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Elisheva: I was attracted to Eliot by his many good qualities and his solid values that mirror my own.
My husband is an extremely supportive, compassionate, kind, and loving husband. I know that he will bring these same qualities into his role as a father. He takes his responsibilities very seriously and can always be depended on. For these traits he is well respected in the community. My parents could not be prouder to have him as a son-in-law.

Eliot: Elisheva's sincere dream and passion is to raise children, and she will make an outstanding mother. She exudes exceptional traits which I have no doubt she will instill in any child that we are privileged to raise. She's kind, caring, generous, supportive, understanding, and easy-going, all the while carrying herself with a quiet modesty. She really is perfect, and I am unbelievably lucky to be married to her. We share values and constantly strive to make each other happy. The trust and support we give each other continuously nurtures and strengthens our marriage. My parents see these beautiful qualities and love my wife. We are incredibly lucky to have a strong family network, where we both love and respect each other's parents.

We both practice Orthodox Judaism. That is how we will raise our child.

Elisheva: I have plenty of experience with children. I have nine younger siblings. I've worked with children as a children's day camp counselor during the summers since I was twelve. My entire professional career has been working with young children. I love children. Taking care of children is what I like doing and what I want to do in the future.
Having child will enable me to fulfill my dream of being a mother.

Eliot: I have experience with my sister's children. I've babysat for them, gone on a lot of trips with them, helped get them dressed in the morning, and flown on planes with them. I like children, and they like me too.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We enjoy just spending time with each other. We are lifelong learners; We enjoy studying together and learning new things. We appreciate nature and taking walks. We even enjoy grocery shopping together, as we really do enjoy each other's company. We also enjoy playing games, like Scrabble, and handling our pet lizards!

Our goal is to raise our children to be honest, caring, compassionate, and joyful people who serve G-d.

About Eliot Yaffe

Eliot Yaffe Intro:
6”0. black hair, brown eyes, white. I always wear a white button-down shirt and black pants. I'm an Orthodox Jew. I'm very hard-working, responsible, and diligent. I have a great sense of humor, and I'm a very nice guy. I have a lot of natural good cheer; I'm usually in a good mood. My strong work ethic and consistency are my strengths.

Eliot: I have two sisters. I have one older sister, Sara Malka Gordon, who now lives in Jerusalem, Israel with her husband and her seven children. My other sister is Tamar Yaffe. I have a great relationship with my siblings. My wife and I try to call both of my sisters frequently. Since we live so far apart, we don't have much opportunity to see each other.

Eliot: I was an excellent student. I was good at all the subjects. For post high-school, I went to learn in a full-time Yeshiva (a place where a person spends their day studying Torah). I went first to Toras Moshe (Jerusalem, Israel) and then Yeshiva Gedola of the Five Town (Woodmere, New York) for post high-school. On the side, I earned a Bachelor's degree in Liberal Arts from an online college.

Eliot: My life is about is about becoming closer to G-d by fulfilling his will and learning his Torah.
To relax, I like to learn lighter, less intricate areas of Torah study, like the Prophets rather than the Talmud. I like to play with our two leopard geckos sometimes too. I also enjoy singing and cooking.

About Elisheva Yaffe

Elisheva Yaffe Intro:
I always keep my hair covered with a hat or a wig in accordance with Jewish law. As far as my personality goes, I'm very responsible and easygoing. I have a good sense of humor. I'm growthful and I love children. Teaching and mothering is my passion and dream. I also enjoy reading and domestic housework. I really love to read. My strength is that I love to work. I don't like sitting around doing nothing.

Both of my parents are super diligent, responsible, and hard-working. They are just the most decent people. They are the best!
I have ten siblings. Five brothers and five sisters. I have one older sister, Chani Jundef, who now lives in Detroit with her husband and her three children.
My relationship with my parents was and is wonderful. They are, and have always been, very supportive. We call them together at least once a week, and I speak to my mother almost every day.
I have a great relationship with all of my siblings. Chani, in particular, has always taken interest in whatever I've told her and tried to give me sound and helpful advice.

Education and Employment:
For elementary and high-school I went to local religious girls' schools in Lakewood. Post High School I went to Lakewood Teacher's Seminary. I have a teacher's certificate from seminary. I was always a good student
After seminary, I became a teacher's assistant. I also did a lot of babysitting on the side. I left when I got married and moved out of town. I worked in Far Rockaway for a year as a teacher's assistant. After school I did ResHab. ResHab is about training children with disabilities in ADL skills and socialization. After that, I worked as a general studies teacher in a Pre1A class in Great Neck. Now I'm working as a pre-school teacher for two year olds at Little Friends Gan in Far Rockaway, which is closer to home.

Lifestyle and hobbies:
To relax, I like to read and listen to Jewish speakers. I like to go out with friends. Or to shop for things that we need. I also like to play with our two leopard geckos.
I like working on personal art projects. I attend synagogue weekly on Shabbos and on the holidays (as a woman, it isn't mandatory for me).

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