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We met one another through mutual friends when we were very young adults, dating on and off over a period of 10 years. We went our separate ways for another 10 years, but when we finally met again, we knew our relationship was meant to be. Just recently, we celebrated seven years of marriage. Because we love one another so much, we want to share the joy of having a family together. It is the right time, as we are at a point in our lives where we are financially secure and emotionally stable.

We have been thinking about adoption for the last five years and have taken the time to better understand everything that is involved. Friends who are adopted, as well as family and friends who have adopted, have given us important insights, helping us better understand the experience of the adopted child. They will continue to be resources for us to lean on in the future.

Both of us enjoy flexibility with work, which will allow us a lot of time to spend with our child. Lonna can even bring him or her to the office! Our parents, who are retired, are also excited to help out.

Everyone in the family is looking forward to the new addition. Jerry has a brother and sister who are both married with kids and live in Rochester, about one hour away from us. Jerry’s dad simply adores grandchildren and does lots of babysitting, and Jerry’s mother, who lives just a bit farther away, feels the same. Lonna has two sisters, both with big families, and her parents live just an hour away, too. Having family so close by means we can get together regularly, which we truly enjoy, especially during the holidays.

Both of us have a strong work ethic, but also appreciate our leisure time. We are active and love the outdoors, where we enjoy hiking, biking, golfing (we both belong to a golf league), and walking the dog together. We adore our dog Buddy and recently started attending dog agility classes.

Because we have access to tickets through Jerry’s employer, we have a great time attending all the professional sports that are available here in Minnesota, including football and ice hockey. It’s super fun, and we’re looking forward to doing this with our child. Jerry plays sports and will love teaching them to our child (if he or she wants to learn, of course!).

For indoor pastimes, Jerry trades stocks and studies investing, and Lonna enjoys playing cards, shopping at consignment stores, and cooking.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home Our home is a one-of-a-kind place in a beautiful, wooded, old neighborhood – the last house on a cul-de-sac. It’s in a regular neighborhood, but when you are in the house, it feels like you’re out in the country. It has big gardens, lots of lovely landscaping, a 20-foot by 30-foot deck that sits right in the middle of the horseshoe-shaped house, and a gazebo outside overlooking a pond.

We feel lucky that our wonderful home is located in a very safe neighborhood, just five minutes from both of our workplaces. The neighborhood is filled with kids you often see out and about riding bikes and scooters. We are close to a great park with tennis courts and hiking and biking trails. In the winter, people are frequently out snowshoeing and playing ice hockey. Our home will make a great place for a child to play, learn, and grow.

A description of our home would not be complete without mentioning our pets, who are a big part of our lives. Buddy is our dog, four-years-old, well-trained, gentle, and great with kids. Sophia is our affectionate, black, “tuxedo” kitty, the one who loves to cuddle and gets upset if you try to move after she has settled in your lap. Chloe is our big orange-and-white “scaredy-cat.” We love them all like crazy.


adoptive family photo - Lonna As a young woman, I started working with an insurance company as an agent. I love my work, and I’m good at it. Seventeen years ago, I decided to open my own insurance agency, and it has been a great experience. My hard work has been recognized with many “top agent” awards, and because the awards were usually trips, I have traveled extensively – to Hawaii, Montreal, New York, Orlando, and Mexico, among other places.

My work gives me two things that will help with parenting: financial stability and flexibility. I look forward to having the time to attend school events, and simply spending time with our child. I enjoy spending my free time with friends either being outside or just trying new adventures!

JERRY DESCRIBES LONNA: Lonna is likable. She’s outgoing and easy to talk to, and is downright funny and goofy at times! I appreciate how she loves to laugh and to try new things. At the same time, Lonna has a good head on her shoulders, knows how to manage money (which I like!), and is very caring. She will be an outstanding mom.

• Patient and kind
• A “people person” who enjoys life to the fullest
• Caring and nurturing – ensures that the family stays happy and healthy
• Knows that the best things in life are free


adoptive family photo - Jerry I spent five years in the Marine Corps, followed by a couple more in college. For the last 15 years, I have been an Operations Manager for a small, successful manufacturing company. Because of my longevity with this company, I too have a lot of flexibility and will be able to come and go as needed to meet the needs of our child. Lonna and I also own rental properties in nearby Rochester, which I manage.

Like Lonna, I am frugal – neither of us believes in wasting money. I enjoy being very active and anything that has to do with sports. I treasure spending time with friends.

LONNA DESCRIBES JERRY: Jerry is a very structured, routine-oriented guy, and brings a lot of stability to our lives. He’s my rock. He is laid back and, in fact, can be really silly and goofy at times. Kids adore him. If we go anywhere, Jerry is the guy in the corner with the kids and the animals. He’s witty, funny, and smart. I love him for his sense of humor and his intelligence. He will be a great dad!

• Enjoys being silly – gets along great with kids
• Dependable – creates a structured, loving environment
• Enjoys teaching – life skills like mowing the lawn and doing laundry
• Great sense of humor

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