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Thank you for taking some time to read through the pages of our profile. We hope as you learn more about us and who we are, you will come to know our family – the crazy, beautiful, funny, imperfectly perfect mess that is us.

We sit here not knowing the right words to say that will express how much we care about you and the monumental decision that you face. We imagine you may be feeling emotions that bring incredible pain, courage, and love. We are in awe of the amazing person you are. We don't know the circumstances you may be facing, but regardless if you choose to parent or pursue an adoption plan, we believe in you!

If we have the wonderful opportunity to speak with you, we hope to hear more about you and what you hope for for your future and your baby's future! Until then, we pray this profile gives you a sense of peace into who we hope to be as parents.

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Who We Are

Ben's first job as a fireman was in my home town. As luck would have it, he was assigned to attend paramedic academy with my best friend's husband. We were never formally introduced, but he saw me in passing and started sending me messages on the internet, which I ignored! One day, we both coincidentally ended up at Target while our mutual friends were shopping. We walked the isles of the store and talked for a couple hours. That night, Ben sent me another message and said "Now that I'm not a stranger on the internet, will you please go out with me??!"

We went out the next weekend and were inseparable from then on. Just a year and a half later we were engaged and after another six months we were married. It sounds crazy, but we both just knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together!

Adoption Diary

One last thing…

We can’t imagine the difficult emotions you must be experiencing as you consider all your options. We pray you feel supported and encouraged from those around you and we hope you aren’t walking this journey alone.
Before our time ends, we want to share a few promises! We promise to strive each and every day to provide the best life possible for your child. Their days will be filled with fun on the farm, time with nieces and nephews, and so much love from us. We promise to provide your child with an education they can use to accomplish their dreams in life. We promise to support them through the happy and sad times, cheer them on from the sidelines at their ball games and kiss them goodnight after reading their favorite bedtime story. We promise to share about you often and tell them of the incredible love you have for them!
We wish you the best through this journey and hope you feel at peace in whatever choice you ultimately make!

Our Traditions

My (Tara) dad built a large building on his ranch about 10 years ago that we lovingly refer to as “The Camp”. Several times a year, we host huge holiday parties, and when I say HUGE I mean there are usually around 75 family and friends in attendance. We cook huge spreads – smoked brisket, fried turkey, ham, and all the fixings. There are always bounce houses, piñatas, musical instruments and tons of things for the little cousins to do. It’s so fun to watch them run around and make memories together. Occasionally, Santa Claus or the Easter bunny will show up to the party! Ben and I love this tradition and we enjoy having the big role of planning and cooking for everyone - Ben is a Grill Master!!

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Tara & Ben

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Tara & Ben