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Enjoying the summer!

Last night we got to babysit Brandi’s little niece, Rae She is such a sweet, funny little girl.  We always have a good time with her.  She didn’t know Brandi would be picking her up at daycare and she shrieked with joy and ran into her arms.  Brandi was equally as happy to see Rae.  The first question Rae asked once they were on their way home, “Where’s Chance?”  She loves her cousin so much.  Chance is certainly going to make a fantastic big brother!  The picture is from the last time we watched Rae, but it depicts perfectly what kind of brother Chance will be.  Always around to help and have fun with!  If you want your baby to have siblings, but still in a sense be the only child, then our family might be the right choice for you!

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