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Our Story

As the saying goes, "Why wait? When you know, you know." When Mark proposed, we had only been dating for a year and were married four weeks later in 2006. We have three children, one girl and two boys, who are extremely excited to welcome a baby sister. Our kids are all at the right ages where we can give our full attention to a baby. Mark has taken on the role of watching the kids, while Michelle works during the day. This was a very important decision for both of us because we didn't want our kids in daycare. Our family has rescued and fostered over 100 dogs. The whole family gets involved with caring for these dogs; it is such a wonderful experience for the kids. We like to travel, attend sporting events, hang out with family and friends, hiking and going on different adventures. It is never a dull moment with our family. We are always having fun and enjoy being family-centered in everything we do!

Michelle joined the Air Force after graduating high school. After an honorable discharge from the service, Michelle earned her Bachelor of Science and later a Master's in Electrical Engineering. This was a great accomplishment, because she was the first person in her family to get a college degree. Michelle’s favorite hobby is caring for animals. Mark completed his degree in Business Administration after working for the State of Massachusetts Department of Youth Services for 5 years. He currently stays at home with our 5-year-old and works week nights. Mark is a relentless Boston sports fan and enjoys spending time at local fields and parks with our kids.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home Our house is 4100 square feet, consisting of seven bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms. Each family member gets their own bedroom, even the new baby! There is a dining room, three living rooms and a large kitchen. The property sits on a third of an acre, that has a swing set, teeter totter, playhouse, etc. Our house is not a museum; meaning all rooms are used and we have fun. We live in a quiet community that has other children close by. There is a large park that is ten minutes by bike ride from our house. There are a lot of children's activities nearby.

About Michelle by Mark

Michelle and I met and became best friends before getting married. When our paths finally crossed we were inseparable. We have three amazing children who resemble a little of each of us in small ways. I am truly grateful Michelle trusts me raising them. It takes a very strong, secure woman to be able to trust that type of responsibility on someone else. She has been the rock holding our family high. The kids and I love her very much.

About Mark by Michelle

Mark is very outgoing and has a lot of patience. I was attracted to him because he has such a kind heart. Mark has taken on the role of caring for the kids, while I work during the day. The kids love all the adventures they go on and he makes sure they all are very active. I am very blessed that Mark is such an amazing dad and husband.

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