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What does it mean to form an Adoption Plan?

If you are a pregnant teen or adult woman, it means finding “the right” mother to adopt and raise your child.  I believe that this is a spiritual connection.  You will know when you meet the person you feel comfortable with, who feels safe to you, and you will know that is the person to raise your child.  You and only you can know this. If you know of a pregnant girl or woman looking to make an adoption plan, please give her my toll free number 800-820-8142, and tell her to call me Read more »

The Reason I Am Adopting…

I fell in love with my niece, and realized that I can’t wait to be a mom.  Families are built by love, not necessarily by biology. My baby is growing in my heart, not growing in my body. Read more »

Took a trip to New Paltz this Weekend

I’m starting to explore trips that I can take locally.  This past weekend, I drove to New Paltz and enjoyed it’s rustic charm.  I hope to take these kinds of trips as a family (me and baby) in the future.  I found this sweet spot in an alcove in town, was able to smell the fragrant plants, and it was so Read more »

Looking for a Weekend Trip

To break up the sameness of the COVID grind and the heat wave this week, I decided to take a short trip.  I’m looking at a few places, and hope to have a mini adventure soon that I can report back to you about.  Thankfully, my air conditioner is working!  Hope yours is too! Read more »

End of July! Update

In the NY/NJ area, we are doing pretty well, slowly reopening businesses.  Luckily, I have not had to stop working.  Looking to take a short trip to a beach area.  In response to the pandemic, I was able to give a lot of things to the local homeless shelter - they have an apartment program, and need lots of Read more »

Playing with Baby Alba

My good friends, who are also great parents, and I arranged a get-together this weekend, and I got to play with baby Alba, who is already quite a personality.  I fell in love with her, and you can see us interacting here. Read more »

Doing a lot of summer clearing

Hi there.  Haven’t posted for awhile, but want everyone to know that I’m still in the mix!  My apartment was in pretty good shape, but am doing a whole new level of cleaning - going into storage, and giving away a lot of things I had been holding onto, making even more room for my new life with Read more »

Checking In

I can’t wait to adopt and 2020 will be my year! Please call or text me at(201) 614-5150 or email me at if you know someone who is pregnant, looking to make an adoption plan, and you think we’d be a good fit. Read more »

Today, I Hope Everyone Is Okay

There is a lot going on right now.  I have been catching up with friends in Minneapolis and Brooklyn to make sure everyone is okay, and to see if there is anything I can do.  It’s very sad and scary. I hope everyone is staying safe. Here’s a little bit of silliness I encountered on my travels.  Read more »

It’s a Perfect Day Today

The weather is perfect, the pollen count is low, the sun is shining, and my favorite local restaurant will be re-opening this week.  I got to tell one of the owners how much I love them.  I’ll be going on to a park, lay out and read this afternoon after I do some paperwork. Hope you are having a perfect Read more »

A Rainy Day Is A Day to Make Oatmilk

It’s been awhile since I posted.  Have been having problems loading new photos onto my computer from my phone.  Here’s a picture of store bought oat milk, which tends to be a little pricey and is only good for 2 weeks. A new project in the past 2 months is to make fresh oat milk, which tastes better, is Read more »

RIP Fred Willard

Here’s a fun episode from “Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman,” one of the early shows Willard was on.  He was cohost of “Fernwood Tonight” on the show.  Louise Lasser, also on the show, used to be married to Woody Allen (can you see how they are similar?) Read more »

A Typical Friday

Usually I work from 10-2pm on Fridays, leaving most of the day. That schedule includes face time with clients, but I could be doing other paperwork, depending on the Friday.  It still means I have a few hours to do something different.  In the past, I might’ve scheduled a visit with a friend or friends, or an Read more »

Outlander Finale Today

I might have a viewing party, if the pandemic was not still in the picture, but alone, I watch.  If you saw the last episode, and want to comment, just wait until tonight, when I have a chance to finish watching it. I hope to get a bicycle ride and grocery shopping in during the day.  The suspense is Read more »

Cooking At Home

The new thing that has been a very big change is that 99%* of meals (and snacks) are made at home.  Now that I’m working from home 100%* of the time, and have extra time to spare, I have time to make my own oat milk (I’m lactose intolerant), saltines (sometimes you just want to snack), soups, salads, and a Read more »

Home Adventures: Making Saltines

On Sunday I decided to make saltines.  I started making crackers a few weeks ago, by making gluten free crackers with chickpea flour.  BTW, it is very difficult to work with gluten free dough, and I would’ve done best to start traditional and make my way to more challenging.  Even without a food Read more »

Last Day in Rome, March 1, 2020

Who knows when another vacation will be safe?  So, I decided to enjoy a vacation in my mind, that is, remembering my last morning/early afternoon in Rome.  I went to a museum that was near the train station.  At the time, they were no longer doing free-last-Sunday-of-the-month museum entry, but I got in free Read more »

Wednesday Treat: Cinnamon and Cardamom Soap from Florence, Italy

This soap smells so delicious - I picked it up in February from a bookstore in city center, when I was in Rome.  It, like most artisan products in Italy, was made in Florence.  As a treat I opened the beautiful floral package so that when I wash my hands (a million times a day) I can enjoy the experience and not dry Read more »

Using my Wonder Woman Mug Today!

Hot coffee transforms her from Diana Prince into Wonder Woman - as coffee transforms us all into wonder women.  Fellow wonder women: hope that you can treat yourself in some way today. Read more »

More Social Social Distancing

In the hallway last night, and my neighbors treated me to a home made brisket in tomato sauce and beef boullion, with truffle flavored mushrooms that their son made.  I felt like I was at a restaurant.  Here we are having a little social time, social distancing style. Read more »


Beautiful large frisky puppy, with cream colored fur and boundless energy and enthusiasm, who used to live on our floor (across the way neighbor’s dog) moved (with her owners) to central NJ. She was the most like a toddler I’ve ever seen a dog be - she was always curious, getting into places she shouldn’t Read more »

Vacation Stories

Check out for vacation stories.  I have many pictures of the different places I visited.  I’m so glad I got a vacation in, before having to deal with this public health crisis!  Come back in time with me, and join me on my vacation! Read more »

Being with Friends and Social Distance

I think we all need a great deal of support to get through this COVID crisis.  We am barred from taking public transportation (I don’t have a car and don’t need one in this town), all nonessential businesses that can’t be online have been closed for a while, and most people are not venturing out of Read more »

My Brilliant Reads

Reading “My Brilliant Friend” - very satisfying novel by one of the Italy’s most popular writers, Elena Ferrante, based on a her best friend from childhood, growing up in Naples. Read more »

Checking In on Sunday

It’s a beautiful day in New Jersey!  I have been self isolating, following advice of local officials.  I have been working from home after returning from Italy.  I haven’t gotten sick, and it’s been a little boring, but tonight my isolation ends. I have focused on helping others as much as Read more »

Oscar Night on the Town

A good friend who I have known for eons took me out to a fancy dinner just because.  Here is the great view from inside the restaurant, Le District.  See my website for more pics - the salad, entree, and skating rink I passed on the way to the ferry back to NJ. Read more »

My flexible work schedule and finances

Just wanted to say hi, and give you a little more information about the freedom I have in terms of work.  I do need to work, and I’m a hard worker.  My business plan is to be the best, learn from the best teachers how to be the best, and give my clients what it is they need.  In return, I am able to earn Read more »

About This Diary

I have always wanted to be a mother. For me, adoption is my first choice. Am looking to start my family as a single mother, and intend to have one child. I have been looking since July 2019, and started the process in fall of 2018. I am Home Study approved.

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