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Fun fact: we're SO ready to be dads!

We are Paul and Ryan of Robbinsdale, Minnesota, a small suburb adjacent to Minneapolis. We have been together since 2009 and were married in 2013 on the fourth anniversary of our first date. Raising a child together has always been a dream of ours and we are so excited to bring that dream to life through adoption. Our circle of friends and family includes those who were adopted, grew their families through adoption, or created adoption plans of their own. We look forward to providing a loving, supportive, and engaging home for our child that is inclusive of his or her adoption story and birth family.

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Who We Are

We met in June 2009 when Ryan volunteered as an usher at the theater Paul worked at as box office manager, and our first date was a Monday evening at a local brewery, an exhibit about the Titanic at the Science Museum, and a nice dinner in Uptown. We married on the fourth anniversary of our first date in 2013 and recently celebrated our first decade as a couple!

Paul and Ryan brought Channing home in January 2012, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who had been rescued from (we believe) a puppy mill in Arkansas. He has brought so much joy to our lives, even if he spends his entire day sleeping and cuddling!

We share a passion for arts and culture, with a mutual love for theater, music, film, books, and television. But we aren't pretentious - we enjoy compelling drama, be it a serious foreign film or a ridiculous argument between Real Housewives. And sometimes we just want reruns of The Golden Girls. Above all, we laugh together every day.

Adoption Diary

June 2020

June is usually a month full of in-person celebrations, but this year felt different. As many states still practice social distancing and largely stay at home, we continue to do our part to flatten the curve. Father’s Day was not spent with in-person celebrations but with personal phone calls with Paul and his dad and stepdad.  The day was somber as it was the first Father’s Day without Ryan’s dad, Geof, who died March 31st. We didn’t get to have the proper funeral Geof deserved given the quarantine, so there’s a sense of closure that’s missing. One of the many things that struck us is that Geof will never get to be a grandpa to our future child. He loved being a grandpa to Ryan’s sister’s kids, and while we’re sad to know our child won’t meet him in person, his presence will be felt in many stories, photos and videos.

June is the month the LGBTQ+ community celebrates Pride. The annual Pride festivities are a vital reminder of how far we’ve come in demanding equal rights, and we applaud the United States Supreme Court’s ruling earlier this month that businesses cannot terminate an employee due to their sexuality or gender identity.  Even though Pride festivities and celebrations were canceled this year, we reflected on we can do to further our education and fight for change and inclusion.

The murder of George Floyd continues to resonate within our state, and it marks a time of change, growth, and education. From the beginning of our adoption journey we have been open to transracial and transcultural adoption and the events of the past few months serve as a stark reminder of how much more work there is to do – both our continued education and advocating to and for our friends and family. It can be frustrating to see people we know expressing opposing viewpoints but we are committed to continuing those crucial conversations.

June 22 marked our seven year wedding anniversary. It was a quieter year to celebrate given everything that’s going on. We ordered breakfast through a food delivery system as our favorite little bakery was closed. We did venture out and had dinner at Salut, a French-inspired restaurant that always takes us back to our honeymoon in Paris.

Here’s to July. The first half of 2020 certainly had its ups and downs that has challenged so many people. We’re looking forward to positive changes and personal growth as we continue to grow our family in the second half of 2020.

March 2020 Part II

Hello Everyone,

Thank you to everyone for the kind words we received on the first video we posted on our adoption YouTube channel. We have released a new one called “5 Things I Love About You” Both videos can be found under the “Videos” tab here and on YouTube. We would love it if you would click SUBSCRIBE on our channel, so it reaches more people. As you know, word of mouth can be the best outreach for us.

Hope you are doing well and practicing good social distancing.

Thanks for reading about journey,
Paul and Ryan

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