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To Someone Special,

Hi, I am Gia from New York. I am a loving, intelligent, responsible, warm, professional single woman looking to adopt.

I am a college assistant professor of Spanish and I work in Human Resources part time for a pharmaceutical company. I have great work flexibility and am able to work from home.

I am first generation Greek American. My parents came from Greece and worked hard to raise me and my two siblings. They taught us to be family-oriented and gave us a strong moral background. They had little education and sacrificed selflessly to raise us. My father had a second grade education and worked tirelessly as a waiter to give his family paid college educations and a fine life. My father passed away from lung cancer.

I have so many blessings in my life.I have a strong family unit and close friends. The desire to become a mother has been a lifelong dream. I am a family person with strong family values and I am so excited about my decision to adopt. I believe that everything happens for a reason. My journey to motherhood did not happen the way that I had foreseen. Adoption is something I have long thought about and been excited for and I am now at a point in my life to pursue this dream.

I believe it is a huge honor and privilege to become an adoptive parent. I would accept my responsibilities to you and your child with the utmost respect and commitment. I will always cherish your child and will be eternally thankful to you for giving me the opportunity to become a mother.

Your child will grow up knowing that his/her biological parents made the ultimate selfless sacrifice to give him or her a loving home that they could not provide due to their personal circumstances. I plan to honor and respect your relationship to your child through open discussions, a life-book, and talking about you and your family. I would discuss adoption with a child from an early age and my child will always be spoken to about his birthparents in the utmost regard.

If you choose me as the adoptive mother for your child, your child will grow up in a family full of love. He or she will be embraced by 6 cousins who will love, mentor and dote on him/her. Your child will have a longing grandmother who will lovingly embrace him/her. Your child will be raised with a strong emotional foundation. I am also financially secure.

If you choose me as the adoptive mother for your child, you will make my sincerest life wish come true. The longing for motherhood has never left me. It is my heart’s desire to become a mother. If you choose me, you will give me the most special life gift.

Thank you.

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I’m Gia, a professional, warm intelligent woman, looking to adopt. My dream has always been to become a mother. I am excited about pursuing adoption. I’m a college professor and a part time Human Resources professional. I have great work flexibility and can work from home. I have so much love to give a child.

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