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Our Story

We first met back in 2004 at a mutual friend, Barry’s birthday celebration. We spent some time talking throughout the evening but never stayed in touch after. We saw each other in passing a couple of times throughout the years but never long enough to make a connection. However, we never forgot about each other, and in 2008 Andrey reached out to Bella through social media, just to say hello and to catch up; honestly, he wanted to see why he was still thinking about her 4 years later. We chatted for a few months before meeting face to face. And once we did, it was clear to both us that we were meant for one another. We moved in together 3 months later and tied the knot in 2011.
We are not perfect, but rather imperfectly perfect for each other. Somehow fate has brought us together and threw us into a whirlpool of discovery and growth, love and devotion, infertility and pregnancy losses, loss of our beloved pet, grief, disagreements and overcoming hardships. We consider ourselves blessed to have had met each other to experience all the good and the bad, and no matter how hard our road got, we were each other’s rock. And, now we are embarking onto this remarkable journey that is both difficult and exciting, to expand our family through adoption, a chance to love an innocent little one(s) so unconditionally and to give more than we can possibly imagine we could, and not expect anything in return. We are optimistic and adventurous, silly and funny, yet serious and realistic at the same time in our own way.
Our reasons for adoption are not unique or special in any way, like many before us and many other couples just like us have experienced infertility. Pregnancy loss after pregnancy loss, failure after failure to become parents; to start a family we know we really want. We always talked about having at least 3 kids, one biological and two through adoption. We wanted to adopt later in life after our biological kid would go off to college, but life works in mysterious ways. And now, after eight years of infertility, we were thrilled to put that behind us and continue to build our family through adoption! We genuinely want to submerge ourselves into parenthood, to unconditionally love your child/our child, to raise a decent person, to help become worldly, intelligent, kind, independent and self-sufficient member of our society. We just have a lot of LOVE to give! Your child(ren) may not grow under my heart or carry Andrey’s DNA, but they are definitely born into our hearts. They are longed for, wanted, and loved from the start. We are yearning for little ones and beyond ready to be parents.
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking the time to learn more about us; even though this is just a glimpse into our life, we hope it gives you an idea of who we are, how dedicated to this process we are, and more importantly how devoted and committed we are to raise a happy, loving, healthy and thriving child. We are so incredibly honored to have your consideration. Please feel free to contact us at any time.
But, no matter where your journey may lead you, we offer you support, good thoughts and hope you’ll find comfort in knowing that your unconditional love and sacrifice means more than any words could ever express or paintings could ever portray.
With love, admiration and respect, Bella & Andrey.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in Brooklyn, New York in one of the historic neighborhoods that you see in old movies and new ones like Brooklyn. Brownstones, parks, zoos, playgrounds are all around us. Our apartment is bright, light and spacious with more than enough space for a toddler or two to roam around. There is a large carpet in the middle of our living room that is just calling for a diapered behind baby(ies) to crawl around. There is always music playing in the apartment, pop, classical, country, soul, and R&B; we love music and cannot live without it. We live in a safe and secure building that has a terrace where families can grill, lounge and spent some quality time overlooking the beautiful neighborhood. The building is located on a quiet block next to a children’s playground, which is always full of thrilled kids on swings, sandboxes and monkey bars, and of course plenty of children around a spray fountain in the center of it all. Parents joyfully and carefully watching their offspring while the kids run after each other with brief pauses for deep breaths and intermittent requests for activities. “Daddy, can I go to that slide with Billy?” is a type of a question you always hear. Ice-cream truck music sounds and Mr. Softie is turning the corner. Before the truck can even make the turn there is a huge line of kids piling up with their parents digging into their pockets.
Mornings in our area can be somewhat of an obstacle course, with yellow school buses dropping off children, fathers frantically trying to get coffee or tea while dragging their kids to school. New mommies getting some exercise, jogging their newborns in strollers, trying to roll them to sleep after a sleepless night of nonstop screaming. Dog walkers trying to make their way with about a half of dozen dogs on leashes. Mornings are definitely fun around here. We love animals and had a wonderful spaniel, who unfortunately passed away when he was relatively young which was heartbreaking. We believe that a family is not complete without a pet in a house and planning to get a family pet after our most important life journey that we are on now comes to a happy result.
Living in New York has a lot of perks such as shows, exhibits, and museums catering to a variety of audiences and interests. We love finding things we think would interest our family members and dragging them to these events. Thanksgiving, Christmas and winter holidays in general in New York is a pure delight, walking on Broadway, and up the Fifth Avenue looking into beautifully decorated and lit up windows of department stores, going inside and experiencing the spirit of holidays takes you away into a different world of visual experiences, scents and noises. Going to Rockefeller Center to look at the Christmas tree is an experience of its own. Looking at all of the people gazing up, taking in the glamorousness of the magnificent tree and seeing happiness and joy reflected in their eyes will make the Grinch smile.
We look forward and cannot wait to share these incredible moments with our child(ren), to see the look of awe on their faces when they see an enormous tree dressed in lights and ornaments; and hope someday to take them ice skating at the rink below the tree and to warm up with hot chocolate; to give them a true New York holiday experience. We love holiday time in New York, that’s when the city comes alive and dazzles you with all its glory.

About Andrey describing Bella

adoptive family photo - Andrey describing  Bella Bella is an amazing woman who is beautiful inside and out; she is my wife, my best friend and at times my voice of reason. Every person who has ever met her will describe her as such; caring, helping and selfless. Always ready to help and take care of her family as well as a total stranger. Bella has "god" in her heart and tries to be faithful to her beliefs every chance she gets. She is kind and thoughtful, she often says, “it’s not the world we live in”, but “the world that lives in us”. She dedicates her time to varies charities from PCF to the Humane Society of NY. She has an “old soul” and a beautiful mind and often listens to Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Chopin, and Beethoven. My wife is a ”Jane of all Trades”; from cooking to decorating to medicine to pets, she loves it all. Our friends and family come to her first for help in a time of need because they know she will have a solution or will give them the right advice or just be there for them. Being a mother is in her DNA and sometimes I can’t comprehend how cruel this world is, to set her on such a difficult road to motherhood. Bella is a highly educated person and always strives to enhance her knowledge either by reading, attending interesting events or watching documentaries. A different side of her craves shows like Botched and Survivor, as well as shows based on comics such as Jessica Jones, there is a balance in everything. Bella is a wonderful and creative cook; being a stay-at-home wife she cooks for us daily and always something tasty and special. We have a wonderful sit-down dinner, talking about our day and watching Jeopardy together. Did I say she was smart? She is!!!

About Bella describing Andrey

adoptive family photo - Bella describing Andrey Andrey is my “partner in crime”, my anchor, my better half, and of course my very best friend. He’s an only child to his humble parents who’ve raised him to be a compassionate, responsible, strong and kind man. He is an optimist by nature as he sees a glass half full; he’s well-grounded, spiritual and young at heart, and always ready to challenge himself. He doesn’t shy away from hard labor and difficulties nor does he complain when things don’t necessarily work out. My husband is extremely intelligent and athletic and often partakes in various sports activities and educational programs. He’s a planner and very organized, he enjoys creating an itinerary for our travels and considers every single detail. He’s been working for the NYC Department of Education for the past 17 years, helping teachers educate our youth; he is also CPR certified in infants and children. He has a “down to earth” approach to life and loves making people laugh. He actually makes me giggle like a schoolgirl to this very day.

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