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A Typical Friday

Usually I work from 10-2pm on Fridays, leaving most of the day. That schedule includes face time with clients, but I could be doing other paperwork, depending on the Friday.  It still means I have a few hours to do something different.  In the past, I might’ve scheduled a visit with a friend or friends, or an outing in Manhattan.  These days, since I have been mostly staying at home (other than essential errands and the occasional outside walk or bike ride), I have other plans.  Today, I’ll be doing a grocery haul, and decided to walk across town to go to a grocery store I don’t usually visit - they have great prices and it’s time to replenish some basic oils and spices that I cook with.  I will also be ordering a take out lunch, and watching old movies from my about-to-expire Starz subscription (I got it to watch Outlander).  I hope to spend some time working on a short story that I started writing.

When I’m at work, I dress like I’m at work, just a little less formal.  Then I change, when I’m not at work.  This is an important distinction that helps me separate work and personal life (since I have been working at home with the help of the internet).

What are you doing on your time off?

About This Diary

I have always wanted to be a mother. For me, adoption is my first choice. Am looking to start my family as a single mother, and intend to have one child. I have been looking since July 2019, and started the process in fall of 2018. I am Home Study approved.

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