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Fall 2019

  • Just a typical fall afternoon at home

Our Family

  • Hosting a football party with family
  • Pure happiness in Rehoboth Beach
  • Meeting our newest cousin. It's a girl!
  • Celebrating our niece’s baptism with extended family
  • Enjoying the fall leaves with Mimi
  • Pool fun with our cousin
  • All smiles for a silly family photo
  • A quick stop at the zoo for a photo with Nana and Papa
  • Building Birdhouses with Great Grandpa
  • You can dress us up, but we won't stop being silly
  • A quick snapshot on the beach with dad
  • More fun at the beach
  • Family time in the city (Atlanta)
  • Enjoying all that nature has to offer
  • Legos with Papa
  • Learning to fix a flat tire with dad

Our Favorite Things to Do

  • Books before bed
  • Exploring the Aquarium
  • Globetrotter Basketball
  • Lisa enjoying photography
  • Baseball practice with dad
  • Cider and doughnuts
  • Hiking as a family
  • Fair rides
  • Being just like daddy
  • Buffalo Bills football
  • Feeding the birds at the Zoo
  • Trying new things...rock climbing
  • Playing at the park
  • We all scream for ice cream
  • Out at the baseball field
  • Fishing
  • Planting in the garden
  • Chalk painting at the lake with friends
  • Fun on the slip n' slide

Holidays and Traditions

  • Pumpkin Picking
  • Halloween with Friends
  • Easter Egg Hunting
  • Easter Traditions
  • Can't forget the Georgia Pound Cake on Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Cookie Baking
  • Decorating the Christmas Tree
  • Fourth of July at the Lake
  • Annual Summer Beach Trip
  • Pickles and Jam with Great Grandma

Ryan and Lisa

  • London

Fall 2019

Just a typical fall afternoon at home

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