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Our Story

Joe's version of our story... Casey and I met in junior high when her family moved to town. I was quick to ask her out the first day, and she was quick to politely decline. I spent the next few years laying down my best school boy charm and succeeded just before our senior year in high school. We dated long distance through the first few years of college. Looking back, it wasn’t easy, but we made it work. After college, we flew to Rome, Italy and got married with over 25 family members and friends. We settled into our careers and spent our free time traveling and working on our new house. Now, things are about the same - we love to travel, spend time with family and work around the house.

Casey's version of our story... When I was 14, my family moved to a new town. On my very first day of school, this cute but crazy boy (Joe) asked me out. I told him no, but I always thought he was brave and funny for doing that. During high school, we had a lot of classes together, and he always kept everyone laughing. Before our senior year, Joe went through a couple serious operations. When he was out of the hospital, he asked me out again. He told me that surgery made him realize you can't be afraid to go after what you want. Of course, I said yes that time. We have built a wonderful and happy life together. It hasn't always been easy. We went to separate colleges and took on challenging degrees. Joe drove over 10 hours most weekends during college to come see me. We waited almost seven years to get married, have lost loved ones, and both have had challenging careers. Joe and I know we can get through anything together. We consider ourselves a team.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home About five years ago we fell in love with a small neighborhood just south of a large city in Texas. It has hills, trees, and is very close to the lake. We have about 3.6 acres which gives Troy room to play and Joe room to have a workshop. We are only about 20 minutes from our favorite Texas city.

We share a home with Casey's parents. There are doors we can close between our sides of the house, but usually the house is open, and Troy runs constantly between our home and Nana and Grandad's home.

We have one dog, Daphne. She is a ten year old Yorkie/mini Schnauzer. Daphne loves to bark and chase anything in our yard. When she was young, she could even catch birds. She is a little slower now and likes to go to sleep with Troy instead of staying up 'late' with the adults.

About Casey

In Joe's words
Casey can be described as very down to earth. She's great at being able to slow down and enjoy everything in the moment (something I struggle with). She's decisive and makes well thought out decisions. As a mother, Casey has an incredible way of talking Troy through situations. She's routinely complemented about how patient she is as a mom. She has an incredibly close family that we see very consistently. Lastly, she's always up for an adventure. Whether it's fishing, hiking or hitting the beach, she's always ready to go.

In Casey’s words
I am the second of three daughters in a very loving and close-knit family. I had a wonderful childhood with my two sisters, Peggy and Holly. My parents have had a strong, happy marriage for almost 40 years. Both of my parents were very involved in our upbringing. They taught me to value family, to strive to be a good person, and to strongly believe in education. These are principles I hope to teach my children. I worked as an accountant for eight years but have been a stay at home mother for the past 3 years. Being home with our son is both incredibly rewarding and also challenging. I am so lucky that I can focus all of my attention on our family while Troy is young. One day, once Troy and any future children are in school, I would love to work part time again. I know Joseph would appreciate that too because I spend way too much time budgeting our personal finances (the result of a stay at home CPA).
In my free time, I love to read and spend time with my sisters and friends. As a family, we enjoy cooking dinner (and dessert!), watching movies, visiting museums, or just relaxing by our pool.

About Joe

In Casey's words
Joe is always the first person to help people in need, whether it’s our loved ones or a complete stranger. We had been dating only a couple months when my sister’s car broke down, and she called him for a rescue. I didn’t even find out about this rescue for a long time; it's just such a natural part of Joe to help anyone. It's also the small, everyday things. He makes coffee each morning and even better, lets me sleep in on the weekends. On a regular basis, Joe will have Troy up and out to a car show or working in the yard on Saturdays so I can have a morning to rest. No matter what happens, I know Joe will be there for our family. When I asked him to build a combined home with my parents, he did not hesitate. It cannot be easy, but Joe takes care of us all.

Joseph is also very friendly and out-going. He loves to enjoy life, from cars, working outside, traveling with friends and family, and who knows what hobby he will pick up next. He is definitely happiest when he has a project to keep him busy. I think this is why he is so successful at both work and in relationships: he just keeps working until he succeeds. He makes new friends all the time, and he keeps them; we recently went on a two week cross-country trip with his friend from kindergarten.
Joseph is truly a good person and the best possible father. He is Troy’s favorite person and best buddy. I have loved him for seventeen years, and I am so excited about our future together.

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