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We promise to give our kids adventure, opportunity, unconditional love and the freedom to be whoever they desire to be.

Thank you for taking the time to read our profile. We already appreciate you more than you know. It takes a strong woman to think ahead to the future and make decisions for her unborn child. You should be celebrated. Please be proud of yourself for exploring options and providing the best you can for the little one you will soon give birth to.

We can't wait to make a little girl part of our family. Our boys, 5 and 8 are so excited to become big brothers. We come from a very large, very loud and very diverse family. Our children have been blessed with the opportunity to grow up around grandparents, aunts, uncles and many cousins.

Our days are packed with activity. We want our kiddos lives to be enriched with opportunity. They have played baseball, basketball, and hockey. They have taken classes in chess, cooking, golf, yoga and swimming. Our goal is to expose them to as much as we can to help them uncover their passion and purpose.

You are giving us a gift and we want to provide this incredible child a gift as well. We want her to know her story as much as you are comfortable with sharing. This very decision is the fabric of her life and part of what will make her so unique. We look forward to hearing from you and learning more about each other.

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From Rebecca:

I want to tell you a little bit about myself. I grew up in Western Washington surrounded by family. My mom, dad, stepmom, siblings and their spouses along with their children live within miles of us today. To us our friends, neighbors, nanny, teachers and all those that touch our lives and the lives of our children are an extension of our family. Family is who and what we make it and if you ask me what I love most about my family, it is the diversity we represent. We embrace each other and those around us regardless of sexuality, race, religion or personal beliefs.

I have a passion for people, and it is what motivates me and drives me each day. I value others, I value education and I value individuality. I am the kind of person who stops to take a moment to talk to a stranger because I believe we can never really know how someone feels and how just that simple smile or quick exchange can impact someone and have the potential to change the course of their day. I feel like I picked up amazing traits from both of my parents such as my strength, compassion, thirst for knowledge and a competitive drive. I thank my parents for raising me to believe I could be anything I wanted to be and co-parenting with grace even after their divorce. I carry that with me, and I am proud to be a role model for my children, I strive to show them that not only can I contribute financially to my family, but I can take care of my own physical and emotional well-being and work tirelessly to help them to be strong, empathetic individuals raised to follow their passions.

I studied Sociology and spent my first few years of my career as a Juvenile Corrections Officer, I was passionate about working with kids but at the same time I wanted to buy a house and got into sales to have more control over my earnings. This decision changed my life forever. It is at this first sales job that I met my husband. We instantly became friends, started dating several years later and from there we never looked back. Neil and I just clicked, he was my person and I knew would be the father of my children. His dedication and love for his parents, siblings, their children and his friends is unmatched. He is fiercely loyal and maybe what I admire most is his ability to look with in himself and make changes to better himself for his family and those around him. He is optimistic, never gives up and never stops growing.

I am proud of my career (working in sales/account management for a technology company) but my biggest accomplishment is being a mother. I am the mother of two amazing little boys that fill my heart with joy. I have always known we weren't done growing our family, we have always wanted to adopt and know deep down that our hearts have so much more love to give. We are looking for a little girl to love, cherish and complete our family. They boys can’t wait! they are so excited to have a baby sister and often talk about how they will teach her to read, walk and per my five-year-old even floss, “both kinds mommy like your teeth and the dance"

Our days are packed with activity. We want our kiddos lives to be enriched with opportunity. They have played baseball, basketball, and hockey. They have taken classes in chess, cooking, golf, yoga and swimming. My goal is to expose them to as much as we can to help them uncover their passion. I volunteer as a VP of Fundraising for our elementary school across the street and we love to attend events there. We spend our free weekends, at the mountain skiing, at the lake boating and spending time with friends and family exploring all our city has to offer. In my free time I love to read, volunteer, entertain, craft, travel, be outdoors and spend time with those close to me. One of my favorite times of day is bedtime. In our house we read together every night and sing each child their special goodnight songs (jingles mommy made up).

From Neil:

First, a little about me and my upbringing: My mom and dad are still married, and I have one older brother and three younger sisters. I grew up the majority of my life in western Washington. I was born in Germany on an Army base, and I traveled to a few more bases before my dad settled in western Washington at Ft Lewis. I was four at the time, when my parents told me that we were going to have a baby sister coming home tomorrow. That statement was quite a surprise to my recollection. The very next day, my oldest sister came into my life at the age of 6 months old. She was and will always hold a special place in my heart. We knew she was adopted because my mom was not pregnant at the time, and she is also African American. From the moment that she came into our lives, she has been nothing less than my sister, equal in all ways to my other two sisters. We were taught that family is not just who is born into your family; it is who you choose to include and care about in your life. I grew up playing with all my siblings, and we love each other very much. We still get together as much as we can. I have always thought since I was an early teen that if given a chance I would love to adopt a child and bring them into my life and show them the same love and compassion my parents showed my sister. I firmly believe that adoption is in my future; I could not imagine my life without choosing to open up our house and hearts in hopes that someone would grace us with the privilege of raising a baby girl.

Being one of five kids we all struggled for attention, but somehow, my parents managed to raise five kids that felt equally loved and supported. Being supportive and continually loving to all my children trying to emulate my parents is one of my goals. I still look at my parents as a beacon of how parenting should be. I never really understood the sacrifices they made for their five children in terms of time and effort until I became a parent myself. We have two amazing boys that pack my day with laughter and smiles. I constantly find myself taking a step back and being amazed by their capacity to learn and how their little personalities have emerged. I get a giant grin on my face when I am playing with them in the backyard; they are so creative with their games.

I grew up in Western Washington wher I decided to pursue college where I studied social sciences. After college, I decided to take a sales job as my first job to start paying my student loans down. Since then, I have excelled and been proud of my career in sales and account management. I thought I was perfectly content with life until I met Rebecca at work. I did not know it before then, but there is so much more to life when you get to marry your best friend and share it all with them and open up to share your true self with that person. I had no clue what and how amazing life could be until I met her. I can look deep into her as a person, and I am amazed at the capacity she has to love. She would help the world if she could, but instead, she concentrates her efforts locally with the schools and our immediate family. She has never really been known to say no when someone needs help.

I have never really known a more inclusive family than our family. We have a multi-racial and sexual orientation family, but none of that is of concern to anybody in our family. Our children have been raised to accept all types of people and treat them all with kindness. My brother and his husband are involved in our children's lives, and they love their uncles. My sister and her wife also hold a special place in their lives. My other sister and her husband with their three kids are close with their cousins as well. My youngest sister comes to see our children kids as best as she can (she is currently on active duty in the army and has been stationed all around the world). We live within miles of Rebecca's family, and they see their three cousins all the time and at school every day.

Adoption Diary

Haircut Day

Today was haircut day.  I enjoy seeing their individual personalities come out and seeing what they choose. We have one growing his hair out and then this guy in the picture who added some line designs. It will be awesome to see how our little girl choses to express herself as she grows up.

Neil has been practicing braiding my hair. He said that someday he is going to need those skills. His mom had him learn years ago when his sisters were little. It helped her to have another set of hands to get people ready and out the door. I will say he is a little bit rusty but those French braids are getting better. Keep It Up Neil!

Night on the Playground

We live right across from an elementary school with a great playground. I took the boys over there tonight with the neighbor girls, one of who just turned 3. She is so fun and so full of energy and I adore getting to spend time with her. She thought freeze tag was an absolutely hysterical game and keeping up with her big sister and the boys is her major focus. Seeing the way my boys interact with this little cutie warms my heart. I love that their instinct is to protect her and look out for her. They are going to make excellent big brothers! Sometimes the most simple fun is the best!

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