and Jaime was running around town picking up everything (groceries, cake balls, fruit Read more »

Mommy is a Co-Leader of Olivia’s Daisy Troop

On top of Halloween, Olivia’s Daisy Troop had a few to do’s this week. The 1st To Do was ALL ME…..I had to pass my “Cookie Test”. I volunteered to be Olivia’s Troop Cookie Mom, but I had to pass a quiz before I officially “earned” the title.  After we put Olivia to bed on Monday, I pulled out all Read more »

The Holiday Season with Sissy

I must admit, Halloween wasn’t the only Holiday we had envisioned Sissy with our family.  It’s very natural for us to talk about our upcoming plans….Here’s a few: Having Sissy be a part of Olivia’s Birthday Party and her having to wear noise canceling headphones while the movie is playing. Holding Sissy for Read more »

Halloween 2019

It was pretty cold night to go trick or treating, but we did it and we laughed a TON! Back in September, we let Olivia pick her costume this year, and she picked Bo Peep from Toy Story 4. As we continued to look at the Disney Store website, we noticed that they also had some adult costumes as well. Olivia begged for us to Read more »

Bins, Bins, and more Bins

Jaime and I have always wanted another girl. We always let our brain take over what our heart was telling us to do. Finally in May, we made a decision to follow our hearts. There are several things that we have done that are very obvious that our family always knew a Sissy was meant for our family. Since Olivia was an Read more »

It’s competition week….

During the week, Olivia’s school had several PTA sponsored family events; from the book fair to Chick-Fil-A Family to Science Night at her school. Then on Saturday, Olivia had her last gymnastics meet for the Fall season. We love Chick-Fil-A, so it was a no-brainer that we would be having dinner there after Olivia’s Read more »

A recap of our week…

After 3 hours on a plane, Olivia was done resting and ready to release her energy. We landed mid-afternoon on Monday and just in time for Olivia to make it to gymnastics practice. Olivia has been in gymnastics since 2.5 yrs old. Over the last year, Olivia has been completing with her team at local gymnastics meets. She LOVES Read more »

Olivia’s Special Intention (Wish)

In Disney’s Movie Coco, Miguel’s family puts together an ofrenda (an alter) to honor the family members who have passed away. The table is filled with pictures of their loved, their favorite items, and personal notes/wishes from the living family members. While at Disney’s California Adventure, there was an ofrenda set Read more »

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