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Meet Harley & Ethan

Harley is a natural with babies and children - she babysits often and loves it! She’s also a natural teacher who is highly intelligent, teaching us daily in unexpected profound ways. She and Ethan are very close, and look out for one another. She’s very helpful and caring, a great listener, creative, playful and fun, and loves her family and friends. Harley is very responsible, and she now has a part-time job after school that she loves. And Harley can’t wait for her new baby brother or sister - she constantly asks us when it’s going to happen!
Ethan is also amazing with children - his little cousins look up to and adore him. He is super patient and fun in how he plays with them. Ethan loves to play, loves his family and friends and especially our dogs! He is adventurous and loves to explore, and goes to various summer camps every year. He loves basketball, watersports and snowboarding. He loves going to the movies and loves superheroes! Ethan is a great friend, he is sweet and kind, affectionate, and like his sister, he is sincere and authentic. Ethan is excited about a new little baby brother or sister too!

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