JJ, Aisha & CJ ❤️ We look forward to learning more about you ❤️


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JJ, Aisha & CJ ❤️ We look forward to learning more about you ❤️

Down to earth, fun loving family of 3 looking to become a family of 4 with your help!

If you asked what we had to offer your child, we would tell you that we are a loving, educated, down to earth family with family and friends who live around the world. We live in an amazing community in New York. We care about being connected to our community, being engaged in culture and sports, giving back, getting a well rounded educational experience, and international travel. We adore our son and all that we do is for him. We'd love to get to know you better. Thank you.

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Who We Are

We met 13 years ago in a club :-) It was very unexpected and didn't immediately result in a romantic relationship. We started out as friends for years before becoming a couple so we were able to build a foundation before saying I do. After we got engaged, everything changed very quickly. After trying for years, we were able to get pregnant 2 months later. We continued to plan our wedding with the expectation that Aisha would be 2 months postpartum. Our little guy actually came early so that Aisha could fit in her wedding dress :-) It was actually a difficult pregnancy and we are blessed that he arrived healthy and safely.

During that same year, Aisha changed jobs so that she could be able to be home more with CJ and JJ did the same. We are both blessed to be able to have flexibilities in our schedule to see our son grow.

Change frightens many people but for us it has brought blessings. We can't wait to be blessed again hopefully with another child.

Adoption Diary

Beautiful day

It’s a beautiful day outside. I cherish these days because winter and I aren’t the best of friends

Anxiously waiting

I’ve been so anxious lately thinking of the possibility of successfully adopting. We finally are certified to adopt so things just got real!

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


JJ, Aisha & CJ ❤️ We look forward to learning more about you ❤️

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JJ, Aisha & CJ ❤️ We look forward to learning more about you ❤️