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My flexible work schedule and finances

Just wanted to say hi, and give you a little more information about the freedom I have in terms of work.  I do need to work, and I’m a hard worker.  My business plan is to be the best, learn from the best teachers how to be the best, and give my clients what it is they need.  In return, I am able to earn a living and be successful.  This gives me freedom and options.  I can travel when I want, where I want, if I need to buy something to make easier, it is not a stressful situation.  Read more »

About This Diary

I have always wanted to be a mother. For a long time, I was waiting for a guy to marry before I started the process. After awhile, I realized that although I would welcome a husband into my life, it was most important to say "yes" to my dream first. I decided to move forward in August, got approved as an adopted parent by NJ in March, and have been searching for a partner in this process, a woman or family, who wants to find a good home for her/their child. I have sent out letters to friends and family, put myself (normally a shy person) onto the internet via my website and Instagram, so that we can connect.

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My cell phone is 201-614-5150 for calls and text messages.
If you prefer email, you can reach me at
You can also call my attorney, Denise, toll free at 888-962-3001.

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Caro In The City

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Caro In The City