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Family isn’t defined by last names and blood, it’s defined by commitment and love


Thank you so much for taking the time to look through our profile. We hope that our sense of adventure and fun, our passion for being an active family, and the amazing love we share shines through.

We know you love your baby so much and we honor you for making the tough choices. We hope to meet you and build a relationship with you, providing love and support as you walk through this journey.

Joe, Nicki & Charlotte

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Who We Are

We are the Jungmann family- Joe, Nicki, Charlotte and our dog Zoey. We live in a suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota. We were high school sweethearts-we have been together for 14 years, married for 6.

We are an active family who love to spend time outdoors and together. We enjoy sharing our lives with our families and friends. We live within 30 minutes of both our families, who we are close with.

We hope to share our love for each other, our sense of adventure and genuine care for you.

We really look forward to getting to know you and including you as part of our extended family.

Meet Charlotte:

Charlotte, Charley for short, is our fun, happy and loving 2.5 year old girl. She is outgoing, curious, friendly, and likes to meet and play with others. She has a lot to say and loves imaginative play.

We know she will be a very affectionate big sister; she tucks her babies in for naps with a hug and a kiss!

Charlotte is very close with her Grandma Tara who cares for her 2 days a week while we are working. She recently started pre-school and is loving learning. She also enjoys spending time with the rest of our family. Charlotte loves animals, including our dog Zoey. Her favorite things to do are being outside, swimming and camping of course!


Zoey is our 3-year-old French Bulldog and another member of the family! Zoey loves EVERYONE, including small children. She is a big fan of truck rides, going to Grandma’s and camping. She can hardly contain her excitement when we are packing up. She loves to soak up the sun and all the love she can from everyone in sight. She enjoys cuddling and chasing balls and squirrels.

In this Family We..
• love big
• cuddle
• show affection
• have fun
• are active
• help others to be their best
• we camp out

Promises from Us to You

We are so thankful that you are considering letting our family become a part of your story. Should we be the family that you choose, we promise to:

-Love your baby unconditionally

-Raise your baby in a community of loving, supportive family and friends

-Demonstrate a strong, happy marriage relationship

-Build a relationship with you and include you as part of our family. We promise to provide love and support in this journey.

-Raise your baby to be a loving, kind and genuinely good person

-Tell your baby their story and how much you love them

Adoption Diary

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Joe and I participated in our first Trunk or Treat at Charley’s pre-school! I love to decorate so of course we grabbed a bunch of stuff from the house and headed over. Joe is Riding a Dino, and I was Carl’s Mama Butterfly (Carl was as a caterpillar we had, who turned into a butterfly). Charley is Carl! Haha

Nicki’s Hobby-Quilting

One of my favorite hobbies is quilting. I picked it up a few years ago by reading tutorials on Pinterest

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Joe & Nicki

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Joe & Nicki