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Daddy to be!

This week, Clifton embraced his Daddy-to-Be status big time with a trendy* “hip dad” mustache - surprising himself he could grow it - and a Beasties test run at the neighborhood park playground to prime them for child energy. #twodadsintraining *depending on who you ask Read more »

Nursery painting

Every hopeful adoptive parent manages the anxiety of waiting to match differently. Today’s Pro Tip comes from Clifton (Daddy), who is updating the nautical nursery for the, um, third time. Read more »

Clifton (Daddy to be) is always thinking like a storyteller.

Clifton (Daddy to be) is always thinking like a storyteller. True fact: when choosing a Starbucks coffee mug each morning, his internal monologue is: where might news of our to-be child come from TODAY?!? Disclaimer: we are NOT limiting ourselves to these places, but we ❤️ them and many more from our journeying. Read more »

13 Years Together, 8 Years Married!

13 years together. 8 years married. We fit. We have from the start. We have been through very high highs and very low lows as a team. We have reveled in the small things of life and celebrated the big ones. We’ve traveled the world but adore our sofa time. We’re eager for more. And, yes, now we long for a child with whom Read more »

Looking back!

Wow! A year ago life was so very different. What pandemic? And ... we thought we only wanted to adopt a boy. (No longer true!) We unpacked tons of gorgeous hand me down outfits from our sister/sister in law. We decorated a nursery. We made a registry. We thought surely we’d match (permanently) in 2020. But ... life has a Read more »

Our shirts are here!

THANK YOU to all the friends and family members and beyond who participated in our adoption agency’s t-shirt fundraiser to help us rebuild our budget, which took a dip after last August’s disrupted placement. We hope you love your Read more »

Holiday Baking!

This year, Clifton made more of his late Nannie’s cheese straw cookies than ever and delivered tins of them to extended family in Virginia. 2020 called for extra Cayenne pepper for sure! Read more »

Holiday Cooking

I never had any interest in cooking while growing up even though my parents were always in the kitchen. It wasn’t until I was single and living in New York that I started watching some cooking shows and dabbling. My new passion was quickly ignited! I soon began to build my arsenal of pots, pans, knives, and various Read more »

Christmas time is here!

Maybe our most favorite day of the year - holiday decorating with Christmas playlists as our motivating soundtrack. And what a year to ponder.Keeping traditions and joy alive certainly helps keep the restlessness and sadness at bay. We named the baby we thought we were adopting this year Cameron, and there’s a big “C” Read more »

National Adoption Month

We are hoping to adopt because we believe we can offer a child an incredible amount of love, an extended community of family and friends, exposure to the great cultural landscape of Atlanta, travel, a strong and diverse education (at home and at school), financial stability, a life lived with pets, and the freedom and space Read more »

The holidays are coming!

With fall here and our favorite holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas) fast approaching, we find ourselves navigating many different emotions. We simply cannot wait for the time to come when our child is with us to pick out costumes and trick or treat, make a family wreath at our neighborhood nursery, humiliate the Read more »

Travel Watercolors!

Our favorite home decor project is our wall of travel watercolors. We’ve been blessed with a life of adventure, and we try to celebrate it by finding paintings we love of the world. We can’t wait to add places we’ll take our future child, and we long for the days of telling her or him all about the dads’ Read more »

Reorganizing and Remembering!

We are so fortunate to be loved and supported by amazing families and friends. We recently magnetized our pantry door to show off all the joy. We can’t wait to add photos of our future child, and we long for the days of kid drawings, mementos, and memories. Read more »


The Beasties helped us find the bench of tiny doors in Cabbagetown.  @tinydoorsatl #familytime #waitingtoadopt #hopingtoadopt #twodadsintraining #twoatldads @familybuildingproject @Adoptimist @CrowdStork ~ Lets connect ~ Send us a FB message   Email: Text 919-270-0328 Read more »

Nursery Prep

Being primarily home bound has happily kicked nursery prep into high seas gear at the CGCG condo. #nauticalnursery #beachbaby #bythesea #hopingtoadopt #waitingtoadopt #twodadsintraining #twoatldads @familybuildingproject @Adoptimist @CrowdStork @cliftonandchadadopt Read more »


With everything that is going on, let us not forget to have hope! If you or someone you know is pregnant and considering adoption, please let us know! We promise there will be no pressure- just love, support, and information to help you to make the decision that is best for you, your baby, and your family. ~ Lets Read more »

Needlepoint for the Nursery

Clifton’s grandmother Clifford (“Nannie”) made this needlepoint in the 1970s inspired by the self help book “Jonathan Livingston Seagull.” She gifted it to us before her death at 94. It already hangs in our son-to-come’s nursery as a reminder that he will always be encouraged to be his true self and fly his true Read more »

Loving on Babies

ATL friends Amelia and Rollin Fischer have created a truly beautiful and chill child named Ramses, and they were so kind to let us meet, love on, and practice with him today! Read more »

Home Sweet Kitchen

SO in love with our new kitchen! It didn’t stay this tidy for long after all the holiday cooking, but we’re thrilled to finally have it and call it home ❤️. Bringing a baby home will make this place complete! Read more »

Christmas Traditions

Sharing one of our favorite traditions as we continue eating into the New Year! Christmas Day tradition of cooking my Nannie’s fruitcake balls and cheese cookies was a success! This year’s twist: powdered sugar. Read more »

Baby Everything!

Y’all! We don’t have a kid yet. Clifton’s mother doesn’t have a grandchild yet. However ... she is in FULL grandmother gift giving mode. “Kaye-Kaye” is gonna rock this, and our son is gonna be a lucky lad. Read more »

Holiday Decorations

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! We are so excited to be moving into our new condo for Christmas this year and can’t wait to make new memories and traditions. Read more »


A wonderful just-us Thanksgiving getaway to Charleston was just what we needed. So much to be thankful for in 2019 and looking ahead. Read more »

On the Move!

We’ll be moving into our new Cabbagetown ATL condo in December! Permits are complete. Thankful the keys are almost in our hands. Thankful our journey of nearly a year in rental homes and apartments is ending. Thrilled that this new place and lifestyle will be the home and life into which we hopefully bring our Read more »


Slowly getting some things for the little-one-to-come’s room, like this terrier door stop from Peter Paw so that he can have a Mini Schnauzer of his very own to watch over him! Read more »

Nephew Snuggles

Uncle Chad getting some sweet snuggles and story time in with nephew Kingston! We simply adore him and look forward to moments like these when we become parents. Read more »

Throwback to High School!

Over our morning coffee today, we talked about our middle and high school educations and how we handled homework in our families. We value education and can’t wait to play an active role in our future child’s education! Read more »

Fierce Womanhood

We are so lucky to have several fierce and fiercely loyal, beautiful women in our lives here in ATL. Lara and Gretchen, in particular, are dear to us and ready to help us show our child-to-come what strong womanhood looks like! Here we are with Lara at the Atlanta United game. Read more »

Spotlight on Family

Chad’s beautiful sister Michelle and her wonderful husband Lee are dear to us and will no doubt impart oodles of great parenting advice they learned bringing up their own adorable little one, Kingston. Bring it on, Stewarts! Read more »

Time Outdoors

The Gough and Stewart family loves spending time outdoors - hikes, boating on the lake, beaches, and more. Our future little one will have a life filled with nature, group fun, and sun. We can’t wait! Read more »

Meet Baxter and Boris!

Meet the four-legged members of our family, Baxter and Boris! They’re great with kids and can’t wait to share their love with a baby sibling! Read more »

Time with Cousins

Ridin’ in style with cousin Cole! We love spending time with family but truly can’t wait to spend time with our own little one! Read more »

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