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Our Story

We first met a little over 8 years ago. From the moment we went on our first date, we had an instant connection and bond for life, each knowing that we were one another’s soulmate. For the next few years, we enjoyed traveling together, and purchasing our first home in hopes that we would someday be able to make this a family home and grow as a couple. It was not long after our two-year anniversary, on Christmas day, that John surprised Brandon and proposed to him. Our families were extremely supportive and excited that they would each be getting a new member of their family.

We were married in 2016, surrounded by many friends and family, all radiating a tremendous amount of love and acceptance. We celebrated our 3-year wedding anniversary not too long ago and continue to learn more about each other every single day.

We have talked about having children since the early stages of our relationship and are both very passionate about being parents. We have four beautiful nieces that we spoil and love unconditionally, but there is still that void of not having a child of our own. It has been overwhelming to see how supportive and excited our friends and family are about us adding to our adventurous and loving family.

We are also members of a “dads” group who get together once a month. The purpose of this group is to allow all of our children to grow up in a comfortable environment with other children who have important commonalities...having two dads and adoption. We look forward to continuing to be a part of this group so that our child can grow up with other friends’ children and similar families.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We have a warm and cozy home. Our neighborhood is diverse and close to all the city has to offer. There are parks, grocery stores, restaurants, and most importantly, family, all close by. We have a beautiful backyard and garden that we can’t wait to soon share and make endless memories with a new addition to our family. We are very excited to have the opportunity to add more love and excitement to our home with the addition of our first child!

About John


What makes me a good husband?

- I would like to start by saying that we make a great team; and that there is no one else's team I'd rather be on than Brandon’s.

- I do the best that I can to bring out the best in him, just like he brings out the best in me.

- I look at life in a playful manner. There are serious moments but most of the time I just love to laugh and bring smiles and laughter to others.

What will make me a great parent?

- I have always loved children and children tend to love me, too! Our 4 nieces have always flocked to me and I always have a way of making everything fun and exciting!

- I have a big heart with a tremendous amount of love to give. Raising a child in a loving home to grow up as a happy, loving, healthy and an overall great person is my biggest goal.

- Most importantly, our child will feel what it is like to be loved unconditionally by two loving parents, a loving family, and friends who will be always be welcoming and accepting!


From the moment we met, I knew that we were meant to be together and that great things were to come. We have spent almost every day together since and that has allowed us to bond and grow as a married couple. Throughout our time together, I have come to learn that John is a caring and loving husband, and most importantly – a family-oriented man. Seeing his unconditional love for our 4 nieces; and the bond he has formed with them, just goes to show what a great father he will be when are blessed with the opportunity of bringing our own bundle of joy into our lives.

About Brandon


What makes me a good husband?

- I strive for balance and always put my family first.

- We know how to compromise to be certain we are always doing what is right and best for us and our family.

- No matter what, we are the others rock; and we have built a strong foundation over the past 8 years for us to expand our ever-loving family.

What will make me a great parent?

- Like John, I have always loved and wanted children of my own. Our friends and family have always referred to me as the “baby-whisperer”.

- I am focused on raising a smart and empathetic family; and most importantly, an accepting family.

- I love that I am a creature of habit and family rituals; and am looking forward to adding a child of our own into the mix to begin our own family traditions.


Brandon is the most caring, loving and selfless person that I have ever met. His love towards others is like none that I have ever known, besides my own parents. Brandon has been wanting to become a father ever since the first day we met. He is amazing with our four nieces and always wants to be with them. When we are at family gatherings, he is the one always playing with the kids, instead of hanging out with the adults. I truly can’t wait to see the love and caring our child will have with Brandon as his or her daddy!

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John & Brandon

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