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Thank You Everyone!

These amazing people put their lives in danger to provide a very important service at a time of need. Thank you so much! Read more »

National Walking Day

We were happy to get out for a walk on such a beautiful day. We love it that our neighborhood is practicing social distancing while out for walks. Read more »

Ollie Loves Lockdown

Ollie is very happy to have us working from home and thinks it is play time all day. We can’t wait for the world to get back to normal. Read more »

Health Care Professionals Rule

Two of our cousins are doctors and they have been on the front line to prevent the spread of the CoronaVirus. Thank you to all the health care professionals for everything you have done! Read more »

Happy Birthday Neel

Sue’s brother just had his birthday. We can’t wait for the CoronaVirus to pass and to visit him so we can celebrate his birthday. Read more »

National Joe Day

Joe now has a 2nd day to celebrate during the year. According to him, Sue is supposed to buy him a very nice gift. LOL Read more »

Uncles are the Best!

Joe has 6 Uncles and they all have been like 2nd Fathers. Joe was closest with his Uncle Anthony and today marks 3 years since his passing. Joe misses him every day and knows he is always looking down on him. Read more »

Be Safe Everyone

As Bill Murray has said, stay home and be safe. Thank you to all the healthcare professionals for all their efforts to help during this crisis.  Please be safe everyone! Read more »

Happy Birthday in Heaven Dad

Today is Joe’s dad birthday. Joe had a very close relationship with his Dad. They loved going fishing and always played jokes on each other. He misses his Father every day. Read more »

We Love Music

Sue’s Father favorite band is the Beatles and her Mom’s is Pink Floyd. Joe’s Mom’s favorite is Billy Joel and his dad loved Peter Paul and Mary.  Music is near and dear to our heart. Read more »

It’s Not Friday

Don’t you hate it when you wake up thinking it is Friday and it is only Thursday. That happened to us this week. Read more »

Friday Night TV

Joe and Ollie want to watch a Marvel movie but Sue has the remote and is watching Summer House. Will Joe and Ollie get their wish? Read more »

Grand Canyon Skywalk

One of our many family vacations to Vegas and the Grand Canyon! My brother, Joe and I walked over the canyon! The clear floor was very scary but so worth this picture and memory! Read more »

Jones Beach Theater

Nothing beats seeing a concert on a beautiful night at Jones Beach. Here is a construction picture back in January 1952. Read more »

Uber Ride

This Uber ride would be too cute to pass up but not sure if both of us can fit in the car lol. Read more »

Choose Kind

It’s National Random Acts of Kindness Day! One small act can brighten someone’s day! #choosekind Read more »

Figure Skates

The NASA broom trick has nothing on Figure Skaters. Figure Skaters have been balancing on 1/4” for a very long time. Read more »

Alarm Clocks

We never have to worry about this happening since Sue sets 4 alarm clocks. Joe can never fall back asleep after the 2nd one goes off. Read more »

Crazy Weather

Nothing like 50’s with rain for the next 3 days, then it becomes 20’s and cold for rest of week. Read more »

National Pizza Day

While growing up, Joe’s family had pizza every Friday night. We both love pizza and always try different types of pizza. Enjoy National Pizza Day! Read more »

Global Movie Day

Really tough to just pick one. Sue loves suspense trillers, Joe loves comic book movies and they both love good comedies. Read more »

The Three Musketeers

Joe has been very close friends with brothers James and Anthony since childhood. They have done so much together and are always laughing. They have always considered themselves family. Read more »


Brings back so many Friday night memories! Spent more time in the store deciding what to rent than watching the movie! Read more »

Enjoy the Super Bowl

We are lucky to have some really close friends and spending the Super Bowl with them. It also helps when one of them was a chef and loves to cook. Lucky us are the benefactors LOL. Read more »

Puppy Bowl

We are big football fans and love watching the annual Puppy Bowl. Our pick for Puppy Bowl MVP goes to Ollie. Read more »

National Sunday Supper Day

It’s National Sunday Supper Day! Joe and his family had Sunday dinners all the time growing up! In the winters they had grandma’s sauce and summers were mostly BBQs at his aunt’s and uncle’s house after a day at the beach! We love to have family over and our Sunday Dinners include sausage and peppers, Brooklyn bread, Read more »

Being Productive…

Sue is getting some work done for school so she can spend some time with her dad and watch the NFL Playoffs! #teacherlife Read more »

Arizona…Here Comes Joe

Joe is headed on a plane to sunny and warm Arizona for a business conference!  Ollie and I are spending quality time cuddling and looking for a good movie to watch :) Read more »

Mom’s New TV

We donated our old TV and stand to Joe’s Mom.  Mom went from a 42 inch TV to 60 inch HD.  She is in heaven and loves her new TV. Read more »

Happy New Years

Wishing everyone a fun and wonderful New Years!  We are ringing in the new year with lots of hope for the future. Read more »

Fantasy Football Trophy

Joe won his Fantasy Football league and now wants the trophy to be our dining room centerpiece.  Sue has something different in mind for our centerpiece LOL. Read more »

Ollie goes to the Vet

Ollie wasn’t feeling well today but thanks to the Vet and some meds, she is feeling much better.  She is the only dog we know that loves going to the vet. Read more »

Teachers Rock!!!

Sue is a teacher and loves her job.  This week, she gets to read passages from famous Christmas Movies with the music from the movie playing on her iPhone speaker.  The children will be super excited. Read more »

Ollie’s New Best Friend

Ollie and Rico had such a great time together on Thanksgiving.  The dynamic duo did not miss one crumb or piece of food that hit the ground.  They are not as innocent as they look LOL. Read more »

Thanksgiving 2019

We have hosted Thanksgiving for 12 straight years and it is our favorite Family Holiday!  Family time, football and playing games - we hit the trifecta. Read more »

Getting ready for Turkey Day

Every year we host Thanksgiving and Sue’s entire family comes.  We have such a great time playing games, watching football and of course eating Turkey.  We can’t wait to see everyone tomorrow. Read more »

FL Family Invasion

WOOHOO Sue’s brothers family is here for the Thanksgiving week.  We will be playing lots of games and watching Jeopardy.  Ok, so Joe may not be soooo excited for Jeopardy LOL Read more »


Great people and a great cause always make a successful Fundraiser. The first 3 letters of Fundraiser spells “FUN” and you can tell from the picture we had a lot of fun! Read more »

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