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We met at church during a Knights of Columbus fundraiser in the fall of 2010. We started dating thereafter where we enjoyed many sporting events, lots of dinners, bowling, putt putt golf, and numerous church events. We fell in love while serving others and sharing our faith. On August 11, 2011, we were engaged and were married exactly one year later on August 11, 2012. During the past seven years of marriage, we have accomplished so much in our personal and professional lives. We work hard and play harder. We have always wanted to have children of our own, but we knew from the beginning that possibility may not have been in our favor. We both knew that if we couldn't have our own children, then we would adopt.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We love to grow vegetables and fruits. They make great spaghetti sauce, hot sauce, pies, and jams. There is something awe-inspiring about planting, watering, and watching them grow big and strong. We love to go to sporting events. We are big Mariners, Seahawks and Thunderbirds fans.

"I love playing BALL! And when I'm not playing ball, I love to play more ball. Monday through Friday I love to see my dad off to work, even though I'm sad because I can't hang with him all day. I help mama with work and making lunch; I even help her eat it. My favorite place to sleep is wherever Bellus is sleeping. I enjoy helping with yard work and going for rides. Snuggling is the best and I'm great with children. I just love my family!"

"I am the spunky energy in the house. I love to patrol the backyard for bugs and birds (though I don't catch any birds). I love to snuggle at night just after a full belly. When my brother goes for rides, I miss him greatly. I'm a mama's girl. I like to play with string or fingers. But most of all, I love my big, white fluffy blanket. My family is energetic, and I love them very much!"


adoptive family photo - Joseph As told by Erin:
When I first met Joseph, he was working hard in the church kitchen to prepare for a Knights of Columbus fundraising dinner. Joseph has many passions. Cooking is one of them. He jumps at the chance to share his love of cooking with friends, family and the community.
Another passion is sports and how sports can shape you as a person and as a leader. He spent many years playing football and umpiring baseball/softball games. One of his most favorite experiences as an adult has been coaching high school football. He would come home from practice and be so excited by how his offensive line players finally succeeded in something that they had been struggling with or when a student would come up to him and thank him for everything he has taught him. He is one of those coaches that helps a student pay for shoes or a uniform or gloves.
Joseph always puts others before himself. He is also known for volunteering whenever no one else will. When I think of the kind of man Joseph is, he is someone who goes out of his way to be there when no one else will, help those in need when no one else will, and is passionate for those he loves.
Joseph is a Journeyman Sheet Metal worker, chef, coach, loving father to our animals, and a child of God. Family is everything to Joseph, and he can't wait to be a Father.


adoptive family photo - Erin As told by Joseph:
If I could describe Erin in one word, it would be selfless. Erin lives every day to the fullest. She works at Safeco Insurance as a Web Analyst. After work, she loves extracurricular activities such as playing multiple instruments in local Jazz Bands, donating her time to local charities, and enjoying time with her family and friends. What I love about Erin is that she is always helping people and living out her passions in life. (And she loves to hang out with ME! HAHA!)
She lives out her faith on a daily basis and keeps our home balanced with her calm and loving patience. Erin's hidden talent is being a great teacher. She loves to teach music to children whenever given the opportunity. She spent many years as a teen as a student participant in Mission Trek through her church. As an adult, Erin continues to participate as a leader and does a phenomenal job teaching so many kids about faith, life, responsibility, charity, and hard work.
She loves children and will be a great Mother who will nurture, teach, and love her adopted baby each and every day. Motherhood will bring many blessings and joyfulness to her heart.

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