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You are loved beyond measure.

Adoption is something that is dear to our hearts. I, Jadyn, was adopted as an infant and I have personally seen both sides of adoption from my adoptive parent's perspective and my birth mother's perspective. We understand that adoption comes with both joy and heartbreak for two families who's lives intertwine and change each others forever. We recognize that this decision will not be easy for you and we hope your final decision will bring you peace in this time and throughout your life.
Thank you for being willing to look at our profile and for taking the time to get to know us. We want only the best things for you and your baby and if that picture ends up including us, we would be deeply honored to be apart of your life and to love you and your baby with all of our hearts.

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Adoption is a very important part of our lives since I, Jadyn, am adopted. We see the blessings that adoption has brought to my life and my family's life. I have always wanted to adopt children and Shane has been very supportive of my desire to adopt from the beginning. Because of the community we are surrounded by, we have seen an open adoption thrive first hand. My best friend's older sister made an adoption plan for her baby and placed her with an amazing family. We have seen their relationship grow into one big beautiful family and can see how it's been good for everyone involved. We think it is very beneficial for a child to have more love and cheerleaders in their life. It has personally been a blessing to me to get to know my biological family over the last five years. My biological family adores me, Shane and my parents. They love and respect my parents for raising me with so much joy and stability in my life. I especially treasure getting to know my birthmother's mom before she passed away. We had many similarities which I treasure. I am excited at the prospect of having adoption in common with a baby placed in our care. I feel like I will be able to understand them and talk to them openly about adoption. I want to help them to understand how deeply loved they are by two sets of parents!

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Our promise to you is that we will love you and your baby with all of our hearts and energy. They will know that adoption means love. They will know that they are loved by us and our family and by you and your family. They will be taught that they were placed in our arms by a selfless, giving, courageous woman who loves them and who will never stop loving them or thinking about them.
We promise to raise them to know that they have a Savior in Jesus Christ and a Heavenly Father who loves them. We will help them to come to an understanding that they are first and foremost a Child of God. We will take them to church so they will have the opportunity to come to a knowledge of their Savior’s love for themselves.
We promise to give your child the opportunity of a good education, from preschool to college, and the opportunity to find their passion and go after it. We will provide them with opportunities to participate in the activities that interest them. We will love them and support them in all of their activities. We promise to only speak respectfully and positively of you to your child(ren) as they grow and have questions. We will be a champion in your corner honoring your sacrifice and routing for you to find happiness as you continue through life.
We promise to put your baby’s needs first. We promise that we will love and cherish them and raise them with kindness. We want them to have a safe and happy life full of love and laughter! Know that we want to include you in your child’s life if that is something you desire. We are also prepared to respect your space with understanding if that is what you need.

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We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


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