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Our Story

We met 7 years ago when we were mutually matched by a computer program. Yes we met online - and 7 years later we're here giving it another try!

Since day one we've been inseparable. We enjoy each others' company whether we're sitting down for dinner, watching tv, or out on another adventure!

We have a son Payton who was 7 years old when Kate and I started dating. When I knew she was 'the one', I introduced her to him. They quickly developed a strong bond and it was easy to see that she'd be a wonderful parent.

After about a year of dating, Kate and I purchased our home together. We wanted a home with more space, a big yard, and at least two bathrooms!! :)

In April 2014, Kate and I took a vacation to Florida. The trip was her Christmas present that year. She loves the sunshine and the beach! While there I asked her to be my wife at Clearwater Beach during the sunset! Fortunately, she said yes!

We were married a year and a half later on January 2, 2016 - an anniversary date we now share with my parents as they were married Jan 2, 1981. It was a wonderful day spent with our close friends and family!

As a family, we're very active. We love the outdoors and love just about every kind of sport. We especially love camping, hockey, baseball, volunteering and travel! I have a family goal to visit every Major League Baseball park in the US - so far we've been to about 10.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in a two story home in a southern suburb of Minneapolis. Our neighborhood is filled with kids. We have a large backyard with plenty of room to run around, climb trees, and sled in the winter. Our yard backs up to an open field which gives even more space to enjoy. We love having a fire in the fall with friends and family.

We can't wait to decorate a baby's nursery and fill our house with books and toys.

About Jordan

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I could see from day one that Jordan is a wonderful father, as he's done a great job raising Payton.

Jordan is a fantastic role model. He's taught Payton compassion, humor, responsibility, and positivity.

One of my favorite qualities about him is his positivity. You see, Jordan's glass is always half full! That's because he works so hard to meet his goals - it amazes me every time he sets his mind on something, because he always makes it happen.

He's very loyal to those he loves, both family and friends. He and his group of friends are always there for each other, and we honestly consider them as close as family. He easily makes new friends. I don't know how he does it, but people just gravitate toward him!

Caring for a new baby will be a team effort and Jordan is the person I'd choose to be on my team 100% of the time!

About Kate

adoptive family photo - Kate (written by Jordan)

I was immediately drawn to Kate's bubbly personality and wonderful smile. Her energy is contagious and I loved being around her from day one. She is always up for an adventure.....or even a new hairstyle!

Kate has a lot of pride in who she is in everything she does. She's the best optician in the world because she truly cares about her patients and wants them to have a great experience while they're at her clinic, and goes out of her way to make sure that they'll love their glasses after they leave.

Her compassion really shines when she volunteers at Special Olympics, where she helps the athletes feel great about their accomplishments while providing eye exams and helping them pick out cool glasses.

Kate is a wonderful step-mom to Payton. When I see how great she is with him, it's easy to see she'll be a fantastic mother to our future baby.

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