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Jordan, Kate, & Payton

We're a loving family of three, hoping to add a fourth. We'd love to share our story and our lives with you!

We are Kate and Jordan and we're excited to share a little about ourselves. Thank you for stopping by to read our profile! Adoption has always played a big role in Kate's family, as she and her twin sister were adopted as infants. So it was natural for us to want to grow our family through adoption. We are open to all adoption plans, open or closed, although we'd really love an open adoption plan where your child would have a relationship with their birth family. Through Kate's experience, we understand how important an open adoption plan can be. We look forward to creating a lifelong relationship with you, however that may look. We want your child to know the courageous strength and love you have for them, and we want you to know that they would grow up in a safe, loving and fun home!

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Who We Are

We met 7 years ago when we were mutually matched by a computer program. Yes we met online - and 7 years later we're here giving it another try!

Since day one we've been inseparable. We enjoy each others' company whether we're sitting down for dinner, watching tv, or out on another adventure!

We have a son Payton who was 7 years old when Kate and I started dating. When I knew she was 'the one', I introduced her to him. They quickly developed a strong bond and it was easy to see that she'd be a wonderful parent.

After about a year of dating, Kate and I purchased our home together. We wanted a home with more space, a big yard, and at least two bathrooms!! :)

In April 2014, Kate and I took a vacation to Florida. The trip was her Christmas present that year. She loves the sunshine and the beach! While there I asked her to be my wife at Clearwater Beach during the sunset! Fortunately, she said yes!

We were married a year and a half later on January 2, 2016 - an anniversary date we now share with my parents as they were married Jan 2, 1981. It was a wonderful day spent with our close friends and family!

As a family, we're very active. We love the outdoors and love just about every kind of sport. We especially love camping, hockey, baseball, volunteering and travel! I have a family goal to visit every Major League Baseball park in the US - so far we've been to about 10.

Adoption Diary

The LaSota’s visit Arizona!

One of our favorite recent family trips was to Arizona.  We spent the first few days in Flagstaff, where we really enjoyed the cool restaurants and laid back vibe.  From there we headed to the Grand Canyon.  We’ll never forget walking down the path to where the trees cleared and seeing the canyon for the first time.  It’s absolutely breathtaking!  We had a great time hiking down the canyon and back up.

The next day we went to Sedona, which was beautiful in it’s own right!  We took another hiking trip, this time to a spot called Devil’s Bridge, where Jordan and Payton were brave enough to walk out onto the bridge - which was about 100 feet above the ground below!  After hiking we checked out the shops and restaurants in Sedona, where we had a delicious dinner.

After a few days in Flagstaff, Grand Canyon, and Sedona, we headed back to Phoenix to spend a couple more days.  Our AirBnB was great, as it had a pool and the owners’ dog played with Payton for hours!  We went to a Diamondbacks game where we sat right behind the pool suite in right-center field.  It was a beautiful night and we’re glad they opened up the roof to enjoy the cool desert air.

We absolutely loved our trip to Arizona, and we’ll definitely be heading back again!  Check out some more pics from our trip to AZ in our albums! :)

Jordan’s Hobby

Jordan’s favorite hobby lately has been woodworking.  He’s always liked to work outside and build things, but a few years ago he found an old coffee table for free and he sanded it down and made it look great again.  After that he built a couple tables using reclaimed wood from construction projects.  After that he was hooked.  He’s very creative in designing and building furniture and cool pieces for the house.  He’s sold quite a few pieces, and it’s been a nice little side project - he loves his regular job so it’ll never be a full replacement, but it’s definitely a fun hobby!  Check out our albums for more pictures of Jordan in action!

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Jordan, Kate, & Payton

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Jordan, Kate, & Payton