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Our Story

Terrence and I met in college in 2000. Like all good relationships, we started out as friends, but those feelings grew and well, the rest is history! We were married in 2008, in a beautiful ceremony surrounded by all of our family and best friends. We knew we wanted children, a house full, in fact! But we faced many fertility issues and found our that it just wasn't going to be possible for us to give birth the old fashion way. We did take time to grieve that loss, but then, with hopeful hearts we turned to adoption to build our family. In June of 2016, our dreams came true when we were chosen to adopt our daughter, Rebecca. She is a true blessing in our lives and she brings so much joy to every day.
We can't wait to do it all again with baby #2!

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We purchased our home in 2017. We found a beautiful house in a great school
district that has a big fenced in backyard. When you drive up to our home, you
will often find neighborhood kids out playing and enjoying the outdoors. We
bought this house knowing that we wanted our family to grow someday and
we have the space to do just that.

About Elizabeth

adoptive family photo - Elizabeth Elizabeth’s friends describe her as easy going, funny, creative
and caring. She is genuine and always wants to help others! She
is a natural at motherhood and really enjoys it. She loves to be
involved in Rebecca’s life from planning birthday parties,
watching soccer practice, or volunteering to help with her
preschool class. Elizabeth greatly enjoys interactive play with
Rebecca .You can often find her pushing Rebecca around the
neighborhood on her little trike, playing ball in the yard or
splashing in the wading pool. Elizabeth's heart is wide open and
longs to mother another child. She knows that Rebecca is a
precious blessing and will feel the same way about another baby.

About Terrance

adoptive family photo - Terrance Terrance is such great husband and father. He loves music and
this has been a passion of his since he was a child. He
intentionally takes time to expose Rebecca to music. Recently,
I walked in on the two of them playing baby shark on the key
board. Terrance played while Rebecca sang and danced with a
grin from ear to ear. I know he's excited to share this with
another child as well. Terrance enjoys family time, no matter
the activity we have planned. You will often find him checking in
on Rebecca multiple times at night because he wants to make
sure her covers didn’t fall off and that she's ok. I know his heart
will only grow with another child in our house and he will provide
them with everything possible to succeed in life and feel loved.

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We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Terrance & Liz

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Terrance & Liz