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Christmas morning

The site of our tree on Christmas morning is my favorite thing!  We got a dusting of snow and Santa dropped a ton of presents!  Jason’s parents are visiting for the holidays.  We’ve had a wonderful week. Read more »

Boys who like ballet

I took our two boys to see Ballet West’s The Nutcracker. We went with our closest friends. They loved it!  They especially enjoyed running around the theater lobby afterwards while the moms chatted. My kids really like dance and artistic performances.  Up next month - Monster Truck Jam!  These will be Read more »

Saturday Night

Saturday night in our neighborhood - pizza and gelato with a game of I Spy on a table full of treasures. Read more »


We are blessed and thankful for a beautiful vacation to grandparents’ house in Florida!  Thanksgiving dinner followed by hours in the pool was the perfect way to spend the day.  We hope that your Thanksgiving has been special for you. Read more »


I just FaceTimed with Penn at the Penn and Teller show in Las Vegas, thanks to my brother and sister-in-law in the 5th row!!!  He did a magic trick for me. It’s the 7 of diamonds! Read more »


Before Peach won Monopoly, we didn’t know he could count that high! Read more »


Here’s what Jackie’s shopping cart looks like.  Buddy will be excited to see a pomegranate.  Kielbasa with potatoes and veggies for dinner tonight.  No sugar treats in this cart today - we are still working through the Halloween candy. Read more »


Sometimes our kids are up in the night (nightmares, growing pains), and sometimes our dogs get us up (need to go outside, pacing and anxious).  Last night it was this sweet dog Nellie who woke us with the sound of throwing up in the kitchen.  While Jason cleaned it up, I put on his big puffy jacket and stood out in Read more »

This is us!

Fun times at the Salt Lake children’s museum fundraiser.  We love the free photo booth! Read more »

Jazz game

A great night out at the Jazz game! We were invited to the fancy suite level. The hosting tech company provided the most extravagant dessert cart!  It was awesome.  And the Jazz won too! Read more »

Hiking in the Sun

The weather has warmed up 40 degrees since last week!  We got outside to hike Ensign Peak with friends.  The top overlooks all of Salt Lake City. Read more »

Trick or Treat!

Another successful Halloween today as we got the kids’ costumes done just in time.  Jackie loves helping the kids bring their ideas to life, even though sometimes the designs take more hours to create than expected.  Peach wanted to be a mountain lion, so Jackie has been sewing and crafting the cutest mountain Read more »

Halloween treat

Needing a last minute Halloween treat for the preschool class tomorrow, this is what we came up with.  Healthy cute snacks.  Of course we have piles of candy to pass out for trick-or-treating. Read more »

Savannah Vacation

We traveled to Savannah, Georgia for Jackie’s cousin’s wedding for a 6 day vacation.  Not only did we catch up with grandparents and other family, but we loved exploring the city and Tybee Island. Read more »

Fall break in St. George

Last weekend we spent fall break in the warm sunshine of St. George, Utah.  Jason’s parents flew into Las Vegas and met us there for this mini-vacation. We spent an afternoon at the incredible Zion National Park. We swam in a beautiful pool, enjoyed seeing The Sound of Music at an outdoor amphitheater, and hiked among Read more »

Gorgeous time of year

Utah is beautiful at any time of year, but the fall really shines!  We spent both days of this weekend enjoying the mountains and foliage in Neffs Canyon. Read more »

Buy local!

Our favorite locally owned toy store has just doubled in size. We are thrilled to see a local business succeeding.  The owners (of 33 years) are so sweet and chat with us every time we go in.  Jackie and the kids spent an hour in the store browsing and playing. Read more »


Creating a little magic with carved wands gifted to me by a patient and her woodworking father. Read more »


We loved introducing the boys to the Oregon Trail video game that we used to play when we were their age. And we made it to Oregon! Read more »


We loved introducing the boys to the Oregon Trail video game that we used to play when we were their age. And we made it to Oregon! Read more »


Buddy drew this map of the African continent in school this month—learning about each country as he drew the outlines and colored them in. Read more »

Bunny Sleepover

This weekend we signed up to bring home Buddy’s class pet - a cute little 4-month-old bunny named Sally Moo, short for Salvador Mustachio. He has a perfect mustache marking around his nose. We have few plans this weekend and look forward to hanging out with our special guest! Read more »

We’re in the newspaper!!

The Salt Lake City AIDS Walk celebrated its 30th anniversary yesterday and we were up front carrying the banner.  I am so proud of our boys for their enthusiastic participation and their fundraising.  HIV may not be the death sentence it once was, but it is a horrible disease to live with and the stigma is not gone. Read more »

Lemonade Stand

Buddy and Peach ran a lemonade and muffin stand this afternoon to raise money for the Salt Lake City AIDS Walk. They raised $60! Read more »


Both of our children have gone to a preschool that is only one mile from our house. The school depends on parents volunteering on a daily basis in each classroom. Jackie and Jason split the time at school and love being with Peach in that way.  He just started an additional program in which he spends one half day per Read more »

Outdoor Kids

Good friends of ours just moved up to Park City. We visited their new house today which has this gorgeous backyard that faces a wooded mountain. Jackie and the kids had fun exploring the trails right behind their house. Read more »

Mom’s Sprint Triathlon

Jackie did the Brineman Sprint Triathlon in Syracuse, Utah yesterday and finished 4th in her age group!  750m swim which was really tough for her, 14 mile bike, 5k run. Jason and the boys were there cheering her on at every transition.  It was great! Read more »


The end of summer always feels bittersweet. Sometimes I just want to stop time for a little bit. Read more »

Mom Swims Bikes and Runs

Jackie is gearing up for her second sprint triathlon on Saturday in Syracuse, Utah. Today she and Peach went to East Canyon Reservoir so she could try swimming in a rented wetsuit. Read more »

Ohio Born

Still thinking about this wooded park in Salt Lake City. We both grew up in Ohio and miss the dense green woods of the Midwest. To us the woods can be as magical as the mountains here in Utah.  The west has less bugs and mosquitoes however- we don’t miss that! Read more »

The woods in Salt Lake City

Miller Park is in the heart of the city neighborhoods, only 2 miles from our house. We love taking our kids and dogs for a walk in the woods. The city disappears and we are surrounded by trees and the sound of Red Butte Creek. The dogs drink from the mountain run-off fed creek and the kids throw every rock possible into the Read more »

Getting Ready for the AIDS Walk

Jackie has been on the board of trustees for the Utah AIDS Foundation for the last two years. She sees a large population of LGBTQ patients as a family doctor, so she is passionate about HIV prevention. She is raising money for the 2019 AIDS Walk here in Salt Lake City. The kids are thinking about hosting a lemonade stand to Read more »


Today Jackie and the kids made a Paw Patrol blanket for Peach!  They loved using the sewing machine.  The blanket is so warm and will be perfect for camping. Read more »

Parents’ night out

Out for a date, we got a babysitter tonight and trekked to the USANA Amphitheatre to see Sting in concert with the Utah Symphony.  It’s nice to have some time together!  Thanks to Sting, the song Fields of Gold was our 1st dance song at our wedding. Read more »

The Best Neighborhood in Town

Our Salt Lake City neighborhood is fantastic. It’s a historic area with 100-year-old homes and giant shade trees. The streets are pretty quiet allowing kids, dog walkers and cyclists to enjoy themselves.  With a friendly community that likes to socialize, the neighborhood association organizes several gatherings each Read more »

3rd grade!

We are so proud to see Buddy going off to 3rd grade!  He’s going to have a great year. Read more »

Polar Bear with a Pickle!

Peach and Jackie went with dear friends to the Utah Hogle Zoo today and had a great time.  The highlight was seeing one of the polar bears play in the water with a giant toy pickle! Read more »

Role models

Jackie’s parents are celebrating their 53rd wedding anniversary today!  We love this photo even though it’s a few years old.  We went for a walk in the park across the street from their neighborhood. Buddy has always loved pink and so we have a lot of pink clothes! The sun was bright and they all were squinting Read more »

Harvest time!

Before dinner, Peach helped pick a bowl of cherry tomatoes. He’s so glad we planted a half-dozen cherry tomato plants this spring… and he munches on them throughout dinner. Read more »

IKEA Trip!!

The boys shopped at IKEA today, buying a new desk for the kids and more toy storage.  Since we will be emptying our wooden cradle of toys so a new baby can use it, we need more storage to replace it.  A successful trip to IKEA makes everyone happy. Buddy is already obsessed with assembling everything. Read more »

Basement Playtime

While Buddy worked on his LEGO roller coaster, Peach and I played a fun board game.  It was a relaxing afternoon. Read more »


With both of my pregnancies, I didn’t quite know how to “nest” in order to prepare for baby’s arrival.  When I was carrying Buddy, I was finishing my medical training so my time was limited.  My friends threw me a baby shower and I washed baby clothes. But everyone wanted to know the theme of the baby’s Read more »

Mr. Fun - see album for more photos

Jason’s dad is a chemical engineer and is known for wild ideas and fun experiments.  Years ago, when Jason was in the Boy Scouts, his dad had the role of Mr. Fun - the adult leading the group that was in charge of activities.  On every trip that we make to New Jersey to visit him and Jason’s mom, Grandpa lives Read more »

The Battleship Canoe

Visiting Jason’s parents is always an adventure. We look forward to taking out his dad’s old wooden canoe that he built in 1962.  It gave us another successful voyage on a local lake covered with lily pads. We got stuck on tree branches a few times and the dog fell in the water.  But the mighty vessel still Read more »

A Home for the Fairies

Hello there from Jackie.  I recently have rediscovered a love for creating and crafting.  I’m thrilled to do projects of all sorts, on my own or with the kids.  Right now I’m working on the border of a crocheted baby blanket, and I am slowly embroidering a felt Halloween wreath. There is a plain white door Read more »


We love the many exciting activities that Utah offers our family throughout the year. With 300 days of sunshine a year, Salt Lake City is the perfect home-base for adventure. During the summer, we spend weekends camping in the mountains, or driving to visit one of Utah’s five national parks. In winter we spend afternoons Read more »

Our Values

- Loving and supporting each other in our marriage (11 years!) - Spending quality time with those we love - Being present in the moment - Creating a memorable and special childhood for our kids - Living comfortably… but without excess - Pursuing education and learning - Working well at jobs we love - Creating beautiful and Read more »


When we moved to Utah in 2011, we only knew a few people in the Salt Lake City area. Without family in the state, we had to build our own local support network. Over the years, our friends here have become like family. Several friends have bought homes in our neighborhood, living within walking distance of our door. We all Read more »


Jason and Jackie each have an older brother who have families with a total of five cousins ages 4 to 16, living in central California and Seattle. When these cousins get together, which happens several times each year, the house is full of excited voices, Lego inventions, and constant activity.  Keeping close to family Read more »


Both sets of our parents are healthy and very involved in our lives. Jason’s parents live in New Jersey, and Jackie’s parents split their time between Ohio and Florida. Even though they live far away, we are always looking to plan the next visit in Utah or elsewhere. We talk on the phone or video chat with them Read more »

Our Neighborhood

When we moved to Salt Lake City eight years ago we were excited to buy a home in a neighborhood close to downtown that has curving streets flanked by leafy trees. We live in the city, but it feels like we live in the suburbs. Over the last few years, several close friends have moved to nearby streets, making our neighborhood Read more »

A Typical Day

Walk through our front door on a typical Saturday morning and you’ll see Buddy’s drawings spread all over the kitchen table, Peach playing on the floor with his latest Lego creation, Jason at the stove flipping pancakes, and Jackie in her pajamas finishing a blanket that she’s been crocheting for years. Read more »

Family Time

We really enjoy spending time together.  Here is what we do… - Eat all of our meals together, even on busy week days - Walk in the neighborhood with the dogs - Play with toys, Legos, and board games - Work on school projects - Go biking, hiking, skiing, or swimming - Play the piano and listen to music - Work on wood Read more »

Our Dogs

We are a dog family!  We adopted our first dog, Nellie, in 2009. She has a history of being wild and enthusiastic, but she has slowed down due to her old age and recent blindness. In order to give her a “seeing-eye dog,” we adopted Chaco at the end of 2018.  Chaco is calm and loving and surprises us every day Read more »

About This Diary

Saturday night we had a camp out with buddies classmates and their families. We had over 50 people at a group campsite up in Big Cottonwood Canyon. The kids explored, hiked, and played on a zip line. The temperature dropped at night down into the 20s, so Buddy loved sleeping in his friend’s RV. The rest of us stayed warm in our tent. It was a great night to celebrate our outdoor kids!

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