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Our Story

Here’s a little background info on us — how we met, what we do, where we live, what we enjoy and what we hope to offer and provide for our child.

When we first met, it was through a website called Tennisopolis. On our first date, we discovered we shared some similarities: playing tennis; studying abroad in college; and spending probably too much time watching college basketball. We also discovered that we are both the younger sibling in a set of twins. What a coincidence!

Neel works as a broker for semiconductors, and Annie manages and markets to clients for a professional training services company. The best part about our jobs is we leave our jobs at work and our home lives are devoted to what’s important to us personally. We live in Brooklyn, NY, and absolutely love the area! Most of our friends and some family members live within a five-mile radius. Our neighborhood is filled with families, young professionals and long-time New Yorkers. It’s a great mix of cultures and diversity. And, there are numerous parks and playgrounds in the area that cater to the growing number of families moving into the neighborhood. We are enthusiastic about bringing up our child in this community that embraces diversity, openness and creativity.

We both come from loving families who cannot wait to meet our new child. Although they try not to badger us, they often ask us “How’s the adoption coming along?” Everyone is eager to welcome a new little person to the extended family. Annie’s parents live in Maryland, and her four sisters live in Maryland, New York and Connecticut-all east coast folks. We call her family the United Nations. Why? Because all of their significant others are culturally diverse ranging from Chinese, Scottish, English, Cuban, and Indian (that’s Neel). Neel’s parents live in Minneapolis close to his twin brother, who has a family of four young kids. His sister is close by in Queens. Family is truly important to us, and we make time for get togethers and constant communication with one another.

When we are not working, we love to travel, hike, play tennis, watch movies, visit museums, exercise at the gym and spend time with family and friends. Neel is excited to share his other interests such as music, film, golf and soccer with our child. Annie is looking forward to teaching our child to cook, appreciate art, get captivated by theater shows, and to simply have fun.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in a brownstone home in Brooklyn and absolutely love the area. The neighborhood is ideal for young families. Not only are there good schools in the neighborhood but there are fun playgrounds and parks in closes proximity. In addition, there's no shortage of restaurants, cultural institutions and kid-friendly places to visit.

About Neel

adoptive family photo - Neel I'm Neel. I was born in Long Island NY in 1980. I have an older sister and I’m the younger sibling to my twin brother.

My parents are Indian and immigrated to the United States in 1970. My dad is a retired dentist and was the sole provider of our family for many years. My family's faith is Sikhism. I respect my cultural heritage; however, I choose to embrace certain observances. I do not affiliate with one particular religion, but I am open to learning more about Sikhism and other religions. I am open minded and appreciate learning spirituality in all shapes and forms.

I grew up in Valley Stream, NY, and went to high school at Valley Stream Central. After my graduation in 1998, I attended Syracuse University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Finance and Supply Chain Management in 2002. My first job out of college I worked as a Bond Broker at Hennion and Walsh, but soon decided to open my own business as retail wholesaler of textiles. Perhaps that’s the entrepreneurial spirit in me! At a certain point, I decided to pursue a full-time career for more stability. And since then, I’ve been working at Smith and Associates as a successful trader for 11 years. Adding to our financial stability, I created a real estate LLC with the purpose of acquiring property as investments and receiving residual income from our rental properties.

I consider myself active and do my best in living a fulfilling life. I’m part of a soccer league and play bocce on a team with our circle of friends. To increase my fitness level, I regularly hike, play tennis, and train with weights. In terms of creativity, I appreciate art and music. For the past seven years, I have been taking private guitar lessons. After learning the fundamentals of music and music theory, I’m now able to compose my own music. Learning is endless and that’s where Annie comes into the picture. We share this love to grow and learn together!

Annie and I have been together for 10 years, and we got married in 2015 in Costa Rica. I cherish my marriage with Annie, as she’s the center of my life. I look forward to raising a child with her. With the full support of our parents, we cannot wait to welcome a child to our family.

I would be a great parent because I’m caring, thoughtful, intelligent, and motivational to others. I hope to provide positive mental, spiritual, and practical support to our child in a loving environment with Annie.

About Annie

adoptive family photo - Annie I'm Annie.I was born in Hong Kong in 1969. Our family moved to Washington, D.C. when I was two years old. I have a twin sister and three older sisters. And, we are a loving and tight knit family. At the age of 10, we moved again to the suburbs of Maryland, where I have fond memories of growing up. My dad worked very hard as a chef sometimes juggling two jobs at a time, and my mom was a seamstress. I truly admire my parents' hard work as well as their determination in keeping our family close and supportive of one another.

I graduated from the University of Maryland with a French Literature degree. My passion for culture and language led me to spend my junior year in college studying abroad in France. It was an incredible experience I would never forget! After graduating, I worked a few jobs in Washington, D.C. ranging from administrative positions to translation coordinator. In 2000, I decided to move to NYC to join three of my sisters who were already living in NYC. I also wanted to surround myself in a more diverse and creative environment. The city that never sleeps continues to intrigue me, and I've established myself happily here!

Ten years ago, I met Neel through a tennis website, and when we met, we immediately hit it off! Not only are we both the younger of our twin siblings, we share similar experiences and enjoy common interests and values. I love to play tennis, hike, read books, visit museums, catch the latest movies and exercise regularly at the gym. As partners, we learn a lot from each other and thrive towards the same goals.

Neel and I truly enjoy life. And, now we are ready and excited to welcome a new addition to our family. I would be a great parent because I'm patient, happy, empathetic, understanding, fair and positive. I believe in guiding and inspiring a child, and I look forward to nurturing and caring for your child.

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