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About Me

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My Story

I am an adventurous redhead, bubbly & cheerful, yet grounded. I come from a very hardworking family. Although my parents were of modest means, they always valued hard work. Books are very important to me, and still are. Books taught me how to be brave and explore the world. I am interested in most things, and want to know about other people, and this is a gift I would like to pass on to my child.

I have always been fascinated with how children think and express themselves. I intend to plant the seeds for a fulfilling and adventurous life for my child.

My Home

photo of adoptive family's home I live in a small town in NJ, close to New York City. I love to travel, but I also love a cozy home.
I usually prepare wholesome and healthy meals, with occasional fun snacks.

I grew up in a very comfortable home with chairs and sofas with soft cushions, comfortable beds, fun and cleverly designed toys and playgrounds. I recently revisited our home, which was sold years ago, and it was as though the house was like an old friend I visited.

I make my home similarly comfortable, full of art and music, interesting books, comedies, documentaries and inspirational movies with characters who inspire me. I've been loving "The Good Place," Katherine Ryan. One of my favorite movies is the beautiful documentary on Jane Goodall, who worked in Africa with chimpanzees.

About Caro As A Parent

I'm a Child and Adult Psychologist, and am lucky to have rewarding and enjoyable work. I am successful and able to provide a comfortable life for myself and my future child. My schedule is light and flexible and will always revolve around my child's needs, with plenty of time to bond and be together. I am Jewish and plan to raise my child in the Jewish religion.
Another thing you should know about me is that I rarely get sick, have a ton of energy, and am proud of every wrinkle on my face. I always try to be my highest self, and when I fail, I strive to be open and honest about it, even if it stings a little. I am on time. I am straightforward, and if I say I will do something, I will absolutely do it - that is a very strong ethic of mine. It is one of my best traits.

About Caro

I come from a long line of excellent parents. I had no doubt that I was loved. I helped to raise my niece, and have been a big part of her life. I learned things about myself in the process. Namely, that my instinct is to put my child first. When my niece was 1 month I took care of her for 2 nights. I absolutely fell in love with her and we bonded. It has been the most important relationship in my life. I have diapered her, soothed her tears, taught her life lessons, listened to her, helped her find words to express herself after tantrums, and engaged with her playing pretend with delight.
My values of charity, being a good neighbor, and the importance of being kind to others, even if they are different from me, will make me a great parent.

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