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Museum Fun

We went to the children’s museum with our buddy! We can’t wait to take our own little one to all the fun places around town! Read more »

Happy Holidays!

We hope you had a wonderful Holiday season! We enjoyed Christmas with both sides of the family and can’t wait to see the joy of the season through a little ones eyes… Read more »

10 Years Together

We celebrated ten years together by throwing axes at Bury the Hatchet in Princeton, NJ. While enjoying this activity, we partook in a lovely charcuterie board made by Amy! It has been an incredible journey thus far and we are looking forward to what lies ahead and can’t wait to grow our family. Read more »

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours! Some family members are missing but we were lucky enough to see most of them. Family is one of the things we are most thankful for! Read more »

Out on the Town

Always making time for fun date nights together. We are ready for our dinner for two to become a dinner for three! Read more »

Going for Walks

Walks are the best when you have a little one leading the way… looking forward to having our own little one to walk through life with! Read more »


This past weekend we attended the NJ Mom Baby Expo in beautiful Jersey City, NJ, so we can get prepared for our future child! We saw many exciting vendors and even won some door prizes! Read more »

Holiday Trips

The holiday’s are upon us! Here we are with some beautiful Christmas decorations! Looking forward to time with family celebrating our many blessings. We can’t wait to add a little one to all the fun! Read more »


We stopped for a mid week frozen yogurt date at Yogurtland in Hamilton, NJ while we were out running errands. Life is SWEET! Read more »

Our Aspirations as Parents

There are so many things we are looking forward to as we think about becoming parents. We want to share a few with you! Amy - “I can’t wait to watch our child grow and teach them a variety of skills. From the time that they are young, I want to be the one that cultivates their physical and emotional wellbeing. I Read more »

Hockey Fun!

We took our niece and nephew, Luke and Violet, to their first New Jersey Devils hockey game! Read more »

Happy Birthday, little ones!

Happy Birthday to the littles in our lives! We love birthdays and had so much fun celebrating two very important little people that we adore—our niece, Claire, and a former student of Amy’s, Carter. We can’t wait to throw big parties for our future little one and celebrate how much they are loved by so Read more »

Celebrating 3 years together!

We celebrated our third anniversary early in Asbury Park, NJ at Belmonte’s—an excellent Italian restaurant! We are so grateful to have each other and for the time we’ve gotten to spend building our relationship as a coupe. Now we can’t wait to grow our family! Read more »

Weekend Plans

Weekend Fun! Amy, her sisters, and brother in law visited Eric while he was working at his 2nd, part-time job at Source Brewing in Colts Neck, NJ. Such a beautiful place to enjoy great company and spend time outdoors! We can’t wait to introduce a little one to these sweet family members and include them in our fun times Read more »

Concert Fun

We love music and are always looking for the next concert to attend! We went to the House of Independents in Asbury Park, NJ to see one of our favorite bands, This Wild Life. Read more »

Happy Birthday Amy!

We celebrated Amy’s 33rd birthday with family! Here’s to another great year and looking forward to what’s to come. Read more »


Feeling thankful for the love and support we provide to each other! Life is not always easy, but we love doing life together and can’t wait to do life with a little one. Read more »

Hiking Adventures

We went for a hike this past Sunday at the Sourland Mountain Preserve in Hillsborough, NJ. Fun times exploring together! We can’t wait to bring a little hiker along with us! Read more »

Home sweet home!

We took a walk downtown to see the new mural that was painted in our town. We love the beauty and can’t wait to welcome a baby to the place we call home! Read more »

We all scream for ice cream!

Happy Labor Day Weekend from the dogs! We spoiled Oscar and Abita by giving them doggie ice cream at Gil and Bert’s, our favorite ice cream shop in Cranbury, NJ. It was the perfect way to end a great summer! Read more »

Tourette’s Awareness Walk

Walking for a cause! We had a great time walking with our friend Ashley to support the Tourette Syndrome Awareness campaign and to raise money. Here we are sporting our bright green! We look forward to involving our baby in philanthropic work as it’s something we highly value. Read more »

Stand-up comedy

We are huge fans of Stand-up comedy and we were lucky enough to meet Jamie Kennedy and Steve-0 from MTV! Fun night full of laughter! Read more »


Here we are fishing with Amy’s father, Kevin (also known as Pop) in Monroe, NJ. It was one of their favorite activities to do together when Amy was little. Pop can’t wait to teach our little on how to fish! Read more »

Happy Anniversary!

For our 2nd Wedding Anniversary, we visited the Bronx Zoo in Bronx, NY. We can’t wait to take our baby there to look at our favorite animals! Read more »

Celebrating Love!

Wedding fun! We had a great time celebrating LOVE at our friends wedding. We went to the Grandview in gorgeous Poughkeepsie, NY. Here we are all dressed up with some close friends from college. Read more »

Sunday Funday!

Sunday Funday! Amy and one of her sisters picking sunflowers at Happy Day Farm in Manalapan, NJ. Sunflowers bring us JOY and remind us of HOPE during this adoption journey! Read more »

Crab Dinner

We both love shellfish and one of our favorite dishes is Crab legs. Here we are eating at one of our favorite places, Blue Claw in Burlington, NJ. Read more »

Angry Orchard

Welcome to Angry Orchard! We visited the gorgeous Angry Orchard Cidery in Walden, NY over the fourth of July this past year. We love exploring new places! Read more »

Getting Crafty

Here’s Amy getting crafty! She recently went to a crafting event at an AR workshop in West Windsor, NJ. She made a beautiful tray and sign. We can’t wait to add names to the bottom of the tray as we grow our family! Read more »


We went Kayaking in Princeton, NJ with family.  It’s one of our favorite summertime activities! Read more »

Meet our Dogs!

Meet the four-legged members of our family, Oscar and Abita! Oscar is an American Bulldog Mix and Abita is a Siberian Husky Mix. They’re great with kids and can’t wait to share their love with a baby sibling! Read more »

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