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I am from Cleveland Ohio (a true Browns fan! Yes, they do still exist) and love the outdoors especially lakes and beaches. Heather is from Northern Virginia and loves playing softball and also the beach. Our faith and family is very important to us and consider it to be a top priority when it comes to raising a child.

We spend our evenings taking long walks with our cat Jazz (yes you most definitely can walk cats….at least ours can!!). We do a lot of cooking together, binging our favorite shows and cuddling on the couch.

We love the beach, so we tend to go as often as we can, we love the spring and summer months, and a few times a year will head to South Carolina to visit Heathers mom at her lake house as we have so much fun there. We have been traveling on vacation throughout the year and have been to many places typically within driving distance to a beach where we enjoy the ocean breeze, fun times with friends and family and to take the time to enjoy the brief but memorable moments we spend there.

Most of our weekends are spent doing home improvement projects around our home and yard, taking walks in a park, visiting with friends and family and church service on Sunday morning.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home Our home is situated in a quiet neighborhood 30 miles south of Washington DC, with many lush green parks and shops nearby that provide multiple venues that are family friendly. We have family and friends that visit from time to time and are not very far away. The local schools rank very high on national education lists and are minutes from our home. Our home is full of love, and adding the joyful noise of a child’s laughter is all that is missing. We hope to have our home and life filled with laughter, fun and love with future children.


In Heather’s words Luis is the most reliable, intelligent, and fun loving kind hearted people she has ever met. Luis has a smile that is both comforting and like warm hug that makes all days seem better. Luis is selfless, kind, and an all around sweetest guy. Luis is very loyal, trustworthy and extremely family oriented. He is devout and faithful.


In Luis words, to know Heathr is to love her. Her kind and gentle heart, caring nature, willingness to always try and help whoever she can, and is why I fell in love with her. Family and friends are extremely important to her. She has close friendships that she has established over the years which she sees as being family. She will do anything for the well-being of her family and close friends. She tends to go above and beyond to express her love and admiration for the people that she loves and wears her heart on sleeve for virtually anyone she comes across. She is an animal lover, and honestly sometimes I think she can actually speak animal, as all animals come to trust her and love her unconditionally (almost like Ace Ventura Pet Detective…lol).
She has 6 godchildren of 3 of her bestfriends that she loves like her own. She has had lots of time with each one of them as they are growing up, yes, changed every one of their diapers and worked on many homework assignments with them. When we get the opportunity we bring them to church with us and out for a fun day after.

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We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Heathr & Luis

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Heathr & Luis