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Our Story

We found each other through an online dating service in 2009. When we met in person for the first time, we planned to go out for about an hour but it turned into a six hour date of us talking the night away. Fast forward to a wedding in 2012, trips around Europe, Honduras, Belize, Mexico, and camp outs throughout California. We have found our “forever home” in Concord, California (in the East San Francisco Bay Area) near both Kevin and Lindsay’s families, whom we see often. We very much complement each other. Lindsay is more of the outgoing social one and Kevin is more of an introvert. This gives us a great balance because we look at life in different but compatible ways.

Our son Wesley is a healthy, active little guy. He has a kind heart and is very curious about how the world works. Whether he is helping Kevin fix something or assisting Lindsay in the garden, he loves to help us out. He loves playing with his cars and trains, working on art projects and helping cook dinner. We know Wesley will be an amazing big brother. He has already started talking about wanting a sibling.

As a family we love ‘putzing’ around our home and yard, BBQing on the grill or smoking some ribs while kids run through the sprinklers or play in our big back yard. We both have very close friends whom we consider family—their kids call us Auntie Lindsay and Uncle Kevin. We spend birthday parties and holidays with them and they are an important part of our family support system. When we are out and about you will find us at a local art festival or exploring new restaurants.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live on a quiet street in a friendly, diverse neighborhood with many families with
children. Concord is a small city that has many parks. The main square has weekly activities geared towards families such as farmers markets, music in the park and special events. Our home is within walking distance to great parks and the local library, which Lindsay and Wesley visit often.

We have a 3-bedroom home with a large yard and garden. One of our bedrooms is becoming a nursery for the new baby we hope to welcome soon. Our yard has room for a game of tag or soccer. Every year we plant a garden and grow strawberries (which the kids love to pick!), zucchini and pumpkins along with other vegetables. We love having other families with children over and we have an open invitation to all our friends and family to come enjoy with us.

We have a 6-year-old Welsh Corgi named Charlie. Charlie is full of life and he is great with children. Charlie is the neighborhood dog that everyone loves and hands out treats to. He just wants to be wherever people are.

About Lindsay

Lindsay was born in the next town over from Concord. Her father still lives in her childhood home, now with his partner, Valerie. Lindsay’s mother passed away in 2005. Lindsay’s older brother is married with two young girls. She also has a large extended family—including 26 cousins! Lindsay is very close to her aunts, and spends a lot of time with them. Our child will have the benefit of lots of loving adults to help him or her through life, and to have fun with.

Lindsay graduated with a degree in Human Development. She worked in preschools and as a nanny before becoming a stay-at-home mother once Wesley arrived. She delights in being a mom and making a warm and loving home for us. Lindsay loves to sew and do crafts. She also enjoys planning events to bring friends and family together such as hosting parties and providing great meals for our guests. Being active and outdoors is also an important part of her daily routine.

About Lindsay by Kevin: Lindsay is my best friend and soul mate. One of the things that attracted me to Lindsay was her love for children. As a full-time nanny to two children for almost six years, I saw Lindsay provide an example of kindness, tolerance and understanding that is reflected in their personalities now. She is patient, loving and caring and—as I knew she would be—an amazing mother to our son. I know she will provide the same loving example to our new child.

About Kevin

Kevin was born in Concord, CA, the town we now live in. His parents and older brother all live within three miles of us. Kevin comes from a big family with many cousins, aunts and uncles who live close by and are part of our lives. His mother and father are an especially great support system for us. Everyone is so excited to welcome another little one into the family.

Kevin graduated college with a degree in Computer Science. Today he manages a technical support team for an internet marketing company. This career allows him a lot of flexibility—two days in the work week he is home for most of the day to spend time with the family. He also has a flexible vacation schedule so we can plan vacations throughout the year. Kevin is a “DIY home project” guy. He likes working with wood and enjoys fixing things and improving our house. He’s a ‘Jack of all trades’—if it’s “broke,” he can usually fix it!

About Kevin, by Lindsay: Kevin has one of the biggest hearts that I know. After six years of marriage and nine years together, I know he is my match in life and my soulmate. Kevin will go out of his way to help a friend, family member or coworker when needed. Kevin is always there for me, like when he went all over Venice on our honeymoon to find me medicine when I got sick there. When our son was born early he remained calm, supportive and loving. He is a rock who will guide our family through the hard times and happy times. Kevin is a great father and a wonderful role model. I know he will be a patient, loving, involved dad to another child, as he is with Wesley.

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