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Jaime, Kristina, & Olivia

We're a family founded on love, faith, laughter, family memories and lots of hugs and kisses.

First and foremost, we want you to know that you are surrounded by additional love and support from the three of us, our family, and friends.

You’re a strong and courageous individual to have made the decision to create an adoption plan for your baby girl. You’re providing us with an amazing gift and blessing, and we will always be forever grateful to you.

Together, we all share a common bond of a loss of a child and we can empathize with you in a small way. Therefore, it is our hope that we can provide you with the encouragement and reassurance throughout your journey. We know that pictures are pretty powerful, and we can guarantee that you will never be without. Our cameras are always an arm length away from us, especially when it comes to Jaime --At times, it seems like Jaime’s professional camera plays the role of a security blanket because it never leaves his side! 

We also want you to know that we welcome an open adoption, and we really want to have the opportunity to get to you know you. Our hope is that our relationship will grow naturally over time; starting with some contact initially. We want only the best for you, and we hope you have the opportunity to set and accomplish your goals. You have your whole life ahead of you to learn, to explore, and to find your passion in life. When you find your passion, you will know it because you want to do nothing else but that. We hope to have the opportunity to watch you from the sidelines and cheer you on.

Without a doubt, we are ready to be parents again. We are especially ready to be parents to your baby girl and Olivia is ready to be a big sister. We frequently talk and imagine what it would be like to have and raise another little girl (or “Sissy” as Olivia refers to her as), and our hearts swell with so much love and anticipation. We know that we’re going to be many fun and challenging times, but we will work together as a team to raise her to be a beautiful young lady with high morals, values, confidence, and a love for life, her family, and God.

We are confident that you will make the right decision for your baby, and we will wait patiently and remain in high spirits because we are firm believers that things happen for a reason.

All the best,
-Jaime, Kristina, and Olivia

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Who We Are

We are Jaime, Kristina, and Olivia and we’re so excited to tell you a little bit about our family.
We met in May 2001 at a mutual friend's graduation. We hit it off right away and we had a lot to talk about, especially comparing stories and adventures from our hometown. Believe it or not, we are from the same town, but we met 600 miles away from home.

When we got married thirteen years ago, and our love and commitment to one another remains stronger than ever, especially after the personal loss of our baby boy in Summer 2012. Kristina became pregnant with our son, Santiago. We were elated. The pregnancy was normal and perfect. It was during the 20-week sonogram that we learned that our son was extremely sick with a rare condition, and he would later pass away within the month. We were on an amazing journey with our little angel, but through it all we have remained at each other's side, hand in hand and committed to becoming parents again.

Since Santiago’s condition was very rare, Kristina’s doctors had recommended we postpone our family planning until the completion of all the genetic tests. By the 10- month mark, we were absolutely done waiting. We yearned to be parents again, so we picked up the phone and called an adoption agency. The adoption agency was in a different city, but the distance didn’t matter because the agency came highly recommended from a family friend. We started the adoption process at the beginning of Summer 2013 and our prayers were answered when we matched with an amazing birth mom. She delivered and placed a healthy baby girl in Kristina’s arms in the Fall 2013. We were beyond blessed that Olivia’s adoption moved swiftly and smoothly, and Kristina is forever grateful to have an opportunity to get to know and bond with a very special young lady. It’s a relationship Kristina will always hold dear to her heart, and she looks forward to day to share it with Olivia.

Our sweet, Olivia will be turning 6 years old in few weeks. She’s currently thriving as a Kindergartner at a neighborhood Spanish-Immersion elementary school. She has a witty sense of humor, an imagination that is hands down awesome, and a self-confidence that’s truly admirable and genuine. She loves to play with other children; so is quite common for Kristina to be scheduling play dates, walking her around the neighborhood or knocking on neighbors’ doors to see anyone wants to play, or they just take the route of heading to the park. At 2.5 years old, we noticed Olivia’s natural talent for and true passion for gymnastics. She’s progressed from the initial Daddy & Me class to now a competition level team. It’s a true joy to watch her in her element.

Olivia is beyond excited to be a Big Sister and has already given her little sister her nickname, Sissy. She talks about Sissy as if she’s already here. She says things like, “When Sissy comes, I’m going to have to…. or “When Sissy gets bigger, she and I will get to…” Her heart is gigantic, and she can’t wait to shower her Sissy with affection. And as parents, we can’t wait for them to create a sister bond with constant companionship to explore life together, to share secrets, and do all the things sisters do together.

Adoption Diary

He’s a Hands-On Daddy

Olivia’s Daddy fits that description and more. 

He’s the one:
up in the middle of the night with me to feed and help change diapers.
who changes poop diapers.—That’s before he places a dab of Vicks under his nose so he doesn’t gag.—I’m dead serious.  It’s absolutely hilarious. 
sitting on the floor with a crown on his head having a tea party with Olivia. 
playing beauty shop with Olivia and walks around with nail polish on his toes. —The funniest moments are when he forgets to remove the polish before he goes out in public in sandals.
who’s at her school events and is there to pick her up from school.
volunteering at the school during lunch, library, and science. 
participating in all the “Mommy and Baby” weekday activities while I was working.  As a baby Olivia and Jaime participated in Kindermusik, Little Gym, gymnastics, etc.  Then on the weekend, we specifically looked for activities that I could do with Olivia like make-up Kindermusik classes, open gym at the Little Gym, and indoor soccer. 
attending her 2-hour gymnastics practices two days a week. 
who makes dinner and runs errands most week days to decrease the load on me when I get home from work.
And MANY MANY more activities that he actively participates in.

A couple of recent stories to share…
On New Years, Jaime showed Olivia the You Tube Video for the Cup Song from Pitch Perfect the movie.  Olivia was fascinated by it.—It doesn’t surprise me one bit!  Since watching the video, she’s been obsessed with it.  She would watch the video over an over trying to learn all the hand motions.  She was able to learn most of it on her own.  However, it wasn’t the exact rhythm.  She asked me to teach her, but I couldn’t get all the motions down either.  I passed it over to Jaime and he figured it out.  Then he taught Olivia and I.  They’re darn good.  I have it done, but I’m slow. —The picture is from the night Jaime was teaching Olivia all the hand motions.—It was really cute. 

Earlier this week, Jaime texted me and said that he received two extra hugs when he was helping at lunch time. I just assumed that Olivia was “extra-huggy” that morning and didn’t think any more about it.  I ended up calling him to get more details. It turns out that the extra hugs did not come from Olivia.  They were from one of her friends and another little boy that we didn’t know.  Whether he believes me or not, he’s making a difference not only with Olivia, but also the other kids. There are definitely not a lot of male volunteers at the school, but every time he goes, he’s showing all the kids that both moms and dads can help at the school.

Winter Break Recap

Happy New Year!

Olivia’s Winter Break will come to an end this week.  It was so nice to have the last 2+ weeks together. We had a break from the school work, the school schedule, and the school routine. Jaime was just saying this morning how fast the Fall semester of Kindergarten went.—I have to agree.

Here are the highlights from our Winter Break:
1) We got to get together with several of our friends to catch up and share a nice meal together. Most of our friends have kids, but for those who don’t, Olivia has no problem entertaining the entire table.  Whether it was coloring, playing tic-tac-toe, or even making up a game or too, Olivia always finds ways to pass time in a restaurant. My favorite made up game is when she asks you to close your eyes and guess the sugar color packet. Her latest game involves writing a word down on the kids menu and the other person try to find where she wrote it.  Pretty creative if I do say so myself.

2) We were able to head out of town and be with our extended family for 5 days over Christmas.  It’s always interesting trying to figure out how to fit all the Christmas gifts in our luggage for the round-trip.  This year, Jaime got creative and suggested we use his golf bag (with no golf clubs) to help carry all the gifts.  It worked out really well. Success!!

3) The Christmas Eve Tradition of decorating Santa Cookies is truly Olivia’s favorite tradition. It was special to have my younger brother and his wife join us this year.  Everyone was decorating cookies, laughing, joking around…..it was pure joy to share it with both my brothers, my sister-in-laws, and mu nephews and niece. We then put on our Christmas attire and headed to mass with my family and then headed to Jaime’s Dad’s house for Christmas Eve dinner and presents.

4) This was the first time in 7 years, my immediate family was together for Christmas.  We had my parents, both my brothers, my sister-in-laws, and my older brothers kids were in town. To commemorate the joyous occasion we all had matching Christmas plaid pajamas.— Yep that’s right, all 12 of us were “matchy-matchy”.—I must say, at first we were not 100% on board with the pjs, However in the end, we were all extra comfy opening gifts and having brunch together.  Plus, the pictures were really cute. Ours is included, and I’ll have to upload the picture of all 12 of us. 

5) Spending time with FAMILY. I felt like this trip we were able to have a lot more quality time with our family. We didn’t do as much “house-hopping” as we normally do.—Couldn’t explain why,  My younger brother and sister-in-law were staying at my parent’s house with us, so it gave for more time for Olivia to be with her Nono (nickname for my younger brother) and her Aunt Erika. Every morning and sometimes multiple times a day, Olivia was asking to go to her cousin’s house to play.  Needless to say, leaving our family to head back home was not easy.  Olivia was not happy and shed some tears on the way to the airport. 

6) Olivia had a couple of play dates with her gymnastics team mates.  She was thrilled. The bond between Olivia’s gymnastics team is pretty special.  Over half of the girls have been together for at least two years or more.   
Well, I guess it’s back to reality and our routines for Jaime and Olivia.—Well I’ve been back to work for the last couple of week, so I’m way ahead of them.

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We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


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