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Jaime, Kristina, & Olivia

We're a family founded on love, faith, laughter, family memories and lots of hugs and kisses.

First and foremost, we want you to know that you are surrounded by additional love and support from the three of us, our family, and friends.

You’re a strong and courageous individual to have made the decision to create an adoption plan for your baby girl. You’re providing us with an amazing gift and blessing, and we will always be forever grateful to you.

Together, we all share a common bond of a loss of a child and we can empathize with you in a small way. Therefore, it is our hope that we can provide you with the encouragement and reassurance throughout your journey. We know that pictures are pretty powerful, and we can guarantee that you will never be without. Our cameras are always an arm length away from us, especially when it comes to Jaime --At times, it seems like Jaime’s professional camera plays the role of a security blanket because it never leaves his side! 

We also want you to know that we welcome an open adoption, and we really want to have the opportunity to get to you know you. Our hope is that our relationship will grow naturally over time; starting with some contact initially. We want only the best for you, and we hope you have the opportunity to set and accomplish your goals. You have your whole life ahead of you to learn, to explore, and to find your passion in life. When you find your passion, you will know it because you want to do nothing else but that. We hope to have the opportunity to watch you from the sidelines and cheer you on.

Without a doubt, we are ready to be parents again. We are especially ready to be parents to your baby girl and Olivia is ready to be a big sister. We frequently talk and imagine what it would be like to have and raise another little girl (or “Sissy” as Olivia refers to her as), and our hearts swell with so much love and anticipation. We know that we’re going to be many fun and challenging times, but we will work together as a team to raise her to be a beautiful young lady with high morals, values, confidence, and a love for life, her family, and God.

We are confident that you will make the right decision for your baby, and we will wait patiently and remain in high spirits because we are firm believers that things happen for a reason.

All the best,
-Jaime, Kristina, and Olivia

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Who We Are

We are Jaime, Kristina, and Olivia and we’re so excited to tell you a little bit about our family.
We met in May 2001 at a mutual friend's graduation. We hit it off right away and we had a lot to talk about, especially comparing stories and adventures from our hometown. Believe it or not, we are from the same town, but we met 600 miles away from home.

When we got married thirteen years ago, and our love and commitment to one another remains stronger than ever, especially after the personal loss of our baby boy in Summer 2012. Kristina became pregnant with our son, Santiago. We were elated. The pregnancy was normal and perfect. It was during the 20-week sonogram that we learned that our son was extremely sick with a rare condition, and he would later pass away within the month. We were on an amazing journey with our little angel, but through it all we have remained at each other's side, hand in hand and committed to becoming parents again.

Since Santiago’s condition was very rare, Kristina’s doctors had recommended we postpone our family planning until the completion of all the genetic tests. By the 10- month mark, we were absolutely done waiting. We yearned to be parents again, so we picked up the phone and called an adoption agency. The adoption agency was in a different city, but the distance didn’t matter because the agency came highly recommended from a family friend. We started the adoption process at the beginning of Summer 2013 and our prayers were answered when we matched with an amazing birth mom. She delivered and placed a healthy baby girl in Kristina’s arms in the Fall 2013. We were beyond blessed that Olivia’s adoption moved swiftly and smoothly, and Kristina is forever grateful to have an opportunity to get to know and bond with a very special young lady. It’s a relationship Kristina will always hold dear to her heart, and she looks forward to day to share it with Olivia.

Our sweet, Olivia will be turning 6 years old in few weeks. She’s currently thriving as a Kindergartner at a neighborhood Spanish-Immersion elementary school. She has a witty sense of humor, an imagination that is hands down awesome, and a self-confidence that’s truly admirable and genuine. She loves to play with other children; so is quite common for Kristina to be scheduling play dates, walking her around the neighborhood or knocking on neighbors’ doors to see anyone wants to play, or they just take the route of heading to the park. At 2.5 years old, we noticed Olivia’s natural talent for and true passion for gymnastics. She’s progressed from the initial Daddy & Me class to now a competition level team. It’s a true joy to watch her in her element.

Olivia is beyond excited to be a Big Sister and has already given her little sister her nickname, Sissy. She talks about Sissy as if she’s already here. She says things like, “When Sissy comes, I’m going to have to…. or “When Sissy gets bigger, she and I will get to…” Her heart is gigantic, and she can’t wait to shower her Sissy with affection. And as parents, we can’t wait for them to create a sister bond with constant companionship to explore life together, to share secrets, and do all the things sisters do together.

Adoption Diary

Daddy’s perfected a new hair style

I realized this morning how much I missed these types of text messages from Jaime. —See the picture.  Being a stay-at home Dad, Jaime had to learn how do a lot of things that would typically have to be done by a mom. —One of the most significant things was fixing Olivia’s hair. 

As an infant and a young toddler, I would almost always leave the house before Jaime and Olivia woke. Olivia was a good sleeper; she wouldn’t wake up until 9 AM or so. Therefore before I left the house, I would make sure Olivia’s clothes were ironed and laid out with socks, shoes, and a bow. If I forgot one of those, I could guarantee and short text from him asking: “What shoes?” or Bow??”. I would then respond back with the details.  There were times that he would take the “creative-liberties” and pick them out himself.

As an infant, Olivia’s hair was quite short. He could place an elastic headband with a bow or design, and she was good to go. As her hair began to grow out, we noticed that she had a cute natural curl along the sides and back.  I showed him how to part her hair on the right side. and then he would clip or place a bow on the longer side.  This hair-do lasted for a while, and she had a ton of bows so she always had a different look. 

It when her hair got to be at her shoulders and longer, I could tell that Jaime was getting a little more nervous. However, he bit the bullet and did it.  Believe it or not, he did pretty good.  Overtime, he’s perfected his hair do styles.  With out a doubt, his top 4 do’s are: a little top mini ponytail, the full-pony tail, the “Jojo”-side pony tail, the low ponytail.  Today, he must have felt confident and tried a new hair do to round out to #5.  He was quick to send a picture of a half-up/half-down hair style.  He did a really good job, and she was smiling from ear to ear.

When Olivia was 3 years old, I made the decision to come into the office closer to 9 AM. Since she had to be woken up earlier for school, it gave me the opportunity to be home and partake in the morning routine; which includes fixing her hair.  I enjoy fixing her hair, and trying new hair styles and adding a bow for the finishing touch.—It still do it today, and have fun doing it.

Yay….It’s Thanksgiving Break

The week of November 18th was the last week of school for Olivia before the Thanksgiving break and we were counting down the days until Friday. Is it bad that we had a count down going?  We don’t think so.

What are we most looking forward too?  A break from the school night routine.  We noticed that during school days, we have to be very timely in evening.  We should be done with dinner before 7 PM and then a little more time to play before bath and reading books. The goal every night is to have her in bed by 8:30 PM. Yes, we stray from the school night routine here and there because we just want more time together. It makes it a bit more challenging in the morning, but it;‘s all worth it.

This school night routine is so different from what we’re ALL use too.  As a baby, Jaime and I made a decision early on that Olivia’s bedtime would be later then most babies/toddlers.  Why?  With a later bedtime, it allowed me to get home from work and have quality with Olivia. We were able to have dinner together, I could play with her, give her a bath, read books together, and then I could rock her to sleep.—We wouldn’t change it for the world!!  Even when Olivia entered preschool, we still stuck to that routine for the most part. Being a working mom, I needed to make sure that my mommy/daughter time Monday thru Friday. It allowed Olivia and I to bond, but it also filled my “Mommy Heart”.  —Would we change anything for Sissy?  Nope. Sissy will be on the Olivia’s baby schedule to allow for Mommy/Sissy bonding time in the evening. She’‘ll also share in Olivia’s bedtime stories, and in time Olivia and Sissy will do bath time together.—One of any things that Olivia can’t wait for.

Another reasons why we were excited for Friday is Jaime had gone out to buy Frozen 2 Movie tickets a couple weeks back to surprise Olivia with. We are love all things Frozen.  I remember when the first Frozen move came out, it took Jaime and I a while to came around to watching it. We finally watched it on Valentine’s Day when Olivia was only a few months old.  Jaime and I were captivated by the movie plot, the animation and the songs.  However, the best part was looking over at Olivia sitting in Jaime’s arms looking straight ahead at the TV.—Who knows if she was watching the movie, but all we know is she sat quietly facing the direction of the TV the entire time.—- Frozen 2 was GREAT! Go see it if you can. It was a fun way to start Olivia’s holiday vacation.—Picture was taken while we’re waiting for the movie to start. 

Olivia and I had one more Girls Scout event to do together for the month of November. This event had a Thanksgiving theme associated to it.  The girls were able to help make place mats and centerpieces for a Thanksgiving dinner that was being hosted by the church for the less fortunate.  A good opportunity for the girls to showcase their creativity and help make someone else’s Thanksgiving special.

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


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