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Our Story

We met 11 years ago while working together at the same company and have been married for 9 years. We are both very driven and have accomplished many things in our lives. We are extremely compatible and value the same things out of life and each other. We genuinely enjoy being together and have similar interests, life goals, and desire to start a family. Our lifestyle can be described as active and engaging. We love spending time with family and friends, experiencing different cultures, and creating lasting memories together. As a family we enjoy going to church, being outside, gardening, riding our bikes, having dinner together, working out, hosting friends and family, and traveling around the world.

We are so blessed to have both of our families live nearby. Angie is the youngest of 3 girls while Chris is the oldest of 4 boys! Both sets of parents live in town and are retired but own their own businesses that are still in operation. This gives them the freedom and flexibility to be very involved and active in our lives. Angie’s sisters and grandmother also live in town, and one of Chris’ brothers lives in town. Chris’ two other brothers live in California, so California is a top pick for vacations. We have one nephew (age 17) and two nieces (ages 3 and 1) that we love to spoil. We have very close relationships with both of our families and make the effort to regularly spend time with them. Some of our favorite family traditions are taking family vacations (Hawaii is our destination for 2019!), a fun yet competitive night of board games, family dinners, and trying out the newest restaurant in town. Holidays and birthdays are a big deal in our family. Some may call it over the top, but it’s the way we like to do things! Our family has so much love to share and can’t wait to welcome the newest addition!

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in what many describe as a little neighborhood inside a big city. We love our neighborhood and chose to build a home here as it is a great place to raise a family, centrally located to both of our families, and convenient to where we both work. When we built our home 5 years ago, we had children in mind. We designed it such that a child’s bedroom would be right next to ours and the study could be easily converted into a playroom. Our favorite rooms in the house are the kitchen and family rooms as they open up to one another and happen to be where everyone gathers when we have friends and family over. We have a beautiful, large backyard that is perfect for a swing set and picnic tables one day. Our street is full of young children and people just like us! We have block parties, rotate spending time at each other’s homes, and frequently have dinner with our neighbors. They are a great support system and have become dear friends! We are within walking distance of several bike paths, parks, restaurants, ice cream parlors, boutiques, etc., that we frequently visit. On the weekends, you will usually find us out and about exploring the neighborhood!

About Chris

Angie describing Chris: I remember meeting Chris for the first time during a meeting at work and thinking “Wow, this guy is hot!” As the meeting progressed, I could tell he was trying to impress me by saying smart things, but I blew him off. After some Instant Message and Facebook flirting, I agreed to go on a date with him. I was smitten immediately. Chris is charming, funny, loving, playful, creative, thoughtful, successful and intelligent. Needless to say, it was easy to fall in love with him! He is passionate about many things including sports, his career, working out, and politics. Chris also loves home and yard projects. Our friends joke that our house must be 100 years old (we live in a relatively new, custom-built home!) as he always has some type of home improvement project in the works. Chris takes great pride in maintaining our home and yard so that it looks flawless. Being the oldest of four boys, he is a family man that is extremely loyal, protective and dedicated to his loved ones. He is a person of strong character and integrity, exemplifying behaviors of right vs wrong, and lives up to high moral standards. Chris is self-motivated, a leader at his company as well as in our community, and extremely driven to succeed. He is an excellent provider and works hard to ensure all of our needs are met. Chris is the love of my life and my rock. I am so blessed to be able to call Chris my husband, and I can’t wait to see the love he will have for your child!

About Angie

Chris describing Angie: I first met Angie at work back in 2008. I had to ask her out 4 times before she finally agreed to go on a date! I quickly recognized she was the most intelligent, caring, and thoughtful woman I’ve ever met. I couldn’t wait to ask for her hand in marriage. Angie really enjoys cooking and baking which is great, because I love to eat! She has a fun and adventurous spirit. She’s an avid athlete and regularly participates in Orange Theory training. We never get bored together, and I feel more comfortable with her than with anyone else. She loves playing games – Catch Phrase is a favorite! Angie’s very driven and passionate about all aspects of her life. She is extremely hard working and goal oriented. She doesn’t quit when things get hard but rather always pushes through. This trait is extremely admirable and is one of the many reasons why I love her. She has a strong belief in her faith and leans on her faith to help us through the challenges life throws our way. Angie thoroughly enjoys giving back to others and spending time with family and friends. She’s extremely thoughtful and generous, always thinking of others firsts. She’ll go to great lengths to please and help others, as it makes her smile and warms her heart most of all. We are soul mates and I love her today more than ever. She makes we want to be a better man.
I’m a very lucky guy!

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