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We are Jaime, Kristina, and Olivia and we’re so excited to tell you a little bit about our family.
We met in May 2001 at a mutual friend's graduation. We hit it off right away and we had a lot to talk about, especially comparing stories and adventures from our hometown. Believe it or not, we are from the same town, but we met 600 miles away from home.

When we got married thirteen years ago, and our love and commitment to one another remains stronger than ever, especially after the personal loss of our baby boy in Summer 2012. Kristina became pregnant with our son, Santiago. We were elated. The pregnancy was normal and perfect. It was during the 20-week sonogram that we learned that our son was extremely sick with a rare condition, and he would later pass away within the month. We were on an amazing journey with our little angel, but through it all we have remained at each other's side, hand in hand and committed to becoming parents again.

Since Santiago’s condition was very rare, Kristina’s doctors had recommended we postpone our family planning until the completion of all the genetic tests. By the 10- month mark, we were absolutely done waiting. We yearned to be parents again, so we picked up the phone and called an adoption agency. The adoption agency was in a different city, but the distance didn’t matter because the agency came highly recommended from a family friend. We started the adoption process at the beginning of Summer 2013 and our prayers were answered when we matched with an amazing birth mom. She delivered and placed a healthy baby girl in Kristina’s arms in the Fall 2013. We were beyond blessed that Olivia’s adoption moved swiftly and smoothly, and Kristina is forever grateful to have an opportunity to get to know and bond with a very special young lady. It’s a relationship Kristina will always hold dear to her heart, and she looks forward to day to share it with Olivia.

Our sweet, Olivia will be turning 6 years old in few weeks. She’s currently thriving as a Kindergartner at a neighborhood Spanish-Immersion elementary school. She has a witty sense of humor, an imagination that is hands down awesome, and a self-confidence that’s truly admirable and genuine. She loves to play with other children; so is quite common for Kristina to be scheduling play dates, walking her around the neighborhood or knocking on neighbors’ doors to see anyone wants to play, or they just take the route of heading to the park. At 2.5 years old, we noticed Olivia’s natural talent for and true passion for gymnastics. She’s progressed from the initial Daddy & Me class to now a competition level team. It’s a true joy to watch her in her element.

Olivia is beyond excited to be a Big Sister and has already given her little sister her nickname, Sissy. She talks about Sissy as if she’s already here. She says things like, “When Sissy comes, I’m going to have to…. or “When Sissy gets bigger, she and I will get to…” Her heart is gigantic, and she can’t wait to shower her Sissy with affection. And as parents, we can’t wait for them to create a sister bond with constant companionship to explore life together, to share secrets, and do all the things sisters do together.

Our Home

We live in an area with lots of opportunities to work, play, explore, and learn. Our home has plenty of room for our newly created family of four. We live at the end of the cul-de-sac and have a wood play set in our back yard. One of the special spots in our home is a bedroom that we converted into Olivia's playroom. There are endless hours spent dressing-up, playing, and developing Olivia's vivid imagination. We can't wait to share it with Sissy.

As a family, we continue to enjoy exploring the city and community attractions and exploring new opportunities together. A few of our favorites are the museums, arboretums, amusement parks and zoos. We like to have fun, and we look forward to sharing these experiences with our new addition.

About Jaime & Kristina

We are Jaime and Kristina. We are both in our early 40’s; Jaime is 43 and Kristina is 41. We met in 2001 at a mutual friend’s graduation. In June 2006, we got married in our hometown with our family and friends present.

Our relationship is built on faith, love, communication, trust, teamwork, support, and good times/memories. Our individual strengths and weaknesses are very apparent, but we complement each other and it keeps our relationship strong. We love to learn from one another, books, and our surroundings. We enjoy straying active and traveling with our friends, our family, or just the two of us. Our dream is to one day open a photography studio with Jaime as the photographer and Kristina running the business administration side.

Kristina works about 20 minutes away from our home as an IT Project Manager for a retailer. Her job offers opportunities to work with home and they honor planned vacation and family appointments. Since Olivia’s arrival, Jaime has become a stay at home Daddy and has done a fabulous job caring for her. They have fun playing at home or at kid friendly attraction, or even a Daddy & Me class. And now that Olivia is in school full-time, Jaime still finds opportunities to volunteer at her school.Our plan is for Jaime to remain at home with our new addition, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Education is also very important to us. In the Summer 2009, Kristina came to a crossroads in her career. With full support from Jaime and our families, Kristina chose to complete her Master's degree in Business. Kristina left Corporate America, became a full-time MBA student, and loved every minute of it. Although Jaime has not completed his bachelor's degree, he has a wealth of knowledge. Kristina always says that he earned an MBA with her because he was her study partner. We hope our daughters will develop a love and passion for education. We promise to support their educational dreams.

We are close to both sides of our family. Jaime's parents are retired, and his Dad remains in our hometown and his Mom lives twenty minutes from our house. Jaime's older brother and his family live about five hours away. We see them often, and Olivia especially loves her “Cousin Time” with our two nephews (a Junior in High School & 8th grader) and niece (a 4th grader). Kristina, on the other hand, is the only girl in her family and the middle child. Kristina's parents have been married for forty-five years and remain in the same home she grew up in. Kristina's younger brother is married and is finishing his last year of residency. He and his wife plan to move back to our hometown to work and start a family. Kristina's older brother and his family live about 5 minutes from Kristina's parents' home. They have three kids as well, our two nephews (8th grader & 6th grader) and our niece (2nd grader). Kristina’s parents travel to visit Olivia frequently to spend quality time with her. We also travel to our hometown on a very regular basis and enjoy visiting our family, but we especially love giving Olivia “Cousin and Family Time”. Holidays are our favorite time of the year because we are all together in our hometown, and we share in a lot of family traditions. Overall, both our families are very thrilled and beyond supportive of our decision to adopt for a second time, and they are just as anxious as we are to add a grandchild, a niece, and cousin to our growing family.

We have several hobbies that we are passionate about. Our first passion centers on traveling. We love to travel together, with friends, or with Kristina's family. When we travel, we try to go to a new location that we've never been to. This allows us the opportunity to try something new and to build new memories together. We do not anticipate that our travel adventures will stop once we become parents a second time and we are very excited to share our travel adventures with our girls. The trip we are most excited to share with Sissy is a trip to Disney. We LOVE Disney, and some of our most favorite memories with Olivia are at the Disney parks. Our second passion centers on photography. Over the past few years, Jaime has evolved into an amazing photographer and Kristina has assumed the role of the trusty assistant. We make a great team with our eyes to both the details and creativity that pictures can capture. Jaime has a professional camera and it never leaves his side. His dream is to one day open his own photography business. We are excited to capture the memories with our girls, and we anticipate there will be a lot of pictures.

We are ready to embark on the adoption journey together hand-in-hand, with our faith, our family, and our friends' support behind us. We know, without a doubt, that we are on the right path to expanding our family for a second time. We have faith and trust in you that you will make the right decision for your child. Know that we will love and treasure your child always.

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Jaime, Kristina, & Olivia

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