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It all began when we met in high school in Vienna, Austria. Both of our fathers were in the U.S. foreign service and married foreign-born women. Natalie’s mother is originally French and Carl’s mother is originally German. Our moms became good friends. Although we lived down the street from each other, rode the same school bus, and sat next to each other in Algebra classes, we didn’t date. However, it seemed like there was always an unspoken chemistry, but each of us too shy to act on it.

Natalie was so enamored with Carl that she even made a wish on her 15th birthday to marry Carl and have a big family! Carl also felt an attraction and wishes he had known about Natalie's wish back then. She does too!

As fate would have it, we lost touch after high school and reconnected on Facebook in 2009. A few years later we saw each other, in person, for the first time since high school. The attraction was still there and we knew right away that our special connection was still there.

After so many years together and apart, we feel that we have a deep respect for one another and we work so well as a team and partners. Neither one of us could imagine being with anyone else through good times and tough times. The things that matter most to us are being together, our health, our family and friends.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in a beautiful neighborhood in Aliso Viejo, CA, which is in Orange County. Orange County is in Southern California and about halfway between LA and San Diego. Our home is within walking distance of a big park and a Town Center, which has many shops and restaurants.

We are walking distance to a park with gated playground.

Our home is within a 1 mile radius of local schools, a community center, places of worship, medical facilities, parks and recreational areas.

Our home: Is a very bright and open three story condo townhome The main living area is on the top two floors. The kitchen, living room, study and one bedroom are located on the second floor. We have a balcony terrace off of the kitchen for sitting outside and barbecuing. The master bedroom is the only room located on the top (or third) floor and it also has a private terrace. We take pride in creating a safe and aesthetically pleasing environment.

We love our neighbors too since there are a lot of families with small children and they love to all play outside together. We often find ourselves outside enjoying the company of neighbors and kids playing.

In addition, our gym is also walking distance and they often have a lot of fun kids activities there too.


adoptive family photo - Natalie My Life Now:

I feel I have evolved into a confident, outgoing and compassionate person. In addition, I consider myself to be a happy homemaker and eager to try new recipes for my family.

As far as my interests go; I would say I'm very creative and love the arts. I have an eye for design and love anything relating to that. But, my first passion growing up was dance... all styles. So much, that I ended up teaching dance and figure skating for ten years.

I have always wanted to be a mother since I can remember. My mother was so kind to trust me with so many responsibilities in caring for my sister at a young age and that made me dream even more of having my own big family one day. My journey to achieve that has been long and challenging. Although Sophia is my daughter through marriage, I love and adore her beyond what I thought possible. She lives with us full time and I can already see her as a wonderful big sis. I hope and pray to grow our family further through adoption and to be the best mother, wife, sister, friend and person that I can be.


adoptive family photo - Carl Natalie and I have tried to have a baby together on our own and through IVF. However, as you might have already read, the journey has been emotionally and physically, long and grueling. I feel just as excited about growing our family with Natalie through adoption. It warms my heart even more to know how much Sophia (my biological daughter) really wants this too. Although, Sophia is Natalie’s step daughter, the bond they share is truly special. I'm really excited about welcoming a beautiful baby to our loving family.

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We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Natalie & Carl

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