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Fun times at the track!

Well it was the last drift event of the season and it was a great one!  There were so many cars and it was so much fun to watch the boys drive.  Cole and Keoki both had their cars out and they drove like champions!  My momma heart is so proud!  Everyone got to go on a ride along with Cole.  I can’t believe how much he has improved in such a short time.  It was so much fun!  This was Chance’s first time going for a ride along, as he had just had his appendix removed at the Read more »

Family Hike!

Last weekend we went for a hike on our favorite trail.  We decided to take Ishii, Keoki’s puppy, and boy did she have fun.  Our dog, Ava, is probably Ishii’s best friend, since Ava never gets tired of playing. Those two ran up and down the trail.  We hiked 4 miles and those two dogs probably liked 6 Read more »

Dance Party!

We got to babysit our little niece, Rae, a few days ago.  We cranked up the music and had a dance party!  This little one loves to shake her bootie!  We always enjoy spending time with the little ones in our lives.  We hope to be able to add a new little one to our family soon! Read more »


We had such an awesome time celebrating the twins and Chance’s birthday with the whole family.  Cole helped grandma make his famous Cole burgers.  We had huckleberry delight and lemon delight for dessert, which is always a huge hit!  it’s always fun to all be together, even if it does bring a little Read more »

Huckleberry Heaven!

We went up to pick huckleberries this weekend and holy cow!  They are awesome this year.  There are so many berries everywhere you look.  We had an awesome time.  I’m not sure how many berries Chance actually picks.  He seems to spend most of his time chatting, but that’s just fine with Read more »

Birthday Fun!

Chance’s birthday was July 30, so we rented a big covered area at our local pool and invited some of his friends along.  The kids all had a blast going down the water slides, hopping on the lily pads, jumping off the diving boards, and swimming until they were exhausted.  Of course we had Chance’s Read more »


Yesterday was a fun day.  My niece and nephew were here visiting.  We went to play with Keoki’s puppy, went to the park where my niece got scared to death by a peacock.  Just in case you didn’t know this, peacocks can FLY.  It came flying across the aviary squawking and carrying on.  I Read more »

Weekend fun!

What a fun family weekend!  We went to see The Lion King.  It was so fun to be able to watch this new version of such a wonderful Disney movie with Chance that the older boys loved when they were little.  We all came home with bellies full of popcorn. Today I was reminded of how blessed we are to live where Read more »

Happy 4th of July!

Chance and Eric LOVE the 4th of July!  Anything that makes loud noises and big explosions is always a hit with these two.  Unfortunately for Eric, he had to work this year.  Better the 4th of July than Christmas is how Brandi feels about it!  This did not stop Eric from taking Chance shopping for all Read more »

Family Fun

This past weekend we celebrated our second to the youngest niece’s 2nd birthday!  Sweet and shy, Annabelle had such a great time opening her gifts. We always have big family parties with all the cousins, uncles, aunts, grandparents, whoever can make it.  Food and fun are in abundance.  We are so blessed Read more »

Enjoying the summer!

Last night we got to babysit Brandi’s little niece, Rae She is such a sweet, funny little girl.  We always have a good time with her.  She didn’t know Brandi would be picking her up at daycare and she shrieked with joy and ran into her arms.  Brandi was equally as happy to see Rae.  The first Read more »

Why a girl?

We have had some people ask us, why a girl?  We have raised/are raising the most amazing and probably funniest boys you will ever meet.  Shouldn’t that be enough?  Maybe it should, but it doesn’t change this empty place in my heart.  Ever since I was a little girl, it was my dream to have a Read more »

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