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At Home Science

Have you ever tried this experiment?! Today, we had a little fun with Coke and Mentos. Apparently, the candy reacts in a way with the coke that causes the coke to release gases and “explode.” I still have a lot to learn about that, but I do know we had fun learning! ❤️ Lisa #kidscience #mentos #familyiseverything Read more »

Backyard Camping

The boys had a lot of fun with their cousins this weekend! The kids decided that they wanted to camp in a tent in the backyard! We had fun camping and enjoyed an outdoor movie. We love encouraging the kids to think of fun and creative ways to enjoy time with each other. ❤️ Ryan and Lisa #hopingtoadopt Read more »

It’s Jam Season!

Another family day spent together outside. This time we visited a local farm to pick strawberries. The world, especially nature, is such a gift of beauty; don’t you think?! We enjoyed the sun, fresh air and sweet strawberries. We have a lot of jam making ahead! Do you have a favorite jam flavor? ❤️ Ryan and Read more »

Afternoon at the Creek

There is so much to explore right outside our door! The boys and I packed up a picnic lunch and went down to the creek. We enjoyed sunshine and watermelon! We went looking for frogs but found a whole lot more-crayfish, a baby turtle, frogs and water snake! I hope you are finding time to enjoy the beauty outside! ❤️ Read more »

Butterfly In the Sky!

We have been learning about butterflies the past few weeks. Today it was time to let that little guy take flight! Watching that butterfly take flight brought so much wonder to their eyes! It’s the same wonder that is brought to our eyes watching our children grow. We continue to pray for the chance to raise another child Read more »

And Some Days…

It’s laundry time. We know how to have fun and make memories, but sometimes the laundry gets the best of us! But even folding laundry can be fun, right?! ❤️ Ryan and Lisa Read more »

Puddle Time!

Had a blast jumping in and out of the puddles today. Sometimes we have the most fun right at home! Did you like jumping in puddles when you were a kid? We still love to jump in them. ❤️Ryan and Lisa Read more »

Nephew’s Adoption Day

The weather was perfect to spend the afternoon outside with our cousins! We took time to remember our nephews’ adoption day today. The details of his adoption story are known to him, his adoptive parents (Lisa’s brother) and his birth family. While we and the boys don’t know or need to know all of the details, we do Read more »

Brotherly Love

My brother and his family came for a long weekend. The kids all had a blast but I may have had the most fun catching up with my big brother. There is nothing better than sibling love. I continue to hope our sons will have the opportunity to love another sibling for now and always.❤️ Lisa Read more »

Working From Home

My job (even before coronavirus) allows me amazing flexibility to spend time with my family on my schedule. I can go to the sports games, school concerts, and stay home if the boys are on school holiday or sick. I’m so blessed to have this schedule and it’s the schedule that will allow me to stay home everyday with a new Read more »

Run and Bike Ride

Went out for a run and bike ride today! We passed a stroller on the way and he commented on how fun another younger sibling will be to take on outings. Keeping our hopes up! ❤️ Ryan and Lisa Read more »

Why Us?

Only you can decide what photo or piece of information about a family will spark a connection with you. As we share who we are as a family, how we spend our time, how much we love, and how big we laugh together, we remain hopeful that it will bridge a connection. That the strong, special woman who is considering adoption will Read more »

Spring is Here and Summer is Coming!

It has been a long winter but the flowers are here! I had a wonderful day picking out and planting flowers with my mother-in-law. So grateful that I have not only one mom, but two great moms that I get to spend time with. It makes me recognize the beauty of an open adoption. A child can only benefit from more love. As Read more »

Disney Movie Marathon

We have made a habit of watching a Disney movie every Friday. After the popcorn is popped we curl up together to watch the Disney classics like Snow White, Alice in Wonderland and The Jungle Book. We’ve also enjoyed some of the newer movies like Toy Story 4, and Onward. We can’t wait to share In the laughs, popcorn and Read more »

Homesteading Experiment

Homesteading during the coronavirus outbreak has been a great way to spend time. The boys have been learning to care for the chickens and plant in the garden. We love spending time outdoors, and we can’t wait to enjoy it all with another child and sibling! ❤️ Ryan and Lisa Read more »


A warm (summer-like) evening can only mean one thing - S’mores! We were out of graham crackers so we had to improvise….but no fear the Biscoff S’more might be a new favorite in the house! Do you enjoy roasted marshmallows? ❤️ Ryan and Lisa Read more »

At Home Concert

From sleepovers in each other’s bedrooms, to camp outs in the playroom, we are making the most of quarantine time. Tonight we enjoyed a Dave Matthews concert from the comfort of the couch with dad snuggles. ❤️ Ryan and Lisa Read more »

Spring Has Sprung!

Sometimes there is nothing better than climbing your favorite apple tree! The sun is shinning and we have nothing but time to enjoy the simple things in life. ❤️ Ryan and Lisa Read more »

Our Promise

We promise to love your child unconditionally. We promise to cheer for them when they take their first step and encourage them to explore their curiosities. We promise to wipe their tears, kiss their boo-boos and hug them. We promise to love your child unconditionally. ❤️ Ryan and Lisa Read more »

8 Fuzzy New Friends

We love eggs! And what better way to guarantee a steady supply of eggs then to have our own chickens?! It will still be some time before they start laying eggs, but we are all having so much fun with our new flock. Betty, Wilma, Pickles, Pebbles, Peaches, Rhubarb, Coco and Jimmy-Sam-Sarah! Next week we hope to get the garden Read more »

Easter Celebration

We had such a fun Easter. We celebrated with some of our traditions - Easter brunch and finding baskets - and created new memories that were in line with the social distancing we are now doing because of the quarantine. The kids enjoyed hiding paper eggs around our neighborhood for their friends since the traditional Easter Read more »

You Are Amazing

With so much going on right now, we are hoping that you are staying connected to people that can provide you with support and positivity. During this time and all times we hope you recognize the strength you have and the amazing person you are. ❤️ Ryan and Lisa Read more »

Home is Our Happy Place

Now that the local schools and businesses have closed due to the Coronavirus, the kids have moved to a homeschool schedule. Luckily, I have a flexible job and Ryan is able to work from home too so we have been able to meet everyone’s needs without disruption. For us this time at home has meant more books, more games, more Read more »

Our Friends Are Family

We had a chance to visit Atlanta this past weekend and we enjoyed time together at many of the sites we had grown to love while we called Atlanta our home. We had a chance to see an Atlanta Hawks basketball game, the Aquarium, the Zoo and the home of Martin Luther King Jr. But best of all, we were able to catch up and spend Read more »

Family Valentine’s Day

We celebrated Valentine’s Day as a family at home this year. Heart-shaped cookies and homemade heart pizzas, followed by a movie. It was the perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day. ❤️ Ryan and Lisa Read more »

Taco Tuesday

Because sometimes you need to throw a little fiesta! Surprised the kids with a festive Taco Tuesday! We love making the most out of each day together. ❤️ Ryan and Lisa Read more »

Skiing and Sunny Skies

We bundled up and went skiing this weekend. It was a perfect winter day. Fresh white snow and blue, sunny skies. It was the first time skiing for Ryan and the boys. It was awesome! We love enjoying new experiences together as a family. We look forward to a time when we are able to create memories with another child. ❤️ Read more »

Electrifying Fun

Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of day stays this family from finding fun on a Saturday! We had a great time exploring the science museum today! ❤️ Ryan and Lisa Read more »

Fun Friday

Now that the holidays are over, things have settled just enough for us to start back enjoying outings with friends. We joined our friends/neighbors for Hibachi and a movie (Dolittle). We aren’t sure what the kids loved more, the flaming volcano at dinner, or the giant cherry Icee at the movie! ❤️ Ryan and Lisa Read more »

Our Hope

Our hope is that we can offer you a sense of peace knowing that we are prepared to love you and your child unconditionally. Our hope is that you will come to know us as a family that is open to ongoing communication with you, incorporating your child’s heritage and your traditions into our family, if that is something you Read more »

Celebrating the Season

The first half of December has been filled with holiday parties and Christmas festivals. We enjoyed hosting family for an Ugly Sweater party last weekend and snuck in a trip to Toronto, Canada this weekend to enjoy the Christmas Market, ice skating, aquarium and science museum. Ryan’s brother and his family, as well as our Read more »

Be You, Little One

This week our youngest came running into our bedroom to tell us he had found the perfect thing to wear to meet Santa - his dinosaur costume from Halloween. He couldn’t have looked more proud. After a quick puzzled looked, we simple said, “that’s perfect.” We embraced our child for who he is, and he hopefully Read more »

Cherishing Our Time Together

Ryan’s grandma (the boys’ great grandma) passed away this year so we have wanted to create something that celebrates her, and keeps her traditions going. She loved to cook, so we decided to work with Ryan’s grandpa (the boys’ great grandpa) on creating a cookbook of her recipes for our family. We went through two Read more »

It’s the Holiday Season

December Already? Yikes! Where is the time going?! Thanksgiving with family was simply awesome. We hosted this year and had so much fun hanging out with everyone that we hardly took any pictures on Thanksgiving! I’ll chalk it up to being lost in the moment, just enjoying being present. Or maybe it was the undercooked fried Read more »

Thankful November…Our Top Ten

We love, love, love Christmas. So it comes as no surprise that the appearance of Christmas decorations around town has got us all giddy. But before we let the winds of November sweep by without notice, we want to make sure that we truly embrace and enjoy the entire Thanksgiving season. So with that, we compiled our Top Ten Read more »

Halloween Ready

We are gearing up for Halloween. The Pumpkins are carved (we will light them on Halloween), the costumes are ready and the Great Pumpkin viewing has commenced. For the first time, we even roasted pumpkin seeds. I don’t know how I (Lisa) have never made and eaten roasted pumpkin seeds; delicious! We are hopeful that we will Read more »

The Ordinary Days are Extraordinary

Our family adventures and holiday parties create amazing moments, yet some of the most unforgettable and precious memories are made during our ordinary days. Dinners together around the kitchen table, books by the fireplace, helping with homework, and game nights. It’s so important to remember how special each and everyday Read more »

Boston Bound

We had a wicked good time visiting a friend and her family in Boston for the long holiday weekend. Clam chowder, Halloween festivities, the Children’s Museum and the Aquarium. We all had so much fun exploring a new city together. ❤️ Ryan and Lisa Read more »

Lots of Love to Go Around

Fall in NY is just perfect. Warm afternoons and cool evenings. The orchards are filled with apples, and the bakery with cider and doughnuts. Since they sell cider by the gallon and doughnuts by the dozen, like our love, we can’t wait to share with another child. ❤️ Ryan and Lisa Read more »

Woman on the Run

My favorite way to recharge is to pop in my ear buds and go for a quick run. As the rain cleared, the fog lifted to reveal pure autumn brilliance. It was peaceful, except for OutKast blaring in my ears. It was perfect. :) ❤️ Lisa Read more »

Surprise Family Visits

While the majority of our family lives close by, Lisa’s brother lives out of state. We had a surprise visit from him this weekend and we had a blast hanging out. We played an epic game of kickball (even Mimi joined in) and took a day trip to enjoy a train ride to see the changing fall leaves. Making memories together is Read more »

Fall, Family and Football

Fall is in the air, which means one thing - football! Today, a perfect Fall day was the back drop for us to host family for a football party. There’s nothing better than enjoying time together and a home opener win! ❤️ Ryan and Lisa Read more »

Busy Bees

Keeping busy with an art project with my youngest while my oldest is back at school. Thinking of the fun another set of tiny hands will add to this adventure. ❤️ Lisa Read more »

Some of the Best Teaching Opportunities Cost Only Time

We had a perfect last day of summer break planned - family time kayaking at the lake. But instead of time at the lake, an unexpected flat tire through a wrench in our plans (literally). We didn’t let this dampen our spirits. Teaching the boys to check tire pressure, jack a car, and change a tire made this a more than Read more »

Summertime Reflections

What an amazing summer! We enjoyed so much time together. The boys helped plan our activities so we enjoyed a little bit of everything. We explored state parks, played basketball, went to the fair, rode bikes, visited children’s and science museums, caught frogs in the creek, and swam and splashed in the pool for hours on Read more »

Making Memories - Beach Style

Beach vacations are among our favorite (see photo as evidence). The sand, sun, surf and time together as a family can’t be beat. This summer we are on a new adventure - Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Wow, what an amazing place! The Boardwalk is filled with music, arcade games, rides, and carnival food - funnel cake, ice cream, Read more »

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