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Nate’s 8!

Oh My gosh today is Nate’s bday and he’s 8!  I can’t even believe it.  How do we slow down the time! Someone please tell me! Nate is such a happy boy, I pray that he will always be as sweet, loving and energetic as he is now.  Happy Birthday my sweet boy! Read more »

Missing the holidays..

Roberto took down the lights on the house yesterday.  We’re going to miss them!  But…for now we still have our tree up!  LOL Maybe we will take it down next weekend, maybe. Read more »

Nate’s gonna be 8!

We have started planning Nate’s birthday.  Currently he has 3 favorite super hero characters.  Ironman, Spiderman and Deadpool.  I’m still not sure if Deadpool is a Superhero?!  So every year for his birthday we buy him a t-shirt with his age. I find them on Etsy and they are so cute.  Read more »

Back to school…

This has been a great break!  We did a lot of relaxing and spent time with family and friends.  Christmas is our FAVORITE holiday.  I would LOVE to keep all the decorations up all year! Read more »


Christmas celebrations began this weekend for us!  We had a delicious brunch hosted by Roberto’s Grandma with Aunts and cousins On Sunday and later that evening our bestest friends that are family joined us at our house for dinner.  Now Christmas Eve is finally here! Tonight we will have dinner and open Read more »

Getting ready for Christmas!

I woke up today thinking about this journey we are on. The week of Christmas will mark one year that we were certified to adopt by NYS.  That was one of the best Christmas gifts we could have gotten last year. Hoping for some good adoption news this Christmas too. Keeping positive!  This is our families favorite Read more »


I can’t believe the holidays are here again.  Time really does fly.  This time last year we had just had our home study done and were waiting for our certification to adopt. The week of Christmas we were so happy to find out we were certified and we’ve been hoping and searching ever since. Maybe this Read more »

Craft night weekend!

This past Saturday I had my cousins and aunts over for a craft. It was our first time doing it and we had a blast.  I love creating.  Roberto and Nate had an awesome night too.  They went out for Sushi, arcades and ended the night with Carvel ice cream!  This is what it’s all about! Read more »

We love our weekends!

This was a great weekend. We went to our new favorite BBQ restaurant.  It is SO good! Nate had probably the best burger I’ve ever tasted ever! Roberto had a pulled pork cuban and I had your classic ribs! The place is called Sempre Fame in Floral Park , Queens NY.  The first we went I had the pork belly Read more »

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