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Family Fun

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  • Kiss A Ginger Day - Jan 12, 2020

Everyday Fun and Adventures

  • At Manhattan Vintage Show - Lots of ladies dressed as if World War 2 had just ended, very authentic
  • A surprise star
  • Walking in the rain in my new snowboots - made it to see Tootsie on Broadway and a movie in the pouring rain with feet dry and warm.  In New York, it's all about having the right gear.
  • After lunch walking with a friend and we came upon this - never knew where superheros got their supplies.  Now I know it's in Brooklyn (lol)
  • High School Tour - Model
  • Scarecrow @Terhune Orchard in NJ
  • Terhune Orchard - Find Your Lucky Food Game Part 1
  • Terhune Orchard - Find Your Lucky Food Game Part 2
  • Hoagie Haven in Israel (and all over the world...You shall see) - the hoagie itself
  • Hoagie Haven in Ireland (the hoagie itself)
  • Hoagie Haven in London (the hoagie itself)

Me (in case you’re wondering)

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My Pals

  • Holiday show I Sang At
  • Jillandy tour
  • My Favorite Actors
  • Laura and me
  • Kayaking with friends on Delaware
  • Me and Jean
  • Silly Dancing with Lou
  • Get Together

My Home

  • Caroadopts kitchen
  • Caroadopts livingroom 2
  • Caroadopts livingroom 3
  • Caroadopts livingroom
  • Caroadopts bedroom
  • Town I live in
  • Town I live in 2
  • @ st lukes

Trips I’ve Taken

  • Buenos aires
  • Can can, minnea:users:carolynalroy:desktop:img 7102polis mn
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Riga, Latvia
  • Church in Riga, Latvia
  • Crowned by a Princess Statue in Lviv, Ukraine
  • Storefront, Lviv, Ukraine
  • Famous House in Rome
  • Sign in door of office front, Vilna, Lithuania
  • Rye bread sour soup in Warsaw, Poland
  • NY- Talk by comic book artist-40c6-a54c-8a55a2999697

Family Fun

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Img 6025

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