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Our Story

Our story began back in 2007 at St. Thomas Aquinas College, a small school in Sparkill, New York. I was performing in the college's musical production, and Dan was running the sound system for the show. Dan immediately caught my eye, but I soon found out he was in a relationship.

About a year later, we reconnected through our faith, as we both volunteered to run a retreat for other college students. In preparation for this retreat, we got to know each other and became close friends. Dan was no longer in a relationship, and I decided to make the first bold move and ask him out on a date!

One dinner at Outback Steakhouse later, we were officially a couple, and have been together ever since. Dan proposed in 2010, and we were married on July 1, 2012. Right after, we both moved out of our childhood homes, and into our new home as a married couple.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in a suburb in northern New Jersey, about thirty minutes from New York City. It is a small, safe town with superior schools. We live within a few miles of great restaurants and shopping. One of our favorite things about our town is its proximity to beautiful parks, where we can walk our dog and spend some relaxing time together.
Our favorite things to do at home are cook meals, play with our dog, and find new shows to watch on Netflix!

About Amanda

(as told by Dan)
How do I tell you about how amazing my wife is in only a paragraph? Amanda is, to put it simply, amazing. She is a mother. Not just because we are looking to have a child. But because she has all the traits that I would assign to a mother. She is a caring person who always looks for the best in people.
She is deeply dedicated to her family and does her best to stay involved with them in every way she can. Amanda is also a great teacher, both professionally and personally. She cares about making sure that people learn. I cannot imagine having a family with anyone else.

About Dan

(as told my Amanda)
Dan is an easy-going, generous, and loving person, who always puts others before himself. As the director of campus ministry and volunteer services at St. Thomas Aquinas College, he spends most of his days serving others, especially the less fortunate.
I admire his willingness to drop anything he is doing, in order to help his family and friends. Whether it is a last minute errand for his mom, or feeding the homeless in New York City with his college students, there is nothing he wouldn't do to make others happy.
Dan has a bright personality, and most of the time, you will find him laughing, or making others laugh. He is one of those people that makes you feel comfortable as soon as you meet him. That is one of the things that immediately attracted me to Dan. He is extremely non-judgemental, and always gives people the benefit of the doubt.
I know for sure that Dan will make an incredible dad, and will do anything to ensure a nurturing and fun environment in our home. I am looking forward to seeing him as a father!

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