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Our Story

Casey and I met at college in 2005. We started dating in Jan. of 2006. Casey was wrapping up his time studying History and preparing to be a Middle School/Junior High Social Studies Teacher.
Tana was finishing her degree in Family and Consumer Studies with a minor in Sociology.
We both graduated in June of 2006 and were engaged that month. We got married in August of 2006.
From the get go, we knew we wanted to be parents. We were just dealt a different hand that made our journey to parenthood a special one. Adoption has strengthened our marriage and we are CRAZY about our kids!

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in a single story, four bedroom, two bathroom home. Our two boys share a room with bunkbeds, our daughter has her own room with bunkbeds also.
We have a fully fenced back yard.
We have smoke detectors and we have several carbon monoxide detectors as well.
We live in a safe neighborhood with kind and generous neighbors.

About Tana

adoptive family photo - Tana I'm Tana. I'm the youngest of five. I am connected well with all of my siblings, especially my older sister. I'm also very close with my parents.
I love running, cooking and baking and being a mom. The mom part is my favorite. I stay at home full time as a choice. It allows me to be with our kids and really soak in the time with them.
Before kids I was a dental assistant and then a manager at a learning and development company.
I love camping, animals and rollercoasters.
I have a big heart and can cry at simple yet important situations. I was five minutes late to pick up my boys from a morning camp and had tears in my eyes that I'd let them down. (They were fine and it was the train crossing that held me up!)
And I love being a mom, did I say that already?

About Casey

adoptive family photo - Casey I'm Casey, the dad. I grew up with a fun childhood with my parents and my twin brother. We played lots of sports and had lots of friends and family in our life. We loved going to football games with our dad and family celebrations and holidays were always full of catching up, playing games and good food.

I met my beautiful wife while in college. We have been married for almost 13 years, she's my best friend.. the rest is history.

Speaking of history, I studied that in college and became a Social Studies teacher. Teaching is a passion of mine, as is history. I am now full time in the Air Force, but hope to teach again someday.

I love sports, especially football. I love teaching sports and playing sports with my kids.

My wife and kids make me the happiest, we are very close and I look forward to pulling into the driveway at our house after work every day.

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We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Casey & Tana

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Casey & Tana