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Adam and Sara - Emberlyn, Everly and Elizabeth.


Photo Albums

Our Pets

  • Our pup, beauty.
  • Our Chihuahua, Baber.

Family Photos

  • We went to the "Magical Dessert Bar" for Everly's 4th birthday. She loved the unicorn themed dessert.
  • A picture of us at Lego Land in CA.
  • Here's a picture of us with our dog Baber outside Grandma Sharol's CA house.
  • Here's a picture we took for our Christmas cards in Galveston.
  • A family selfie at Lego Land.
  • A picture of our family around Christmas time.
  • Here we are at the San Antonio Zoo.
  • Picture of us at the annual San Antonio Fiesta.
  • Goofy family selfie.
  • These were taken when Elizabeth turned 1. Such a fun time dressing up in magical dresses. Can't wait to take 1 year old pictures again. Hope to add more.
  • Family photo.
  • Family photo.

Adam’s Family

  • We took family pictures sporting ugly Christmas Sweaters. Emberlyn is just a baby in this picture. From top row left: Sara, Grandpa Bob, Grandma Laura, Uncle Nick (bending over), Aunt Jackie. Front row left: Baby Emberlyn, Adam, Uncle Zack Aunt Kayla
  • A picture of Uncle Zack ice skating with the girls.
  • A picture of Aunt Kayla and Emberlyn on the ice.
  • A picture of Emberlyn with Grandpa Bob (AKA: PooPah) at one of our favorite places to eat crawdads.
  • Uncle Zack taught Emberlyn how to make pancakes.
  • Grandpa Bob and Aunt Jackie taking little Liz for her first swim.
  • Granma Laura playing horse with the girls.
  • Grandpa Bob giving Elizabeth a ride at the Christmas Tree Farm in Illinois.
  • Aunt Jackie posing near a Christmas Tree with Elizabeth.
  • Playing games on grandma's phone.
  • Elizabeth and Poopaw Bob building sand castles.

Sara’s Family

  • Sara's family. From left: Adam, Uncle Alan (Sammee's husband), Sammee (Sara's sister), Sara, Uncle Sean (Sara's brother), Grandma Sharol and Papa George.
  • Cousin Smith and Emberlyn were so happy to end up on the same soccer team.
  • Auntie Sammee (Sara's sister), cousin Saylor (Sammee's daughter) and a very sleepy Everly.
  • Grandma Sharol with Elizabeth in Nevada.
  • Sara and Her dad (AKA: Papa George) at the Magical Unicorn Dessert Bar.
  • Ember is watching cousin Saylor's soccer game with Grandma Sharol.
  • Grandma Sharol and the girls are posing together with their fanny packs. San Antonio Riverwalk.
  • The guys doing their tough pose together. From left: Adam, Uncle Alan, Papa George, Uncle Sean.
  • Cousin Smith and Cousin Saylor with Everly.
  • Papa George eating pancakes with the girls in Nevada.
  • This picture shows us with Sara's Uncle Big and Auntie Linda. We were just about to relocate from CA to TX here.
  • This is a picture of cousin Everly, Emberlyn and cousin Smith on a visit to the Gulf.
  • Sara and her sister Sammee.
  • The girls and cousin Smith at the local Pumpkin Patch.
  • Tickles and giggles with Grandma Sharol.

Adam and Sara

  • Posed picture of Adam and Sara.
  • Adam and Sara laughing together during photo shoot.
  • Adam and Sara's wedding picture.
  • Adam and Sara kayaking the Channel Islands together.
  • Adam and Sara whale watching in Santa Barbara.
  • Sara and Adam posing with Emberlyn during her 5th birthday party.
  • We love watching soccer together. GOAL!
  • Adam and Sara picking up trash at church.
  • Here we are at the Aquarium in La Jolla. Emberlyn and Everly are younger in this picture.
  • Enjoying a date day kayaking with friends on Navarre Beach vacation.
  • Riding scooters along the coast of Navarre Beach.
  • Trying to take a selfie on our date we end up laughing.

Our Neighborhood and Home

  • The Butterfly Garden park in our neighborhood.
  • One of our neighborhood pools.
  • One of our neighborhood playgrounds.
  • A lake in our neighborhood.
  • Another neighborhood pool.
  • The front of our home.
  • A shot of our kitchen.
  • Our living/family/everything room.
  • Closeup in our everything room.
  • Our favorite splash pad right down the street from our house. We walk here often. It's quite safe for the little ones.
  • Another splash pad at one of the neighborhood pools.
  • Gender neutral nursery.

Emberlyn, Everly and Elizabeth.

  • A picture of Elizabeth preparing to sing Christmas Carols at the Senior Living Home.
  • Everly at her gymnastics class.
  • A picture of the girls at the Houston MLK parade.
  • Everly (AKA: Elsa) on her scooter in front of our home.
  • Little Liz practicing her trike skills in front of our home.
  • The girls having a day at the hotel pool during a Grandma Sharol visit.
  • The girls posing with Lego Ladies.
  • Elizabeth had a blast at the Lego Land toddler park.
  • Everly riding her hot wheel trike in front of the home.
  • Everly posing after her first ice skating recital.
  • Posed picture of Elizabeth.
  • Posed picture of Everly.
  • Posed picture of Emberlyn.
  • Everly posing for her 4th birthday at the Magical Dessert Bar.
  • Emberlyn during her ice skating lessons.
  • Emberlyn and Everly posing together after Everly's show.
  • A somewhat posed picture of the girls.
  • The girls are watching tv at grandma sharol and papa georges house.
  • Recent vacation to Florida.
  • Our girls looked so beautiful in their gowns. Elizabeth's 1 year old shoot.
  • Racing down the splash pad slide together. Ember and Ever.
  • Everly strength training at gymnastics.


  • Sara posing with the girls and the Chic Fe Le cow during local Trunk or Treat event. Sara was an innocent deer and the girls were deer hunters.
  • A picture of Sara posing with her new Starbucks mug in Nevada. She likes to collect these mugs during her travels.
  • A picture of Sara posing with her morning coffee. Mama needs coffee!
  • Sara and Everly waiting backstage at the ice skating rink.
  • Sara teaching the girls how to nature journal.
  • Sara and Elizabeth on the ice.
  • Sara and girls taking a morning selfie.
  • Sara running in our neighborhood.
  • Sara and Everly at ice skating practice.
  • A picture of Sara helping Emberlyn to ride a quad in Nevada.
  • Sara playing her guitar.
  • The girls giving Sara a makeover.
  • Summer fun.


  • Adam rough housing with the girls.
  • Adam and his home gym. He enjoys having his gym at home so he can spend more time with the family.
  • Adam taking Everly on a daddy daughter date night.
  • Adam reading books to the girls.
  • Adam eating poke bowl.
  • Adam eating boiled crawdads.
  • Adam cooking us breakfast early in the morning.
  • Adam posing with Emberlyn after her dance recital.
  • Adam eating crab legs at Joe's Crab Shack in Oceanside. You may start to notice that one of Adam's hobbies is eating.
  • Everly and Emberlyn proudly decorating Adam with pop bead creations.
  • Adam is helping Emberlyn and Everly use the teeter totter at a local park.
  • Adam posing with the soccer team after their last game. Emberlyn is next to him.
  • Adam and Everly in the ocean.

Our Pets

Our pup, beauty.
Our Chihuahua, Baber.

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Adam and Sara - Emberlyn, Everly and Elizabeth.

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Adam and Sara - Emberlyn, Everly and Elizabeth.