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Our Story

We met on New Year’s Eve, 2015 when our friend groups all went out together.

We all went to a Diner after the party, and that is when Chuck first asked Kat for her number. He called, the very next day...and never stopped calling. As husband and wife, we understand that a good marriage requires thoughtfulness, to know how to make your partner laugh, kissing often, prayer, challenging each other, learning new things together, supporting one another emotionally and spiritually, and helping each other grow into best
versions of ourselves.

We met once we were more established and we appreciate and understand the value of waiting for the “right fit.” We spent many hours learning the importance of care, mutual respect, cherishing each other, sacrifice, reciprocity, and renewal prior to our wedding day. We feel that we complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and are blessed to have one another. We are looking forward to sharing our child with both of our families, teaching and guiding them through the ups and downs of life, seeing the beauty in the diversity of our world, and to appreciate his or her culture as well as ours.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We love our New Jersey community because it is safe, walkable, and on the Hudson River, right across from New York City!

There are many parks and restaurants in our quiet neighborhood, and a lot of
diverse multicultural families. In warm weather, we love to ride our bikes to the park and have a picnic while we can see the Statue of Liberty. Our church is one block away from our home and the nearby schools are excellent. From our home, we have easy access to New York City, where we enjoy trivia nights, silent disco, Broadway shows and gourmet restaurants.

Our proximity to New York will open a world of possibilities
for the child we welcome! We can’t wait to welcome a child into our hearts, home, church and community.

As a teacher, Kat has
generous vacation time,which will give her plenty of time to care for and raise the child we welcome. She is also fortunate enough to work for a school that offers abundant leave options for new
parents. When we are blessed with a child,after taking advantage of her school’s leave, Chuck will take his law firm’s leave so that we can provide continuous care in that crucial first year.

Once we are both back at work, our child will spend time with both our parents, as well as a safe, accredited, and caring day care.

About All About Kat

adoptive family photo - All About Kat “Kat is an amazing woman who is extremely smart, loving, thoughtful
and beautiful. She puts family, including our dog, first and everything else second. How she manages to do all that she does is a tribute to her great time management and her love for us.”

- Chuck

There are so many hopes I have of the parent I will be:I am very excited to teach the child we welcome Spanish and/or Portuguese, do a mommy and me class, and nurture his or her spirit, identity, and sense of joy.

I cannot wait to take them to get their first library card, read to them, teach them how to cook and make things with their hands. As a
mother, I also hope to be kind, loving, patient and understanding but also with a strong sense of boundaries so that my child can grow up to be strong, independent, and
fearless. I also want my child to spend a lot of time with our
families so that they learn the importance of supporting and
being there for one another.

About All About Chuck

adoptive family photo - All About Chuck “Chuck is a caring and empathetic listener and a good shoulder to cry on. He really wants to help the child we welcome overcome any obstacle that comes his/her way
and become stronger as a result. He will make a child laugh or smile even on the
most difficult of days."

- Kat

I am a successful attorney with job security and the ability to provide well
for my family, but there will be nothing I ever do that will compare to the
joy and importance of being a father one day. There are so many memories I hope to make and things I wish to teach and share with the
child we welcome: I am looking forward to going to the park with a child and teaching him or her to ride a bicycle. I remember my parents teaching me ride a bicycle and how proud they were of me after I learned to do it. I want the child we welcome to feel that sense of achievement that I did and I want help them to achieve. I am looking forward to a child asking me to help them with things like their homework, maybe carrying their backpack.
I hope to be patient, loving, understanding and a great listener.
I hope to be there for the child we are blessed to love and raise,whenever they need help or some positive encouragement.

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We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


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